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  • C
    VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 3, 2019/CNW/ -- CROP INFRASTRUCTURE CORP. (CSE:CROP.CN - News) (OTC:CRXPF - News) (Frankfurt: 2FR) has been advised by its tenant brand sales team that the Hempire and Evolution brands are now available in 40 retail locations, mostly along the coastal cities of Washington.
    The flower is available in eight different strains across seven sizes with concentrates being made available in five different concentrates across 20 separate strains giving the retail locations over 100 SKUS to offer their consumers.
  • H
    The Company accelerated the expiry date of the warrants initially exercisable at $0.20 per share
    from March 5, 2020 to June 26, 2018. In connection with the acceleration of the warrants, the
    Company offered a warrant exercise incentive program. Under the incentive program, each warrant
    holder that exercises their warrant on or before June 26, 2018 will receive an additional one-half of
    one transferable share purchase warrant, with each whole warrant entitling the holder to purchase
    one additional common share exercisable at $0.75 per common share for 2 years. As a result of
    the accelerated expiry date, 9,349,100 warrants were exercised and consequently, 4,674,550
    Incentive Warrants were issued. The remaining 15,661,000 warrants were expired without

    I guess this explains the increased pushed to run the numbers up along with their first revenues potentially coming out.
  • P
    sent this 5 days ago...
    as of yet no response from Crop.
    do you think it's normal behavior of Crop?

    Fri, Apr 26, 10:28 AM (5 days ago)

    As a shareholder I am curious as to when you will be releasing earnings.
    From what I can see the last earnings were for 11/30/2018.
    Should be soon, right?
    Feb. 2019 marks 1 quarter since 11/30/2018... 45 days from the end of February was Monday April 15, 2019... yet I can find no information as to when you will report how the company has done/is doing.
    Any update that you can provide would be appreciated.
  • Y
    This is the time to get a large chunk of the shares. For the cost of an mid-range sedan $34,000, you can buy 0.1% of the entire Company! For the cost of a Condo $340,000, you can buy 1% of the Company. Once this Company is rolling in revenues it will most likely be trading in the $3 - $4 range. At that point you can sell your mid-range sedan worth of shares for a Condo, or sell your Condo worth of shares for a Mansion. :)
  • K
    It's a good Monday morning so far!
  • t
    Well to me .32 is great entry point. I am already invested but am looking to increase my position.
    I didnt just invest in crop for it's earnings on MJ. They are diversified.
    Their positions throughout the economy could and will lead to great profits.
    But hey , all you negative Nellie's can sell your shares to those who believe.
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    March 22nd, 2019 - VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - CROP INFRASTRUCTURE CORP. (CSE: CROP) (OTC: CRXPF) (Frankfurt: 2FR) announced today that its Humboldt Holdings tenant Hempire has acquired a 25% interest in a licensed distribution company, with on site non-volatile commercial cannabis manufacturing in California in return for purchasing additional required extraction equipment for the facility. As with all CROP tenant licencees the company’s subsidiary, in this case Humboldt Holdings, will have the right to acquire the licence interest should federal law change in favour of cannabis-THC.
    This will allow the Evolution and Hempire to access turn-key equipment to process cannabis flower, cannabis trim and biomass into high-value distillate oil containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  The manufacturer will carry the cost of processing cannabis flower, cannabis trim and biomass, getting 40% of the resulting oil sales and CROP and its tenant 60%. The facility is capable of not only processing Hempire’s material but will also be utilized to bring in third party material for processing to develop further SKUS to be sold under the CROP brand portfolio
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    After they report income, any guess an where share price could land?
  • S
    Hi, just bought crop.. hope i did a good move !
  • M
    Once we break $0.40 we going way up!
  • M
    We got to get the volume up on this so it will pop ! I
  • Y
    I can't stress enough that this is not a trade. This is a buy and hold. Why? Because you may make 20%, 30%, 50% in the next month or two, but you will probably make 200%, 300%, or 500% in the next year. This company is growing so fast and in a booming industry just getting started. Plus we already have the assets in place ahead of the curve. Our Nevada assets alone are worth triple the current market cap.
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    CBD could be a US$22 billion market by 2022.
    CBD could be a US$22 billion market by 2022.
  • m
    I hope the Farm Bill will give it a bigger boost later this week. Woo hoo!!
  • S
    they keep making press releases, but never talk about revenue or growth. when are the next earnings due?
  • Y
    Something good is up. The volume is well over 2.3 Million and we are only half way through the day.
  • K
    Keep Guessing
    Q4 loss was $1.11m. Full year was $15.3m loss but cash increased to $5.6m from $490k. Total Assets increased to $24.4m from $4.4m
  • Y
    Just signed a very nice Retail Distribution Deal at $1,600 per Lb. Only 750 Lbs in Inventory but full scale production should be 24,000 Lbs in Calufornia next year once the extra 30,000 Sq Ft ie completed. And we are looking at 12,000 Lbs annually at Wheeler Park in Washington and another 12,000 Lbs at "The Dozen". If you price them all at $1,600 per Lb that's 48,000 Lbs × $1,600 = $76.8 Million. Now factor in Nevada with 2.6 Million Lbs of Hemp production at a low end of $36 per Lb. That's 2.6 Million Lbs × $36 per Lb = $96.5 Million. Or $157.5 Million if we get the higher end of $57 per Lb in the Contract. So CROP is looking at $150 - $200 Million in Revenues just from Nevada, California, and Washington in 2019. Now add on Italy, Jamaica, and CannaDrink plus the Dispensaries. This will be a Cash Cow. Now to be clear, those are Tenant Sales, but remember CROP has 49% interest in those Tenants, and the Tenants also have to pay back on a 60/40 split until CROP has been paid back for Infrastructure. And even once paid back, CROP maintains a 30% cut of Tenant's Sales plus its 49% Interest. All in all, CROP Revenues should easily surpass $100 Million USD in 2019. Now think about it's current Market Cap of $35 Million USD. That is why this is a GEM! Company with those kind of Sales Figures and extremely cheap Production Costs should be trading in the $200 - $300 Million Range once Sales are rolling. That is why this can easily touch $2 - $3 a Share next year.
  • J
    Ok it passed !!!!! $1 crop come on
  • Y
    Good news today. Increasing production capacity at Humboldt Farms another 12,000 Lbs annually which is an extra $24,000,000 in revenues. Even if you split that in half, that's $12,000,000. Remember this is ON TOP of current production. Also San Bernardino Dispensary App now in Final Stage.

    CROP gives constant Investor Updates which is second to none. It really makes Shareholders feel like part of the team.

    California, Washington, and Nevada are all about to sell their first Crops and bring the revenue into CROP.