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  • b
    there is an abundance of news, all pointing at crypto assets, coins etc. that indicates we are beyond the speculation mode any more. This could get very very interesting in the months ahead. I am late to the game but have been nibbling on the edges of DOGE, SHIB, ETC, BTC, MANA, CRO and a few more since July this year...good luck
  • O
    Lets turn December GREEN!! $$$ Lets get back to $0.25 by end of year. Maybe even $0.30
  • w
    I wanted to share a Crypto opportunity with you guys that looks enticing
  • b
    Investing right now will be at every wise individual list. In few weeks you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today
  • D
    Triple bottom. 1.00 wouldn't surprise me. Chart says it's go time. I'm in for the ride. Ethereum's chart is prime, Doge will follow but double fold.
  • H
    Doge will be side chained to multi chain platforms. It will be used a lot. Waiting on it, is like waiting for PayPal to become integrated with Facebook in the year 2005, it’s not been fully comprehended by average users yet. Doge is a healthy portfolio hedge if you don’t expect it to reach a dollar before 2025.
  • K
    investing remains a priority. In the stock market, there are many opportunities to get decent payouts
  • D
    HEROS (Hero Inu) already climbing almost up 40% from the crash low. Watch it climb by about 1200% over the next 2 months as it continues to self burn on every trade.

    If you are pondering how that is possible, here is how. First it costs about 10% to but into heros. 2% of that is burned, regardless of sell or buy. That means even someone holding a quadrillion coins , if they were to cash out, would have burned 40 trillion Hero Inu.

    Now the Cryptocurrency Hero Inu (HEROS) had been live Now for just over a month.

    It's burn right now is about 6 quadrillion. It has features in place to stop whales from selling all their supply at once. So that means in order for whales to sell, they have to wait for it to go up quite a bit if they want to sell a large chunk , multiple times. Because their first sale would push down the coin market and then they would have to wait again. They wouldn't want to risk flattening a coin they are still invested in, so it puts them on a permanent hold.

    As for pumper dumpers. Some found out the hard way by bailing out in 24 hours, that their cost to sell off increased to 25% (that also means 5% burn and 5% to holders.

    Now for holders. I have 100 trillion coins. Did I sell? He'll no. Why? Because while it dips I made 2.5 trillion coins, or about $115 current market. Thats because holders get a share of 2% of every trade. I also know this will be at SHIB current pricing by October of next year. Why would I sell for 3k gains when I can hold, let it go up, then just live off the interest?
  • J
    I hope regular people make money from dog coin. I hope someday it goes to a dollar.
  • A
    Reason why everyone should have a profitable investment. people need money
  • L
    Its been tough but only a matter of time till this is a dollar
  • F
    Tweet to Elon Musk to buy doge with the $10 Billion profit he has made in the past two weeks selling TSLA shares. A mere $100 million would catapult this. Just a drop in the bucket for him
  • J
    Despite the decline since May, this little Doggy is still up 5000% for the year. ETH is up 600% and BTC is up 156% for reference...we're down but dang sure not out...hang in there and patience will inevitably pay off again...GLTA!
  • B
    Doge's unlimited supply is its downfall....5 billion new Doge each year ensures significant dilution over time.
  • J
    Free Knowledge. We are so early into crypto that most people either dont know about it or even havent heard of it yet. Older people like me dont understand crypto and i can see how that scares them. Ask your kid if they heard of Doge and youll get your answer if Doge has future or not. I asked a co worker about Doge and he knew nothing about it, yet i ask my kids and all 3 of them have heard about it and talk to their online and school friends about it. Patience people.
  • E
    LIKE if you’re holding onto DOGE!
    You know I am 🙋🏻
  • J
    When the markets are red and haters are saying sell, that's my indicator to buy with everything Ive got.
  • M
    Bitcoin is the future, Investing in it now will be the wisest thing to do especially with the current rise
    For real it's very profitable
  • J
    If you can HOLD. A lot of people selling for tax write offs now till the end of the year. November and December is a grate time to buy. DOGE will go up again next year.
  • A
    Do not listen to brantley!!! Within the next few weeks, Doge will crash catastrophically to just under 2 cents. Due to secret talks within important branches of our federal government, regarding the serious option of returning to the Gold Standard. Cryptocurrency will become irrelevant as the US dollar rises once more.