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The Walt Disney Company (DIS)

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    What is the average salary for a Disney Park employee?
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    Mighty Thor
    This is an excellent chance to grab stock in a great company at a discount. The market over-reacted. This should be up over $200 within the next year to year and a half. With CDC mask & distancing guidance, they should soon allow more folks in the parks, and more folks back in the movie theaters, and folks back on the Disney cruises. There will also be lots more kids having birthday parties and buying Disney/Marvel/Star Wars themed items. Lots of revenue stream increases across the board.

    Also, I am convinced that once the stock crosses $200 and stays there for a couple of months, they will announce a stock split, bringing the price down under $100 again. Although this doesn't change the financials, it does typically bring in new investors at the psychologically 'lower' price, leading to more stock growth.
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    I realize that traders who short the stock want to make money. But posting so many negative comments is not going to help you create wealth. Remember what Yoda said “Fear leads to anger... anger leads to hate.... hate leads to suffering” Just like Disney is the happiest place on earth, let’s try to kee things positive in this thread.
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    All but one Disneyland Park has re-opened and the remaining one in Paris will resume operations on June 17.
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    So DIS soundly beats EPS estimates ($0.79A vs. $0.27E) in the middle of a pandemic when they had limited theme park revenues, the vast majority of movies are being delayed or released solely online, and ESPN continues to feel the impact of cord-cutting? Sounds pretty impressive to me. I understand that the focus is on streaming so EPS is secondary to Disney+ metrics right now but I am in for the long run. Imagine what Disney's QoQ and YoY comparisons are going to look like a year from now when we are comparing to pandemic historicals. We should also get a really nice bump in share price when the dividend resumes. Lots of upside if you are truly in for the long haul.
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    Here is my opinion... Disney is a highly valued stock, but also has more room to grow. Lifting of the mask mandate on any other day would have made this stock shoot up. Earnings were not bad and slowing of new Disney+ subs means very little, as the increase still has them on track for their 2024 goal. If the market is green next week, I expect to see this at 185 by next Friday.
  • (
    The market is reacting like streaming is the ONLY business that Disney is in. I think I read somewhere, they have theme parks too. Bold prediction: theme parks will do slightly betting in 2021 than they did in 2020.
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    Disney World was a miserable experience. Everyone we met deeply regretted going. Masks are STILL required upon entering, in all theaters, attractions, AND attraction queues (this is where you will spend 90% of your time) restaurants, and while on all Disney transportation. STAY OUT of any Disney park until masks are no longer required anywhere. Remember, once you have been immunized, you are immune and only wearing a mask for SHOW. I still own on my Disney stock but I lack any enthusiasm for it.
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    Bulls: We're excited bout Marvel Phase4, Cruises and Theme parks.
    Bears: But...but...but...streaming:(
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    Analysts raise target price for Disney but the stock is tanking. Nice.
    Paid pumpers.
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    I have been an Annual Passholder for years and now its sad that we have to continue to try to make a reservation to go to the parks .Most of the time we cannot get in cause it is full .When will this stop and i hope really soon or i and many others has said they will not renewal their pass .
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    CDC says don't worry about masks out of nowhere? Here comes $200 again, ready? You heard it here.
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    Quarter was outstanding. They crushed on EPS. So they missed on revenue a little, who cares. They are making 2.5 times the profit they were expected to during a pandemic , thats unreal.
    Imagine when parks add capacity, Florida will be at 100% very soon. Cruise ships and movie theatres, building back up as well. Their EPS iand revenues going to be insane in 2 quarters

    That Disney+ estimate of 109.7 mil was waaaay to high and unrealistic. They did not even hit 100 mil until 2nd week of March. No way they were gonna add 9.7 mil in 3.5 weeks. They added more subs in March then January of February. Disney+ is doing great.

    They are crushing it and the business is so diversifies now, buy and hold on any dip the next few days imo. Disney will be hitting on all cylinders in about 3 months. Who knows when it goes up but new all time highs will come after the scared sellers go out the next few days. Smart money will be scooping up shares hand over fist as it bottoms
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    Now that we will be going green there are a few drawbacks before it happens.$4 a gallon gas which will ad about $300 for a round trip to Disney for most families driving.Higher food and hotel costs due to higher fuel cost ,it will cost more for food,electricity,etc.At what point does it become to expensive.
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    this peaked at $150 pre pandemic.... someone tell me why streaming + reduced business in parks will amount to a higher value than before?
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    I bought DIS a long time ago when it was at 47 a share bought 65 shares and frankly I think you guys who are bearish are wrong this clearly has potential to grow I think by the summer we’ll see a massive bounce back in this stock because people love to get away for the summer back to 200+ by the summer and during the summer
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    Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. If market is green, I expect Disney to go up 3-4 dollars. If red, I could see it ending as low as 165. Lots of potential, but the questions is whether or not the potential is already included into the price. Disney isn’t just parks and media creation anymore. But a 175 price tag is already pretty substantial. I’m bullish, but would not be surprised for a pullback either. What are your guys’ thoughts? The only reason I am definitely bullish short-term(if market stays green) is that most stocks got to push up ending last week, and Disney didn’t ever get that chance. Not to mention a lot of programs and analysts are bullish, which may increase buy ups. Thoughts?
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    If you’re a day trader, you should definitely check out ( They send a watchlist covering the top pre-market movers every day before the open. It’s a great way to pick out potential trades for the day.
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    Joe Ward
    Cathie Wood with a big chunk. Hope she gets one right
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    I've been holding since the march lows with a dollar cost average of around 86 dollars and don't plan on selling a single share within the next 10 years. Let the weak hands sell. You can't go wrong with Disney long term and it will rebound to over 200 by the end of the Summer worst case scenario.. Relax and hold strong here and don't let a small miss on subs change your decision, this would be a good place to dollar cost average in if you have cash on the sidelines.