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Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. (CURLF)

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10.63-0.15 (-1.37%)
As of 12:34PM EDT. Market open.
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  • j
    $TCNNF conversation
    Several of the MSOs had great price action yesterday with positive bullish candles. If we get follow through today (positive price action) short term buy signals will ge generated.
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    $TCNNF conversation
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    $VRNOF conversation
    Please see today’s edition of the MJ Moments newsletter re: Senators’ move to legalize MJ for Washington, D.C.
  • s
    For the trillionth time. These falls are orchestrated to hit Stop loss limits. They have been doing this since since inception of Curaleaf. Do not fall for it. This is a billion+/year company right now. The future is bright. Have patience.
  • R
    I will just keep buying. Best time to buy when everyone’s feelings are hurt. Cheers!!!
  • w
    Canadian companies rally 3x as hard as the MSOs lmfao who really runs the show. Canadian companies barely making any revenue with a small market yet still rally higher then Us companies. Explain? Bahahahaha #curlf #tcnnf #gtbif #crlbf #tlry #cgc #acb
  • S
    Long lines at my neighborhood cura store
  • G
    For those of you that are long, here are some things you can tell yourself to help you sleep.
    1 it’s just the MM’s shaking out the week
    2 oh it’s just tax loss selling
    3 don’t worry once the bill passes this will soar
    4 this is typical Wall Street manipulation trying to get shares cheap
    5 a year from now my friends will be sorry they didn’t listen to me
  • J
    CURLF taking the morning DUMP, at $10.60 PPS... So much for your BIG RALLY ! I saw Trulieve
    up 3.00% at $27.69... So ITS NOT THE SECTOR kids ! Lets ee the 3rd quarter earnings report...
    Who wants to bet we remain in the RED ?
  • G
    The only time you don't lose is on Saturday and Sunday.
  • D
    I?m getting crushed and hurting inside, but I have to keep reminding myself that the fundamentals of Tier 1 MSOs have never been stronger. As long as the companies are turning a profit then we can sustain and wait out these downturns because cannabis headlines are only getting stronger (in all facets) and will favor names like CURLF, TCNNF, GTIBF, and CRLBF. I was hoping this would be a 6-12 month trade but now feel like it?ll be at least an 18-24+ month trade. I?m confident in the long term thesis (and don?t have an immediate need for my invested cash) but I also don?t have the discipline to not watch it on a daily basis, thus I find myself #$%$ off watching my losses pile up to a now stomach turning 25% or $75K. I believe I?ll get every penny back in the long run, but HATE being this far in the red and bleeding deeper every day wondering when the tide might turn.
  • M
    As of now Chuck needs 10 senate votes
  • G
    If I were to read between lines of recent events, I am an optimist. SAFE pushed through (by Congress), immediately after MORE pushed through (by Congress)...the ball is with Senate they have both aspects of the reform they talked about, banking and social. And immediately after Booker/Warren requested from AG to decriminalize cannabis by Oct-20th.
    These are all simultaneous actions, for Senate to take the next step. Cross your fingers for an early surprise!!!

  • T
    putting politics aside for a second... this company is going to break a billion dollars in revenue. never invest in anything that depends on the government approval. curaleaf is doing fine on it's own. sure sentiment is down currently, but what sector has not gone through the sentiment downside. long bull. no worries.
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    What goes good with toilet water? Curleaf….
  • T
    The dude
    $CRLBF conversation
    $clrbf $curlf

    Lmao 😂

    Todd Harrison
    handful of peeps I've spoken with think 🇺🇸 #cannabis will be a 2022 story. "gonna take tax losses now / buy 'em back before the run."
    9:51 AM · Oct 18, 2021·Twitter Web App
  • K
    all eyes on Merrick Garland ! - Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears (Official Music Video)
  • E
    Edith B
    Yeah it is!
    Make Dollars Not cents!
  • F
    Every analyst says it’s a buy, every writer says it’s a buy, every report has nothing but praise and yet it sits 50% off it’s high, don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Earning will set the bar. Buy before earnings and hold for 12 months winner winner winner