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    How did you guys learn how to trade? I am considering joining an online training group because I have seen so many success stories. Thoughts on this one?
    TTG Three Subscription Page - True Trading Group
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    I just don’t understand why people that’s not knowledgeable with the DOGECOIN keep trying to undermine it. The coin was trading at 0.0019 for a very very long time. This year will be the first year that doge got some notoriety. With that being said people that just started investing in the doge feels some kind of way. People like me that’s holding over 1 million coins at 0.0019 sense 2019 is feeling great and knows the history. I’m holding until the very end.
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    Here is a little wisdom for all...

    Coinbase is the largest crypto trading platform - and it is going public this Wed.

    The run up on crypto, especially the not-famous/not-top-3 (BTC, ETH, LTC) is due to this. -> Why?

    Coinbase, once public, is a way for institutions to justify investing in smaller-cap crypto without their clients loosing their marbles.

    Doge is currently not listed for trading on Coinbase.

    Doge will be very shortly as its market cap is eclipsing many of those that are listed. It is just a matter of time.

    As soon as Doge gets into the 10-20¢ range - it will grow very rapidly and break $1.

    It is up to US - the Doge faithful - to get it to the 10-20¢ range - from there, along with the Coinbase listing and a few words from the Doge friends, it will be part of the crypto lexicon for good. We've all seen this happen and heard the stories from people about BTC, ETH, LTC of how they sold to make a bit - and a year or so later, could have retired and had actual wealth.

    Buy Doge. HODL Doge.
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    Thorchain coming online tomorrow. Crypto to crypto exchange. Thorchain will add Doge soon.
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    Just tried to buy more Dogecoin on Robinhood, but now pending. I bought some a few days ago no problem. Did Robinhood place restrictions on Dogecoin recently?
  • S
    Had to buy 2k worth. I’m willing to worth the risk of losing every penny of it if it also means that I have a chance of making a 200% profit
  • s
    DOGE-USD stock has been fun to watch. It's hard to time entries and exits unless you have a good system though. I was losing too much but this software and their free training seems to help me.
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    Yo Ernie { pops }🐤
    My doge coin investment is marvellous don’t care what the negative people say they lost out
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    If DOGECOIN was developed as a joke is that still the case today? In other words, is today's valuation all driven by a social craze to bid up the valuation and there is really no underlying fundamentals or Use Case why this coin is needed vs the 7,000 other coins that were developed to solve a specific consumer need?
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    I love how crypto is 24/7. This makes my weekends feel alive!
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    Mark 1010
    Keep buying. It's still early. With mass adoption by millions of people, 1 trillion market cap is peanuts. 1 Trillion market cap means Doge will be at around $7.50. This can happen in the next year or so. That's more than 100 times current doge price meaning, if you put $1k into Doge now, it will be $100k.
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    Alexis j
    I have 45,000 Dogecoin I bought at an average 0.03 per coin and I been holding this whole time. I ride with Dogecoin all the way to the moon
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    Love again guys the growth of DOGE is from the people not social media or any influence from celebrities. It’s the power of the DOGECOIN that’s making it grow. This is a good sign
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    i bought doge coin when it was .003 and i am really happy now. i have 25000 coins
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    When Doge trades a $5 a share, will it matter if you bought at .06 or .07? More and more entities accepting this as a form of payment... This is gonna go from starting out as a joke to being no joke.
  • f
    On Wednesday will post announcement coin base is doge reach 0.10 will be included then will have a potential to reach $1 good look ever
  • T
    I told everyone to buy this and put it away for 1 year and make a 1500% profit. Over a buck when Wall Street joins in. We are not even at the begining .
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    Carlos B.
    3 Ways to Start Investing With $100 or Less:
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    If dogecoin go up $1 open the door for institutional investors means more money
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    I just put a 300$ purchase limit order at $0.0635. Any ideas if it will get that low again? Or will this upward trend continue? Should I just buy it now as is or wait?