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Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. (CURA.CN)

Canadian Sec - Canadian Sec Real Time Price. Currency in CAD
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13.10-0.26 (-1.95%)
At close: 3:59PM EDT
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  • D
    Don Carlito
    Can someone remind KAMALA why we voted for her/-she got the vote promising to end US MJ persecution—then not a peep! Don’t come looking for my vote next time.
  • F
    Every analyst says it’s a buy, every writer says it’s a buy, every report has nothing but praise and yet it sits 50% off it’s high, don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Earning will set the bar. Buy before earnings and hold for 12 months winner winner winner
  • K
    Unfortunately this stock not going anywhere until safe banking is passed and then listing to a major exchange. Thinking about selling a portion for a loss and into energy stocks. Can’t win them all, be diversified
  • D
    Does anyone know what Europe contributed to Revenues last quarter?
  • J
    Hey Deb and Crew, how's about posting more paid infomercials AND the latest news about Cory, Liz, and
    Boris' latest attempts to get SAFE passed... I see HOW EFFECTIVE your contributions are... PPS at $10.70
    this morning... WHERE is the rally you have been touting for the past year ??? Cat got your tongue ?
  • d
    Merrick Garland is supposed to answer Senator Warren's and Senator Booker's letter to reschedule and decriminalize marijuana on October 20th.
  • R
    Merrick Garland supported decriminalization during his confirmation hearing in clear terms when questioned by Booker.

    Something to keep in mind when thinking about his thought process when considering Warren and Bookers decriminalization request.
  • K
    Man. I'm done looking at this until next year...
  • F
    I'll sell when it hits $125.00 so you can see I'm not going anywhere any time soon..
  • r
    Thank goodness I got out of the stock a month ago it just keeps falling?
  • w
    And here comes the daily 2% plummmet
  • r
    Can anyone remember when Curlleaf actually started positive in the morning it’s been over two months wow!
  • r
    Just bought 20,000 shares five minutes ago of Curlleaf! Hopefully will be good investment a year from now
  • j
    john m
    Wow this things free falling
  • s
    TO, market up almost a1000 points and PLTR a still in $24 range. Can you say turd with fly’s around it. The funny part is your are the fly. Hahahaha
  • D
    Here's what's happening folks, pay close attention. Crooked politicians want in on MSO's at dirt cheap prices and will continue to do nothing until they have aquired as much of the stock as they want and then...bam, legalization and uplisting will take effect and they will profit tremendously. Follow the money, just like the communist, unconstitutional vaccine mandates. Follow the money.
  • M
    Maine's cannabis industry reports $58.5 million in first year of sales
  • r
    I was thinking about buying back some Curlleaf. Why does it always start down $.30-$.35 every morning how is that possible is this stock manipulated ?
  • T
    Taking profits
    just my two cents I think the stock continues to slowly trade down like it has for a long while. this will continue until there is some sort of major capitulation event. I have never seen shorting like this not end with something totally unexpected to the downside.