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  • K
    Tax Loss should be over tomorrow last day of month .. any losses taken in December have to be carried over into 2022 .. Industry Group should attract some buyers for 2022 catalysts !
  • k
    Curaleaf revenue for 2021 will be over $1B with market cap of $ 6.8 B.
    Curaleaf is not only the largest cannabis company in US. Curaleaf is the only one with nationwide foot print with 111 stores in 23 states with 25 cultivation sites. Maybe they have more stores in more states by the time I am writing this.
  • F
    $MSOS conversation
    With events in Congress re: NDAA happening, three things to keep in mind: (1) Don’t expect SAFE to be included in the Senate version of the NDAA, it’s all about the conference process with the House; (2) Keep in mind that this NDAA process could go to 12/17 with an extension vote; and (3) SAFE was expected by Boris and some others for Spring '22 and these cos. are making bank so chillax if it's not in NDAA. $MSOS $CURLF $GTBIF $TCNNF $CRLBF $VRNOF $AYRWF
  • P
    Just looking for clarification here. Tomorrow, 11/29, will be the last day for amendments and amendments to amendments, and on the same day someone will invoke cloture and if no senator does then there's vote for cloture, and if that passes then the senate will vote on the NDAA, and then there's a committee from the house and senate that will conference to match the house and senate bill, then that bill needs to go to the president? So Safe banking has to survive tomorrow amending procedure, the cloture vote otherwise there's more amending, the conference committee, and the president? Is this correct? And the first two hurdles are all in tomorrow?
  • b
    $MSOS conversation
    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called the vote "inexplicable and outrageous" and accused Republicans of voting against the troops. "Just because a few Republicans didn't get every single concession they insisted on they are halting the process," he said.

    Republicans said they voted no because Democrats, who thinly control the Senate, did not allow enough votes on amendments, including one that would have imposed mandatory sanctions over Nord Stream 2, a Russian-backed natural gas pipeline that opponents believe would be harmful to U.S. allies in Europe.

  • J
    Jane Felin
    germany finalizes tomorrow, curaleaf ready to roll have done all the requirements everyone else 2 years behind
  • d
    The Senate has convened ....... At 5:30 p.m. the Senate will vote on cloture on the substitute on the substitute amendment to HR 4350, the defense authorization. 24 minutes ago
  • J
    Jane Felin
    happening now;.
    National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 (NDAA). ... The SAFE Banking Act would allow banking access to licensed cannabis
  • d
    Safe is in House version and will be in the negotiation between House and Senate on the final version. The Republicans want amendments debated /blaming Dems for delaying the must pass NDAA and Dems crying foul. Safe is in the House version and WILL BE in the negotiations between House-Senate on final version.
  • d
    For those interested Congress.Gov ..... S.2792- National Defense Act for Fiscal Year 2022
  • C
    Write your Senators and Senators Schumer, Booker, and Wyden and tell them to allow the Safe Banking Act to remain in the Defense Bill. Google their names and contact page. This is what I wrote. Feel free to copy it or create your own. —— This can’t wait any longer. Please allow the Safe Banking Act to remain in the Defense Bill. The Cannabis Industry can’t wait any longer. All Cannabis Reform has been incremental. Get this passed and there will be an opportunity for passing Cannabis Social Equity legislation later. Getting this passed will be a big win for the Democratic Party and the American people. Failure to pass this will hurt the Democratic Party and the American people. It is that simple. Pass the Safe Banking Act.
  • B
    Tweet from Senator Jacky Rosen from today:
    “The House has passed the SAFE Banking Act five times now, most recently as an amendment to the NDAA that earned overwhelming bipartisan support. Let's get this done.”
  • s
    Why does deb / it erase my posts? Remember if you are a paid spammer you don’t post on weekends. Funny Deb nowhere to be found especially with a big vote on Monday.
  • K
    my takes on the Boris Interview .. 1) if you invest in any of the Top 5 you will do well ( I like how he compliments the competition instead of insults. He also explains his Strategy either you are on board or you are not ) 2) there will be a refinancing or debt on favorable terms should be the best to date for the industry 3) it seems as though Curaleaf and a few smaller players are doing the bulk of the Lobbying for the Industy. He wants everyone to get on board 4) he bough EMMAC and then sold 30% getting a EU Partner and taking out the risk in that he gets his 70% for free 5) if you take the markets that Curaleaf and Green Thumbs are both in their margins are the same ( Boris is willing to sacrifice some margins in order to be in all the markets ) 6) even though California is having headwinds you have to be in the market and you have to compete. also the smaller players are being driven out to the bigger players .. synopsis is buy the Top 5 US MSO's as the Market will continue to consolidate and they will be the WINNERS !
  • M
    The safe act didn’t fail there just not voting on it and are having more debate to be clear.
  • M
    Colorado Senators Hickenlooper and Bennett also now pushing for #safebanking to be included in the NDAA
  • d
    I say we go into the close green. I wouldn't want to be out before Monday but I'm a long here.
  • d
    We'll only know what the Senate has decided to include in the bill. . Safe Banking will or will not be included but it will then go to committee where differences with Safe will be discussed between the House and the Senate. That will probably happen over the next week. ................ A joint trade letter was sent earlier this month highlighting Provisions. The letter supports the inclusion of several priorities, including the Secure and fair Enforcement (Safe Banking Act) and remote notary language.
  • J
    Here is today's close, Monday, Nov. 29th... DOWN 29 cents to close at $9.71 PPS...
    So much for all the HYPE and BRAVADO regarding the approvbal of the NDAA Bill
    and the SAFE Amendment... As predicted, IT DID NOT HAPPEN today as all the board
    experts told us to prepare for Monday, the 29th of November as the GREAT turning point
    with CURLF... So amusing that so many of you bought this utter PR nonsense hook, line,
    and sinker... There is always tomorrow so keep your hopes and dreams alive for tomorrow
    awaits... Good luck to all... You certainly NEED IT !
  • M
    See why Boris said he didn’t want to be the grower .