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    SAFE Plus," potential legislation that would allow legal cannabis businesses access to the US banking system as well as provide a handful of other marijuana reform measures, could be coming closer to fruition.

    That's the assessment from Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Pablo Zuanic, who noted that passage of "SAFE Plus" is now likely during Congress' lame duck period between the November midterm election and when the new Congress is sworn in in January 2023.

    He added that there is now a small chance that language that would allow multi-state operators to uplist to major U.S. exchanges could also be included.
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    My only red stock holding today out of 50
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    Undisputed world leader in cannabis, triple digit stock once we can list on a real exchange, adding all I can!
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    Todays release from RSC would appear to be a major setback for the future of cannabis stocks. Who thinks what??
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    $CRLBF conversation
    Smartest mso analyst Pablo Zuanic says SAFE+ isn't dead. May even include 280E reform. November/December looks likely with Perlmutter retirement. He will go nuclear on the NDAA if forced. The man won't leave Congress without SAFE+. Seems like risk/reward now favors accumulators.
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    $TCNNF conversation
    I hope everybody remembers promises made by democrats in november,,,
    $curlf $crlbf $gtbif $ffntf
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    I have Cancer. I purchased this stock because I’m a customer. Often in life those whom we come in contact with; people, places, things, and events, happen for a purpose. Mr Jordan; as you grow your business remember that your employees, and your customers are your greatest possession. Everything is done to lift and elevate. What is being done each day to drive the value of that proposition.
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    They can drive this price down all they want I just keep buying more about another 8200 shares this morning for a total of 47487 shares 👍
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    Side Show Bob
    Interesting article in Forbes. 95% of growers lost money last year. There is so much product they are sending it through wood chippers to get rid of it. Illegal sales are not declining. Government regulation has crippled the industry. 60 percent of all Americans favor recreational use and 90 percent favor medical use yet there is no foreseeable road to national legalization.

    It’s just sad because this could be a great industry that could provide a ton of tax dollars if it were legalized correctly regulated.

    This can never happen for three reasons.

    1. Big pharma owns many of our politicians.

    2. The illegal trade is powerful, has lots of cash, provides a living for many otherwise unemployable individuals.

    3. Most conservative politicians are old school who still see it as “devils weed” that will destroy our children.
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    What?... nothing about BIG PHARMA, with its BIG $$, BIG political contributions (in the tens of millions of dollars) being the MAIN reason for Mitch and his gop BUDS VOTING NAY EACH TIME, so far. Delay, Stall, Delay

    Curious about why?
    Search: "Major Pharmaceutical Companies develope synthetic cannabinoids" and read how several have gotten DEA approval for synthetic pot years ago. By delaying SBA, BP gets a better leg up on the multi billions spent getting a buzz.
    As many of you know, when you want to really know the truth, you follow the $$ trail. It very often reveals the REAL TRUTH.
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    MASSIVE order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again🤑🚀
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    280e is the most important factor. Is the elimination of 280e in the safe banking act that will be attached to a bigger bill during the lame duck??
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    this will be a monster. In for the long haul.
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    Great sales today get out to the store great vape sales , and great sales on flower and pre rolls
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    /gop-lawmakers-blast-fda-over-lack-of-cbd-regulations-and-demand-status-update/#:~:text=A%20pair%20of%20Republican%20congressmen,food%20items%20and%20dietary%20supplements. ..........3 days ago ....... m m
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    Owning a stock in the MJ sector is like being stuck on the tarmac in a hot plane and the pilot keeps telling you we will take off in 40 minutes. And then says it again 6 more times. I shoulda brought snacks. Not a lot of interest these days one way or the other. Waiting on Congress to do the right thing, one can wait a very long time. GLTA.
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    How is this not a double digit stock!?! Going to be a triple digit stock once Curaleaf can list on a real exchange! Boris is making moves again full speed ahead... All aboard!
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    Indian Tribes in NY are already selling at Reservations in NY. One of them is 2 miles from me, its doing well after only Grand Opening 2 weeks ago, but actually open 4 weeks as the Budtender said. Curaleaf is a Best Seller as usual in any Dispensary.
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    My thoughts are with you Florida, be safe