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    I don't think that DASH-USD has another 10% in gains in it. Looks pretty bad here. I actually found ( the other day and their stocks are way better...
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    Tomorrow is Dash Halving. Going Uuupppp!!!
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    dash has been around a long time comparatively. and it's still gonna do, could do, will do when, gonna be, could be, will be when... everything like this is going to zero. it's look in the mirror time in crypto. what do you do now? why are you here? why are you more useful? some projects, very few, have real answers to those questions. time to take out the trash. goodbye dash and 19,000 other coins.
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    Massive order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again.
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    I love Dash Direct, amazing Crypto with a low supply of coins, unlike Cardano with billions of coins... Dash has 10 million. I believe it will be at 1000$+ early into 2022.
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    Making money off Crypto regardless of it's volatility is totally possible, so you either invest in crypto now or risk losing more with banking only on fiat currencies. I highly recommend Steve's expertise
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    Buy as much u can, it will hit 500 eow. :) Mark my word.
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    This shoud start getting some attention with this move today…. Spike it price brings attention… bought 40 shares tbis morning… to dip my toes in at 244.966….. so we will see in the next few days!!
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    BTC dumping off Tesla saying its too energy inefficient. Dash uses 0.58% the energy of bitcoin and is already heavily adopted and staked in south america. fantastic call from Greg! check out his book "a not so random walk on wall st" fantastic read to develop a solid understanding of the markets and use of more complex financial instruments.
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    Dash is FINALLY moving! Anybody know why its moving in the right direction?!
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    I'm investing in Dash and Gamestonk Token to have the best of both world hehehe.
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    Less Than 11 Million DASH in Circulation. Investing to See REAL Net Worth.?
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    Ath this April
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    Why is DASH trading 40 bucks higher in binanceUS than any other platform right now? It's been like this for aboutbthe past 2 hours. Also both binance and binanceUS show a high of $478 on June 6, while everywhere else has the high for that day around $193
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    Greg Mannarino sent me
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    wow. just wow. unreal how much that buy alert ran this morning from "ultimate crypto alerts" chatroom call. its still going!!!