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    where are the promised dividend increases ?
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    What are the odds that D will split in the next year or so? Seems like every 15 years or so and the last one was in 2007 - 2:1 at around $90/sh. Another twofer would be well received.
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    I had a APR$102.5 put written in Dec. exercised, with $150 premium. It was looking a little low for a bit, but as I thought, glad I dumped this div cutting low yield Dog D...%^). There are so many better utes..
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    Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose- is the result of hard work and hustle overtime. I pray that anyone who read this will be successful in life.
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    Coco P
    Friday Kramer said he likes dominion has nothing bad to say about him it’s funny he goes berserk over AT&T for cutting their dividend but dominion cut their dividend by 1/3 in the dwarf never said a word.
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    Nuclear power is an insane idea.
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    Good Barron’s article on D, April 18 issue , page 45
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Dominion Energy reached a 52 Week high at 87.81
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    hope the stock will split
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    Coco P
    Kramer took a question on dominion energy says they’re incredibly well run and he doesn’t know why they haven’t been on TV lately well dingdong the CEO you used to have on he passed away and they’re so incredibly well run that they cut the dividend 33. 3%.
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    Hold is to $100.
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    go dominion
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    Go to $100 big D
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    Consider part of D's mission statement and see if their "fiduciary duty to shareholders" is being met during the earnings call tomorrow. We've gone 4qtrs at the reduced dividend rate...... when will they begin to raise the dividend as promised?

    "The primary responsibility of Dominion Energy's Board of Directors is to foster the long-term success of the company, consistent with its fiduciary duty to the shareholders. The Board is responsible for establishing corporate policies and overseeing management of the company."
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    For those who are determined to keep Dominion or acquire the stock you need to answer this question-Are you willing to invest in a Company that blind-sides investors? I supported Dominion management by voting for their slate of directors and approving all compensation plans. The Atlantic Coast pipeline project was in its sixth year. I bought the Dominion stock because the pipeline project and LNG terminal set Dominion apart from the other stodgy utilities. Now Dominion seems intent on becoming just another regulated, stodgy utility except Dominion's management can not be trusted. Finally on the dividend cut, they cut the dividend by 1/3rd in the midst of a historic economic downturn when retirees, such as me, needed the income to pay bills. They retained the share repurchase program to boost the EPS and maintain the value of their stock options. I have no use for a management that can not be trusted or depended on. Buyer be ware.
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    Dominion will implement a 7.7% rate hike on S.C. residents in six months. For a consumer who averages a $300 monthly bill that means they will be paying a 13th extra check of $300 to Dominion. Meanwhile Dominion donated 3.5 million to Benedict College's STEM program. Benedict is one of the poorest performing and financially run minority colleges in the U.S. If you read Dominion's recent press releases it is primarily about the money they are donating to woke projects at the expense of their customers and shareholders. Vote the board out and take a close look at the current CEO. The average Dominion customer is hurting financially right now with the dim crashed covid economy and I have never seen a rate hike from a utility in the S.E. U.S. (mild winters) over 4 percent and I have lived for a good while, (no spring chicken). Dominion needs business leaders not feel good democrats running this company.

    Dominion Energy's "We Care Rebuild Project" Commits $200,000 to Three Northeast Ohio Organizations
    December 21, 2020
    -- Organizations will use grant dollars for social justice, equity and inclusion initiatives

    -- Dominion Energy has committed $5 million to community rebuilding and reconciliation

    CLEVELAND, Dec. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dominion Energy today announced three grants totaling $200,000 to the Urban League of Greater Cleveland, EDWINS Leadership Restaurant Institute and the Women of Color Foundation. The donations are part of the company's "We Care Rebuild Project," which has designated $5 million to social justice and community rebuilding efforts across its 16-state footprint.
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    We, the shareholders, have one recourse and that is to vote the entire board of directors out at the next annual meeting, This will be the fifth year of earnings decline. There is no mention of responsibility to shareholders and no plan to date to increase share value. When you vote, start with voting against Farrell and work your way down the list. If we pull together we can make a difference.
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    Proxy is out; time to consider carefully, and vote accordingly. If you are not happy with the performance and decisions of the last 5 years, 33% reduction in dividend, and 17% decrease from last year's high..... then send a message. This is a good company; we need to get the leadership to re-focus on the shareholders.
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    Shareholder rebellion
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    Shareholder rebellion occurs when the owners of a corporation work to throw out management or oppose their decisions. Shareholder rebellion may occur at an annual general meeting or through a proxy battle. Shareholders may also threaten to collapse a firm's stock price through concentrated selling.[1] In 1998, the Rockefeller family led a shareholder revolt against Exxon over its climate change policy.[2] In 2005, Michael Eisner retired after Walt Disney's nephew, Roy Disney, led a shareholder revolt, claiming Eisner was a micromanager who had caused a creative brain drain.[3] In 2010, British Petroleum[4] and Shell faced a shareholder revolt over their Canadian tar sands policy.[5]

    Recently, shareholder rebellions have occurred over the issue of executive compensation at Cable and Wireless[6] and Shell;[7] Shell in response unveiled a plan to curb executive compensation and bonuses.[8] According to some analysts, institutional shareholders have been lax about holding management accountable because they were concentrating on picking correct stocks rather than protecting their interests in the stocks they owned.[9]

    Shareholder revolts are becoming more common, with a record number of advisory “Say on Pay” votes in the US failing to win majority support in 2018.[10]
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    Stocks rise. Stocks fall. I bought most of my shares of D last year at $65 so I have concern if the price fluctuates between $80 and $73. The most important thing with a company like this is its dividend.

    I do enjoy predicting future price moves. Look at all asset classes. At record highs. Even now gold is catching up after lagging for years. The issue is EASY MONEY and as long as this remains all assets will rise higher...