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DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. (DMGI.V)

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0.2450-0.0200 (-7.55%)
At close: 03:59PM EDT
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  • H
    Half your weight
    Terra pool added almost 200 ph/s in last 2 days
  • C
    My average is at 0.68
  • J
    I was here 2019 road 25000 shares from .15 to 4 plus.

    this co is now 50% of book debt down big. balance sheet explodes to 85 mil.
    buy buy buy

    crypto route from fraud farms is over.
  • h
    15% = 0,035 up is wild🤣🤣
  • 9
    The vast majority of the crypto ecosystem will be owned by the uber-rich. This makes the world a better place how exactly?
  • T
    Just a heads up to anyone still invested in this company. I know this isn't what most wanted to hear, but i liquidated my entire position here today due to some recent developments. Some of which i noted in my last post. In addition, there were some very concerning rumors that company insiders have been dumping stock for some time and that they've now canceled the upcoming s/h meeting for some unknown reasons. But most of all i'm hearing that there could be some very nasty news on the way that s/h will not like or approve. So taking all this into account, i decided the best course of action was to take my big loss and sell before things actually got worse. Not giving up on Bitcoin but i am & did give up on the company itself some time ago. Today i confirmed it by selling everything & moving it elsewhere. Good luck to those that decide to stick around.
  • M
    Call it a write off and say goodbye
  • K
    Crypto market is experiencing it’s own dotcom moment.. which is a good thing.

    There is far too much malinvestment & leverage in the sector with all the useless shtcoins, NFTs, ponzi “stable” coins and shady exchanges.

    A clean up was necessary & once the dust settles, bitcoin can get back to a healthy growth.

    Just hope that your favourite miners survives the crash.
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    The reality is that DMG didn't position itself as a leader prior to bitcoin's bear cycle. During the next 8-12 months, there will be massive consolidation in the mining industry as all stock prices are down. Do your diligence and see who's positioned to survive this down cycle.
  • c
    Anyone can explain dmgi Bitcoin production collapse in may?
  • M
    BRIEF-DMG Blockchain Solutions Posts Q2 Revenue of $11.9M, up 377% Year Over Year
  • h
    At this point we are all soo red the only solution is average the cost, no point at selling
  • B
    Who’s ready for another 52w Low today?
  • Q
    Average $5.04 hurts like hell
  • c
    Have they announced bancrupcy yet?
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  • K
    Bitcoin doesn’t have much support at this price so it’s highly likely that it will go lower & it’s also highly likely that there’s an avalanche of margin calls (microstrategy) ready to be triggered if bitcoin goes below 20k so it’s also very likely that Bitcoin bottoms around 7k-9k where there is tons of support

    Meaning DMG could slightly go below 0.10
  • R
    DMG is the most efficent miner and the only miner that shows realtime hashrate on it's webpage.
    Show me any listed stock that allows an investor to see a mine runrate or factory productivity 24/7.

    No debt, cheap green totally stable power and the best miners on order with cash/BTC on hand to pay for, not to mention a stellar patent and intellectual property portfolio. Lowest G&A in the business by far. Short squeeze anyone, you betcha.

    Presentation at Wainwright on Wed. 12:30 EDT.
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    DMG’s Christina Lake Data Center is one of Canada’s largest single crypto mining facilities with a maximum power capacity of 80 Megawatts. Cipher's latest presentation states it will cost $450k/MW for their new build Texas data center, not including the miners. DMG's has a valuation of US$ 36 mill which is 4X the depreciated cost.
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    Small update on the software side of the company. Link below.

    I personally don't have any big expectations from Dmg's software business. Rarely does happen that any Canadian tech/software gets adopted in any meaningful way or gets any traction unless partnered with a large, well known US company who believes in their product to give it decent exposure. For now, i see the software side of DMG as only a drag on resources with no added benefit overall. As this could possibly change in the future if someone sees potential in their software IP, the odds are pretty low it does.

    Like i said, it rarely happens that Canadian tech makes it big. It's something like 1% of all present & past Kanuck companies that do. So my advice to folks looking for this portion of the business to propel the company into stardom, don't get your hopes too high. See it as a bonus if it does happen to garner any interest from anyone. That's my take.

    My worries for the moment is the liquidity crunch the company finds themselves because of bad decisions taken in the past and now being forced to liquidate precious Bitcoin at rock bottom prices. I figure their were at least two instances so far, where they were forced to sell coins to raise money to pat for operating expenses. Once in January and another probably recently, in April or May. Maybe a total of around ~150 coins sold in all, at really low prices i may add. Quite unfortunate.

    But that my friends is the least of our worries, as it's at least manageable and there are bigger problems on the horizon. At barely 25 cents US, the company shares lingering in this range brings a whole host of issues which are not good. I mentioned a few in the past, like a lowball offer (which i might actually consider if decent enough by the right company JUST to get rid of current mgmt & change course) and of course dilution. Which the latter is very possible if Bitcoin continues to be suppressed in this range and struggles to break out. As well as the dreaded consolidation of share capital, bad mgmt use frequently to fix their prior mistakes. So don't under estimate the idiocy of DMG mgmt of at least attempting some of these possibilities, as past actions dictate they are quite willing & possible.