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  • D
    Saw the bought deal on Flow-Through-Shares. Trying to understand positive/negatives. From my limited googling it seems

    A bought deal is an offering where the investment bank has agreed to purchase the entire issue from the company and then resell it after.
    A bought deal usually favors the issuing company in the sense that there is no risk to the financing - the company will get the money it needs.
    The investment bank takes on extra risk in carrying out a bought deal because it must be able to sell the securities - ideally for a profit.
    Bought deals essentially put the investment bank long the company stock while also tying up capital. In return for taking on this risk, the investment bank usually gets the securities at a discount to the projected market value.

    Assuming this is accurate, the filing shows a sale of 8 million at $1.35, so I assume this is a positive sign...

    Proceeds will pay for additional exploration, and if the institutional investment paid 1.35, assuming potential profit above that.....

    I say good sign, school me
  • p
    Lot good news coming out for green clean energy such as nuclear energy. Uranium price might take a hike, so as DNN.
  • T
    For anyone panicking. Have you seen the state of the entire market?

    People here saying the energy sector is green? Erm, no its not. 98% of that is heavily red like the rest of the market!

    This is not DNN. This is a widespread NASDAQ issue.

    Nearly all companies have seen their shares drop drastically, despite the odd green pump day.
  • b
    Great news!!!
    Buy buy buy while its cheap. Looks like its going to jump up...
  • J
    Justin Mac
    really wish this would close above $1 today. good recovery though and I think it will continue to recover beginning of next week.
  • N

    Look at the shift happening in the global nuclear and uranium sector.

    Today: French regulator approves 50-year operation of 900 MWe reactors : Regulation & Safety - World Nuclear News

    French nuclear regulator ASN has completed a generic review to extend the lifespan of 32 reactors of the 900 MW fleet for 10 years beyond the initially planned 40 years!

    This is big and in line with "Programmation pluriannuelle de l'énergie (PPE)" of November 2018!

    - each license extension = additional uranium demand that wasn't anticipated before;
    - demand for uranium is price inelastic
    - France is not the only country extending the license of msny reactors (USA, Canada, Russia,...)
    - China, India and other countries are building reactors massively

  • K
    Is there any chance of this ever reaching 30-50? The highest it has ever been was at 12 and that was over a decade ago. I read that their online platform don't come until 2024. What's your take? 2500 @ 1.03
  • N
    It keeps getting better and better!!

    Yellow Cake today:

    "Due to strong investors demand, the company agreed with the joint Bookrunners to increase the size of the Fundraise to approximately USD140 million from approximately USD110 million originally proposed"

    ==> THOSE ADDITIONAL 30 million USD WILL BE USED TO BUY U3O8 IN THE MARKET (From other places then Kazatomprom ==> meaning from spotmarket!!!)

    For more information on this look at my post of yesterday


  • B
    New green energy bill revealed Tuesday. The Climate Leadership and Environmental Action for our Nation's Future Act, or CLEAN, requires 80% clean electricity by 2030 and 100% by 2035.The power could come from sources including wind, solar and existing nuclear energy. That could provide a boost to nuclear power, an industry experiencing shutdowns amid low prices for natural gas, a competing fuel.
    The bill also sets a goal of a fully decarbonized economy by 2050.
  • B
    Anything on the grape vine re tomorrow's earnings call?
  • N
    About the high trading volume on Denison mines:

    1) DNN did a fund raising +-10 days ago.

    When Dennison was soliciting offers for this placement, it was 8 times oversubscribed!! Institutions had to buy on the secondary market. That partially explains the volume.

    Rick Rules talks about that oversubscribed offering, so I presume that Sprotts was one of the subscribers on the offering (an own assumption), but they only got a small part of their demand filled through the primary market, so the rest they had or still have to buy in the secondary market (Wait for me Uranium train!)

    Those institutions didn't take position in Denison mines for short term 50% profits. It's a long term multi-bagger investment for them

    2) A group of professional commodity related investors are preparing their action on the uranium sector. Buying uranium company stocks (like Denison mines) and derivatives represents Phase1 of a 3 phased action (same action as in 2005!)! Be prepared!

    3) Denison mines is one of the favourite well advanced uranium developers of a lot of long term uranium bulls. They want to take position now that the time has come.

    4) Denison mines has an import place in the 3 uranium etfs. And the demand for those 3 uranium etfs is exploding and it will stay that way in the coming months, because a lot of new more conservative investors prefer to take less risk then the risk of stockpicking some uranium names. But that high demand for those etfs pushes those etfs to emit new etf-shares and buy additional underlying uranium names like Denison mines for those new etf-shares! This will keep on going in the coming months and in 2022

    Buy and hold for a couple of years and you will be well rewarded (imo)

  • D
    Somebody likes them did a secondary 1.35 for 8mill n the stock was up graded 1.75 strong buy! This stock will have its day and its coming sooner then ltr!
  • M
    If you're buying at these levels your downside is maybe $0.75, with the upside being $1.50. Either way, this isn't a trading stock. It's a buy and hold so why bother speculating about a week or a month away? It's basically a Biotech stock on the verge of getting into a Phase 1 trial. Buy, forget and look again in a year.
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    Don Emilio
    Strange! Yahoo Finance reported Earnings Date between March 4-8, 2021 during the last 2 months; then followed by a specific March 4 during the last week and now , all of a sudden, it reads May 6, 2021.
  • a
    I have been learning to read charts... I am 52 Been trading 25 plus years so for what it is worth still learning ... long now 7000 shares .. I see resistance at $1.20 on the 30 day chart. If we can break through $1.20 with good volume I see 618 Fibonacci is $1.35.
  • c
    chelski madrid
    I was proven wrong with DNN yesterday, it was subdued for long time when CCJ was thriving. Let's see if it can try to break that resistance. Earnings won't be special but interested to know what mgmt thinks abt its cash flows. surely, and hope the y don't have to dilute shares again.
  • p
    With other high volatility stocks you rarely sees analyts or research firms recommend buy or hold instead usually a big SELL. But with DNN, so many firms and analysts say: HOLD or BUY. There got to be reasons for them to recommend that.
  • z
    I ues that early Pre market info very often to get an indication on what may happen. I seen over a million shares trade in the mid .90's this AM in Pre, i then put in 50K share orders from .92 to .99 all filled and then dumped all of them over 1.10.....I then put in buy orders again from 1.06 south for rest of the day....Another great daytrade but I do also have a core position that I started near .30....but did almost sell all of it over 1.50......