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Daqo New Energy Corp. (DQ)

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53.08+3.13 (+6.27%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
52.85 -0.23 (-0.43%)
Pre-Market: 07:26AM EDT

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  • v
    Negative micro/macro factors baked into DQ price in ascending order of importance

    1: the covid lockdowns in China should Abate I'm hoping Within 3 to 6 months completely I also suspect that they are a geopolitical Ploy by the Chinese government to limit the supply chain , exacerbating global inflation and hence once again recognizizing the world's appreciation of cheap Chinese labor. Smart but risky

    2: an existential threat of an actual war between China and Taiwan and US intervention whether it be physical or supportive this thing has been going on for decades and I believe will fizzle out in the new near future.

    3: High Global interest rates worldwide initiated by the the US's rapid escalation of same. This depending on the length of time the rates remain high will definitely put a dent on development of Big Ticket items such as Government sponsored utility solar parks and distributed solar which are big ticket items for individuals. On the other hand governments worldwide with accelerating green mandates May or likely will give subsidies to utilities and individuals

    4: the EU has followed the US starting September 9th that they will definitely put a ban on all products from xinjiang this is a highly DQ specific problem but I believe it's current capacity has been sold out for a long time and I'm hopeful there will be no increasing accounts receivable. Again if DQ Is On Target or accelerating its expansion plans into the new province this hopefully will mitigate this last Factor

    All these factors combined especially the last one is why this price has been sinking in China and that's the price I'm following cuz that is a realistic price by investors for DQ not the US price. And I wish to be clear that the trading pattern on the adrs strongly suggests that institutions are getting out of DQ because they know it's plans to delist regardless of anySEC cooperation and there are many institutions locally that probably are mandated not to allow foreign Holdings.

    Once it de- lists which is highly likely according to according to the CEO on the last CC then we will finally see a realistic trading price in Hong Kong maybe not as high as the China but at least semi-realistic and that's what I'm hoping and waiting for once those other macro factors are clarified and become less of an anxiety for investors then our price can really shoot to the Moon

    On a bit of a positive note I read an article a couple of days ago that China plans to supply 70% of its own chip needs by 2025 and that is a sweet spot for the future business of DQ
  • p
    The worst case for DQ is moving to Hong Kong Stock Market, then we can continue to trade with higher PE. If they follow TSL's way to go private, it is possible we can get only 90 per share.
  • M
    Another good article in Bloomberg on how solar is outshining wind in China:

    Even if there is an 'oversupply' of poly in 2H-2023 or 2024, the organic demand growth of solar will quickly absorb additional poly capacity and market price will resort to normal pricing where DQ (being the lowest cost player) will maintain 30% net profit margin. This is one of the great investment opportunities if an investor is just able to ignore he surrounding noise of Geopolitics, poly oversupply, delisting threat, Xinjiang risk, croaking analysts, media sensationalism, shorting manipulators and whatever they are throwing!
  • M
    It hit my target of $51.35 (i.e 30% discount to recent high of $73.36 as of Aug 26th) so I added some today. Will continue to add if it goes lower now.
  • S
    Looks like investors think that this stock will be either delisted or will be in loss by next year. Else this price movement is not possible.
  • c
    The next shoe to drop could be a meaningful correction of the lofty valuations in renewables sector.
    We haven´t moved up with the crowd but should the more participate in a correction.
    At least this is what the chart is telling...(in advance)
  • M
    What is going on!? There is no reason to sell now, the worst thing you can do when we are in a bear market is to sell because you think it will go further down. That is exactly how the most people lose their money. Do not do that and especially not with a company like this, all indicators and inside information tells that DQ is an amazing company. Do not sell now, we will be soaring by all these other solar stocks before you even know it. Hold it and buy some more if you can in those discounts, you won't regret it! Solar is the future!
  • p
    Golden opportunity!
  • c
    From DQ's last 6-k filing, total equity was $5.509 billion. we are currently trading $1.2 billion below equity.
  • A
    If DQ closes today at 51.26 or above, that will be a game changer next week.
  • C
    0 P/E

    That is the correct price

    44 - 44 Cash = 0

    0 / 20 EPS 2023e = 0
    0 / 10 EPS = 0
  • M
    We are holding better than I thought here! Added some more today. I am happy for these discounts!!!
  • C
    Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the world record for (drum roll) deep diving in the Mariana Trench.

    60 - 44 Cash = 16

    16 / EPS_2023e < 1

  • J
    A series of bad news keeps coming when the price reaches at $70
    No matter how the company explains that it has nothing to do with the forced labor issue in China, the market doesn't seem to accept the situation as it is..
    I also don't know what Europe is trying to do with the energy problem without China's polysilicon.
  • d
    Next stop, 80
  • M
    Breaking through to 54 and we will with out doubt enter a new bullish pattern and move towards the 60's in just few days. Great company and solar is the future!
  • c
    Bought 200 at 55.15, sold out at 56.6. In and out like a Saturday night pleasure house.
  • K
    DQ is unbelievably undervalued. It would be at least $200/share if it's a US company. I believe DQ will declare huge dividend soon.
  • M
    Whoa, cannot believe it. Another really good opportunity to actully get into this stock. October will be the best month of the year for this stock. I am telling you. We are looking to see $95 after December this year. Buy and hold now!