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  • m
    if it wasn’t obvious before that OTC is driving the train, it is glaringly obvious now… why else would major benchmarks appear at exactly $7 USD, exactly $5, exactly $2?

    the fact is, long ago it was agreed upon to short this company into the cellar via naked shorting on the OTC side… NBBO (national beat bid/offer) violations abound on this stock, as i’ve reported frequently in the last month, which is one of the few rules that finra has historically enforced, though infrequently and pretty toothlessly, as the fines don’t require admission of guilt, and are dwarfed by the profits made by the manipulation.

    i now seriously doubt this company can survive such an onslaught of naked shorting from the the OTC market makers. but the question remains… who instigated the short campaign? obviously, the market makers are making a killing, but i imagine so are short hedge funds (who are owned by the same market makers you see in the Level II books for this stock), or is it hedge funds backed by the pharma industry? are the previous owners in cahoots, trying to buy the company back at pennies on the dollar? i’m certain we’ll never find out.

    i wonder how many synthetic shares of this company exist at this point? is it double the float by now? more?

    i’m now in the process of registering my six figures worth of shares of cwbhf with odyssey trust, the transfer agent for charlotte’s web. did you know it is illegal for a public company to recommend to shareholders that they directly register their shares with the transfer agent? and that THAT rule is actually swiftly and violently enforced? i wonder why that is?
  • G
    The CFO better preasure the Stanley Bros to get their costs under control - overweight in management.
  • M
    I bought more of this and CVSI. They may run together. Good luck all
  • F
    Much needed tailwind for the category:

    "Amazon is lobbying the US government to legalize cannabis, the company announced Tuesday"


    "Amazon says workers and applicants fired or barred during marijuana screening are now eligible for employment"
  • F
    A share buyback announcement stating the company feels strongly that it's being undervalued by the market would help. Even if it's just a symbolic allocation from CW's ~$26M cash on hand.

    A statement of this sort is particularly necessary, since CW's leadership has not demonstrated their own conviction in the company's stock.
  • G
    Their burning cash as fast as our government. Will have to raise the debt limit. Not a good way to run the business.
  • F
    September 14, 2021:

    Here are four questions from the excellent posts so far. This is just a working list. We need more questions, so keep posting them.

    @Marc, I've taken the liberty of forming a question from one of your replies because it's very close to a question I have myself. Let me know if you'd like me to delete it from the list.

    @matthew, I've edited your questions as well. The same offer applies here. Let me know how you'd like me to revise your question.

    Retail shareholder questions:

    1) from @john:

    [Particularly because Deanie Elsner's area of expertise is marketing, what are some of the ways Charlotte's Web is adapting its] marketing strategy to grow sales if it takes longer than expected for legislation to pass allowing CBD to be classified as a dietary supplement?

    2) from @marc:

    [In regard to increasing revenue, something the Company has clearly struggled to do, has Charlotte’s Web considered merging with or acquiring another] well-established CBD company? … Growing sales [organically] doesn't seem to be working.

    3) from @john:

    Two years ago [there was a discussion about] a US listing for Charlotte's Web. Where [does the Company] stand on that?

    4) from @matthew:

    Most if not all publicly traded companies in the THC/CBD category have been under selling pressure recently. However, there is evidence of a naked short selling campaign being leveraged against Charlotte's Web.

    Does the Company's leadership believe there is, in fact, an organized effort to manipulate the share price?

    If Leadership does believe the share price is being driven down in this way, does the Company have a plan to stop it, and has Charlotte’s Web filed a complaint with FINRA regarding this practice?
  • L
    No Institutions will buy the shares and warrants next time because last two times Institutions have seen how bad Stock performance has been. 6 months downtrend incredible how blind Management is after seeing performance has been
  • T
    New 52-week low, or is this a all-time low? They jacked up the price of the lotions at the Kroger store I am by from $44.99 to $49.99. They just sit on the display shelf, right next to the cash register. I've never seen anyone even look at them while I am in line. I asked the cashier how often they are purchased she said not very often. She said she bought one to help with some pain and it didn't work so she never bought anymore.
  • B
    CEO finally issued a news release about CW new product offering. About time! Let just hope it will help the stock price and more good news will be coming in the future.
  • F
    Next earnings call.

    I'd like to collect 5 questions from retail shareholders and submit them to CW IR leading up to Q3/21.

    Word the question carefully and post it below. We'll finalize the list together.
  • m
    I’m not sure what’s worse, issuing more stock to raise capital for an acquisition and diluting your shareholders investment or letting the stock price plummet because you have no ambition and poor leadership from the CEO? One the primary responsibilities of a CEO is to allocate capital. Since owning shares of this company I’ve seen one acquisition that doesn’t seem to have been successful. Plus, as I’m mentioned in the past, managements significantly overpaid for a company with less than $100 mil in revenue and only 300 employees.
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    I got in at 16 bc I thought 32 was too expensive at the time for the stock but I liked the company. What am I as a shareholder like other shareholders supposed to do at this point ?
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    Timmy Pink Sheets
    Sigh. Every time I think I found the bottom, Charlotte says “hold my beer”.
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    I can see this being spun both ways for shareholders, but there's been a recent shake up in CW's marketing department.

    Papa & Barkley ($79 million in annual sales) recently hired/poached/lured Bo Becker from CW. Becker worked for at least two years as CW's vice president of marketing.

    "Bo Becker has been tasked with oversight of the brand's customer journey, branding, direct-to-consumer strategy and scaling earned media value."

    Bo Becker has been tasked with oversight of the brand's customer journey, branding, direct-to-consumer strategy and scaling earned media value.
    Bo Becker has been tasked with oversight of the brand's customer journey, branding, direct-to-consumer strategy and scaling earned media value.
  • b
    @ForkInWorldofSoup, was there anything released with earnings that should have caused a 33% drop in share price? It felt like all bad news was already baked in and after hearing the earnings call and reading the report I actually expected the price to go up or at least sideways. IMHO, anyone buying today could see a 50% return if the price simply returns back to the price it was at earnings (a solid resistance level). If I read and heard things right then I'd expect that to happen this year. Am I missing something?
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    Timmy Pink Sheets
    Lol, every stock on my board is green except one. Guess which.
  • B
    Ms. Adrienne D. Elsner Pres, CEO & Director 1.09M
    Mr. Jared Stanley Co-Founder & Chief Cultivation Officer 467.41k
    Mr. Paul Lanham Chief Information & Ecommerce Officer 463.81k
    Mr. Tony True Chief Customer Officer 543.52k

    New 52 week low today of $2.10

    Anyone else think shareholders are being screwed by management?
  • M
    Looking at the salaries of the so-called management, no wonder this company if failing!!!!! I had been
    averaging down attempting to bring down my losses, but all I've done is lost more!!!!! I cannot believe
    they have allowed this company to become almost worthless!!!!! What options do the investors have
    to get back some of their losses?
  • W
    Well, I may need a 10K loss. Too bad it would have been a great company, but I am sure the Stanley bros. Will not be poor