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    Low insider holding at about 6% and operating income way down from last year. Doesn't anyone read the Financials (prompt) here?
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    Come on Dajin! What is Lone Mountain and Moselle doing to get the lithium processed?
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    William R
    Just hanging around waiting on the "Strategic Investor" to arrive. Not much else we can do for now.
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    William R
    So, how have things changed for DJIFF from its August 2020 Investor's Presentation? Probably very little. In defense of DJIFF the pandemic has made things difficult in many, if not most spheres of mining development. Perhaps as we get closer to passing through all of the debacle of COVID-19 and we really come to a genuine recovery, then the outlook for DJIFF will also improve, but this is the way it was back in August, 2020:

    Moselle’s Patent Pending Technology Involves:

    • Using disruptive nanoparticle technology.
    • Magnetic extraction process is very fast and efficient.
    • Process works in minutes; not years or months.
    • Lithium is the only element removed from the brine.
    • Recovery of up to 100% of Lithium in the brine.
    • DRAMATIC reduction in capital and operational costs.
    • Reduces ecological footprint – NO evaporation ponds required

    So, no evaporation ponds required? Hopefully that also means very little water is required for processing. Water requirements are pivotal because of the restrictions impossed on the mining industry in Nevada.
    That concern seems to be answered further down in the August 2020 Investors Presentation by the following:

    Dajin Properties – Teels Marsh valley

    • Dajin holds 100% water rights in Teels Marsh valley.
    • Engineered access roads and two drill pads completed.
    • The land package covers all of the known closed basin.
    • The claims were secured by staking (100% owned).
    • Surface brines contain Lithium and Boron concentrations.
    • Highly prospective geology similar to Clayton Valley.
    • Has a large active geothermal system.
    • Experienced management able to execute projects.
    • Skilled and experienced technical staff.

    Concerning Dajin Resources Alkali Springs property: "• Application for water rights underway.

    My comment from a post going back months ago:

    To be perfectly honest, I don't see any significant change in this Investors Presentation from the last one. The company's association with Moselle Technologies seems to still be a key component of what ever will happen with Dajin, but I don't see any new information about how that is coming along... just seems like a rehash. No new info on the application for water rights at Alkali Springs... just still "pending".
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    Maybe we hear an update from management to put us in lithium junior mining map
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    Does Dajin have potential to jump 100% ??? Or is this a long term play? Thoughts...
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    NICE!! 12% so far! Had DJI on my watchlist for a while bought in now
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    Your next Runner in Lithium looks to be Azincourt Energy AAZ. Record volume today with 13,500,000 shares traded making for a big opening tomorrow. They should run just like Vision Lithium did couple of days ago.
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    here looking for a long to give me in layman's terms why an investor should consider this company Worthy?
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    I just jumped in on it now myself it’s going to explode
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    3rd Degree
    Nice bounce today. Something up?
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    its going to the moon
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    William R
    Sander4 months ago:

    "The Moselle Technologies technic looks like what Mr Musk explained at Battery Day.
    Together with the Nevada Lithium claims, this should be the best candidate to cooperate with Tesla or other EV factories."

    Moselle Technologies does a great job of blowing its own horn. Just see their company web site. Supposedly DJIFF has joined with Moselle for a nanotechnolgy approach to processing lithium brine and/or lithium ore.... but we haven't heard anything NEW about it for months. I think that Sander's post of 4 months ago needs renewed attention, maybe not so much in regard to Elon Musk, but certainly it would help to have an update from DJIFF and/or Moselle about thier continued relationship and about what progress has been made. If they were to bring to fruition the promise of both working together then that collaboration might just be the last step needed to bring in a "Strategic Partner" that DJIFF will need to get out of the swamp of "Development" and move actually forward toward production... some day. Otherwise the stagnation continues and the wagon wheels are stuck in the mud.
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    jonathan flyte
    What are the best comparable stocks for DJIFF to assess whether the recent uptick is sector wise? What the heck is going on with djiff lately? Why the nice run up on no news?
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    William R
    And what has happened with Lone Mountain Resources with respect to JDIFF? Anything????
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    William R
    0.1033+0.0170 (+19.70%)
    As of 1:06PM EST. Market open.

    857,000 shares trades so far this morningat 10:24 AM Pacific time. ADV =191,000 Looks like volume today before close could easily top 1,000,000 shares. Dajin is definitely benefiting from the overall positive environment toward lithium stocks in general. Wondering if there are specific reasons as well that DJIFF is up recently. As a "Junior Lithium Mining company", DJIFF certainly has something to offer if a Major decided to merge with or to become a "Strategic Partner" with DJIFF. See the company web page for all of their holdings and their present game plan for growth.
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    William R
    March 2020 Investor's Presentation has page 10 dedicated to the Mozelle Technologies situation. If you haven't seen this IP then you might want to take a look, just FYI. Nothing exciting. Company plugs along, just like so many Juniors.. waiting for their big break... but in the case of DJIFF there has been a recent interest by someone. Now one company has 51% ownership of DJIFF.. sort of.. only part of the price has been paid so far and it basically sold for peanuts... but DJIF is a small company, very small. Doesn't mean they can't succeed, but they will need fortune to do more than just smile on it... a belly laugh might help more. Still, hope beats eternal... right? It "could" happen. For 2 cents a share you could own a million shares for only $20,000, right. Pocket change? On the other hand, if the Moselle "Patent Pending Technology" were to actually work, then.. who knows... you might turn those million shares into a million dollars?? Might as well dream big. Just another Junior to watch, especially when the Lithium market turns around and Demand overcomes Supply again...then there really may be a happy ending to this story.
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    William R
    Can't believe no one has drawn attention to yesterday's News Release:

    Dajin Signs Agreement for Drilling Preparation at Teels Marsh Lithium Brine Project
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    William R
    The announcement of Scargill being added to the Technical Advisory Board should be a very good thing for Dajin investors, despite todays negative Share Price movement ( Down 0.0094 USD) to the contrary. Particularly notice Scargill's past connection to Enirgi and his work with processing lithium brine. Sounds to me like his expertise in processing lithium brine might be particularly useful to an early start up like Dajin Resources and also contribute to making the company more attractive to one of the Lithium Majors as well. Just my 2 cents worth.
    VANCOUVER, B.C., Feb. 08, 2018-- Dajin Resources Corp. is pleased to announce that Mr. Rob Scargill, MAusIMM, Mining Engineer and a graduate of the University of Nottingham, England has joined Dajin’ s ...
    VANCOUVER, B.C., Feb. 08, 2018-- Dajin Resources Corp. is pleased to announce that Mr. Rob Scargill, MAusIMM, Mining Engineer and a graduate of the University of Nottingham, England has joined Dajin’ s ...
  • F
    I just want to shed a little light on how significant the latest news item is about adding a mining engineer to the team: This is a clear move from exploration to production. What that means is crystal clear. REVENUE is on the way.