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Delta Air Lines, Inc. (DAL)

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    $AAL conversation

    "Preliminary data about the severity of the Covid omicron variant is “encouraging,” the White House’s chief medical advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci said, following early figures from South Africa that suggest it may not be as bad as initially feared".
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    I've opened my position with the average cost of $34.32. So far there has been no real indicators of there being any serious waves because the vaccines have been holding up just fine. With the holiday season approaching, and with Delta surviving the worst of the pandemic, I really don't understand why wouldn't this be back to mid $40s in a matter of few weeks/months. After all of this is over, they will reinstate their healthy dividend, and the stock will go back to fluctuating between the $50s - $60s.
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    The one good thing about the fear mongering from the left is that people are getting burned out on the childish drama power grabs, lies and hardships. Travel and leisure stocks are going to explode soon. Very strong buy
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    $UAL conversation
    Fauci said in an interview with CNN that Omicron is not as dangerous as Delta, he also hoped the United States would lift its ban on travelers from southern African countries. $DAL $LUV $JBLU.
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    This makes no sense at all. Never seen a stock take a dive on information that we really don't have yet. I mean 12 dollars a share down in 2 weeks.
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    Fly high Delta!!!! Fly high!!!!
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    I am totally not complaining, but I did not expect Delta to be the greenest stock in my portfolio. Keep Climbing
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    Stock was undervalued at $40 a share. Anything below is your early Christmas present 🎁.
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    TSA numbers are out and again they are high as every day. New virus variant hasn’t kept people from traveling. Yet, Wall Street insists on pushing down airlines’ stock price. It’s not going to hold down much longer, but do expect a very big push today to drop them more so they can buy and make more money. They won’t stop pushing it down until they pushed them low enough that they can make 25% profit by January when earnings are reported.
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    European airlines up 4-6% today, time for DAL to fly
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    bought more December 17 '21 calls today as delta just said thanksgiving traffic was extremely strong...this stock is going to go much higher into analyst day in my opinion...
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    Well, they can drop it another 25%, which is what they dropped it to with the first wave of COVID on March 2020. I'm OK with that. I still will not sell. The minute they are able to intimidate enough people to sell, they'll have what the want--our shares! It's not happening! Make it $0, and I still will not sell. If the whole world is coming to an end, I won't need any money, would I? If it isn't ending, then I'll have my shares! Very simple.
    Wall Street needs to device another way to steal our money. That's the problem. They are trading their own shares, bringing it lower and lower because retail investors are not selling. When they bring the price of their shares higher, which they'll need to do sooner or later, then our share price will come up too. ;-)
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    $AAL conversation
    Dr. Amesh Adalja, senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security, wrote in an email to CNN on Friday.
    "There will never be a time when there is a zero COVID threat as the virus transitions to endemicity," Adalja wrote. "Once the virus is tamed — by losing the ability to threaten hospital capacity through high levels of population immunity and treatments — I think public health recommendations will be more relaxed, though some people may voluntarily choose to continue to use them in high risk contexts." $UAL $LUV $DAL $JBLU
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    I live in Mozambique Africa no lockdowns maybe 10% of the population vaccinated. Extreme poverty which leads to unhealthy food water and overall lifestyle. Masks are required in government buildings and some people wear them in other places but most people don’t. We have some of the lowest Covid numbers on the planet. The American president needs to wake up. Everything he’s doing is making the virus worse.
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    buying and accumulating on dips here, current vaccines are still effective and we acquired great experience in modifying them by targeting nasty mutations quickly if needed,
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    News: first case of omnicron variant in California after a recent traveler was in South Africa. Traveler fully vaccinated and symptoms are mild.

    News: The strain is puzzling and could be more infectious. This deadly strain is less than delta

    Stock market: DUMP
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    Raymond James just upgraded Dal strong buy $55 target. good I added @ 35.40 fun in next summer...
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    This all doesn't feel right, this whole Omicron story. Somebody used a panic tactic and it worked. People just go with the flow. Insanity.
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    travel is back to precovid levels. Flights are packed
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    99.99 of cases are from DELTA variants
    NOT Omicron !