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DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. (DMGGF)

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    Hi there, new to DMG. Is it listed on the NASDAQ? Any reports that they are applying for NASDAQ listing?
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    Ok serious question: Why does a company with a 127M cap not release financials for 6 months, and only seems to post operational updates via screen captures of PowerPoint or Visio diagrams/slides to a Twitter account?
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    Small update friends, for those that care. Interesting week-end, as the lines of support were finally broken which initiated today's huge drop in Bitcoin to under $40K. Because many investors in this space as with other sensitive sectors base their most of decisions on TA&C, the $45k being breached was a significant event for them and led to panic selling. I personally don't put to emphasis on TA&C and don't really base myself on only on that aspect when making an investment decisions. Especially when it comes to something so volatile like Bitcoin. Another reason for TA&C not being an investor's only decision making tool is a fact a mentioned repeatedly on here, the fact that this valuable but flawed instrument was being used against investors, specifically retail & institutions. Let this be a lesson for all those technical traders who only use TA&C when buying or selling. When you start to draw lines in the sand which shouldn't be crossed, there's always someone who comes along and pushes the bounds to see what happens.

    This is why i keep stressing not to rely only on TA&C and for investors/traders to look at other factors that could potentially affect assets like Bitcoin. Maybe 20 years ago this was a solid, reliable tool for many investors who base their investment decisions and probably a very profitable one for many over many decades. But as with anything infallible, with time & some ingenuity some very smart folks find ways to hack & crack those reliable systems to their advantage, usually for profit being the motive. Don't get me wrong here, TA&C could still be a very valuable tool for many things like individual equities and i still do use it myself to some extent. But the fact remains that when it comes to a subject like Bitcoin which is always in the spotlight and is politically sensitive, a magnate for profit and polarizing across the globe, there will always be people who will find any means possible to gain advantage from it. Whether the reason is a monetary one or other.

    So what i'm basically saying here folks is this. Just because many speakers, proponents & staunch followers of Bitcoin had drawn several lines in the sand for Bitcoin which shouldn't be crossed, but were anyway, this is NOT the end. It may delay the inevitable but imo it will not stop Bitcoin to accomplish what it was intended to do. I know things don't look like it now, but investors need to revisit why they invested here in the first place and be just a little more patient than what they expected. At least until the stampede passes and things clam down just a bit. I figure once those who attacked the leverage in the system run away with the spoils, the storm will pass and things will resume upwards. Could be tomorrow, could next week or in could be in a few months, who knows with Bitcoin really. All i know is this, these folks who burn & pillage now will be the same ones who will push it to 100K later. So make sure you're on the right side at the right time when that happens.
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    Don’t know why they keep deleting my posts on this board but if you check their twitter you can see the phs up to 460 and alot of other good news!!
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    Copied from their post today on Twitter:

    CORE + @BlockSeer December update on Hashrate across DMG pools and total blocks mined.

    Blockseer HELM New UI launching Jan.

    Petra, successful deployment and testing phase with Zodia of Standard Charter completed.

    Beta integration and testing on Exchange.

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    avged to $1.06 per share, Im comfortable with the price action! 🚀
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    I don't care about pennies. I'm here for the long-run.
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    crypto jeremy
    they did well today compared to the other miners
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    Too many negative comments from people who are sharing their frustrations or interpretations of things to come. This is a good company, that has future technology at its core operations. Literally. This stock has touched lower pricepoints than this. Invest, or don't- i'm here to make a profit.
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    After muting some jokes like derek, kayla, etc this board isn’t too bad
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    Not sure why their recent information isnt being released on Yahoo... but here: (Released today)

    In 2021, DMG made a 15% equity investment in
    Manufacturing, a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of electrical and mechanical enclosures for multiple industries including crypto mining. Here is some key production info.

  • T
    Hello once again friends, i just want to make a couple of remarks before the year is out. Hopefully, my commentary will offer some hope & insight for some of you. The first and most obvious of course is the depressed price of Bitcoin. There's a huge tug-of-war being fought between ardent, long term believers of Bitcoin & some dubious characters who wish to create total chaos in it through FuD. Who will win this short term battle is unknown at this time, as both have much to gain & much to lose. If you haven't followed this Bitcoin story closely for the last month, you should, especially if you have a vested financial interest here. To be brief, i'll just say this, going into 2022 someone will win big & others will lose big as well.

    Both sides are furiously attempting to constantly outdo each other & break their lines of support. The Bitcoin longs have tried on numerous occasions to rally Bitcoin above $50k in a sustainable manner, only to be met by constant & unrelenting selling every attempt. On the other side, some dubious world actors have been throwing everything (including the baby, bath water & entire kitchen sink) to break the lines of support of Bitcoin enthusiasts. Meaning trying to completely breakdown the long term technicals of Bitcoin that everyone bases themselves on for the long term viability of the asset, which would translate into something below $45k. Who will gain the upper hand in the next few weeks, again is unknown.

    As it is very difficult to predict anything with any certainty in the short term for Bitcoin under these current difficult circumstances, i urge my fellow investors to take a longer term view than originally anticipated or expected. In order to take full advantage of this delicate situation & mitigate any potential added risk due to any unforeseen events. I personally still remain very hopeful & upbeat on Bitcoin over the long term and i'm almost completely certain the war will be won even though some short term battles will be lost.

    With regards to DMG, my stance has not changed. Stand firm, Hold the line, Stay the course. I continue to believe that Crypto will offer the best short term gains in the market and that DMG is the best in term of risk/reward in that group. Mr. Bennett & team have done all they can for the year and now it's all up to Bitcoin to do its part. This will be my final commentary for the year & will be back in a week or so for additional comments and personal opinions. Therefore friends, i wish you all a great New Year and see you in 2022!
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    Bosonic partnership with dmg is good news
  • J
    9 institutions holding shares now up from 6. More of the float owned by institutions now too, up about .6-.8%. Zero institutions owned shares this time last year. Long term trend looking good and I’ll be holding this gem for years as they inevitably eclipse a $1 billion market cap.
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    Looking forward to hearing more from our pools
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  • G
    DMG 65 btc per month, $132M market cap
    HUT 276 btc per month, $1.7B market cap
    So HUT produces 4.25x the BTC as DMG per month but has 13x the market cap.
    What could offset the difference?
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    I think this is an excellent company. Isn’t a one dimensional miner but has other developed areas of their business. I think Sheldon sees the big picture and we just haven’t seen the market embrace it yet. I don’t know if you should by or sell, that’s your decision. I know I’m in this to 2022 and want to see it accomplish what I think it can.
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    Bottom line: Business model pivot to mining is generating more free cash flow for company to stake BTC as well. Patient investors will benefit with 10x return on money, just no doubt about it. GLTA
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    Let's all grow up and quit the imogees/ Seriously when can we expect this to pop?