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Cronos Group Inc. (CRON)

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  • C
    Corey D
    So about 85% of the stock price represents cash on hand, but apparently no one is interested in that?
  • W
    CRON has added new information and web page on their website for RARE Cannabinoids Series and says products "coming soon".
  • C
    ginko shares plus cash is over $2.2 billion
    market cap $2.1 billion
    Negative valuation for the business
  • b
    Ginko (DNA) went public at valuation 5x CRON. Sell CRON buy DNA is obvious trade.
  • M
    When looking at the big board, CRON is one of the very, very few stocks listed in the color green. Excellent.
  • E
    If CRON paid its shareholders in “gummies” the share price would soar.
  • J
    I see a lot of potential here considering 50% is owned by insiders. I see $50 in the next 2-3 years. Funds are scrambling to hold a position which will lead to a short squeeze sooner than later. Do your own DD.
  • K
    This stock is a book marker for Mo. They'll pick up the book and a few more years and see where their at.
  • M
    Cronos CEO Kurt Schmidt stated very recently during an investors' conference call:

    "We are making strides to ensure that Cronos become phenomenous with innovation."

    I expect phenomenous results in the future as a CRON investor. Nothing would please me more.
  • M
    In a few years from now Cron will be over $50.
  • J
    MRMD still under a buck. Very profitable with double the revenues of CRON. Soon to have 10 dispensaries. It has gone up ten percent since I first mentioned on here about a month ago. And they increased guidance at last quarterly report.
  • b
    Gink going public tomorrow 9/16 with market cap greater than CRON who is the beneficiary of the artificial CBD. Better trade is sell CRON and buy SRNG ( new symbol DNA on Friday) . Stock is up 10% today ..
  • D
    Ginkgo Bioworks is the company doing all the synthetic biology work for $CRON. Ginkgo Bioworks is entering into a SPAC with $SRNG which will close sometime in the next 3 to 4 weeks. $SRNG stock will convert to the new ticker $DNA. This is a long-term play with huge upside potential. Check out the impressive Ginkgo Bioworks story. Their business model is genius. Their business plan execution and revenue increases have been very impressive to say the least.
  • N
    PharmaCann going public! Looking at +$1B valuation. If true, Cronos got a good price on PharmaCann. Things are turning around! On the article I read several companies have stepped forward to buy PharmaCann.
  • M
    Are we seeing a turnaround? Is this the inflection point for CRON?

    As I see it, the US federal government will be in need of a NEW source of significant and dependable income to pay for "unpaid" projects that soon will be in the pipeline. People, however, are very sensitive about new conventional taxes.

    However, I think, politicians won't be hurt by taxing cannabis products. In other words, it would be politically safe for politicians to decriminalize and... tax cannabis, permanently.

    It just makes sense. Timing is the issue. This all might happen sooner than we think. If so, CRON will soar.
  • N
    As a shareholder I’m not the least bit worried about this company. Listening to the conference call and hearing drug/grocery store chain in both Canada/USA, I’m stoked! Having the price drop for me is a blessing so I can buy more. The cannabinoids they’re producing will dramatically change self wellness/healing. Just Google CBG and you’ll see for yourself. While your at it Google “Cannabinoids In Health & Disease”. Guys/Girls please loud up I want everyone to do well. Just saying I did well for my family the first time around with Canadian legalization. This company may look lost but they’re definitely on the road to profitability.
  • Z
    I was in my favorite dispensary this weekend. Was recommended GMO cookies, by Spinach.

    Smell was pugnant!
    The taste was very good,
    It hit like a ton of bricks. With a couch lock stone I like in an indica.

    The product is excellent. Came highly recommended.
  • R
    Cronos Group is not a well run company. See the operating losses for the last 9 quarters!
    Net Revenue Operating losses
    $18.848/M ($60.217/M)
    $14.654/M ($43.459/M)
    $19.956/M ($58.363/M)
    $13.621/M ($41.169/M)
    $11.432/M ($34.755/M)
    $ 9.344/M ($45.060/M)
    $ 2.066/M ($44.668/M)
    $ 8.277/M ($55.803/M)
    $10.787/M ($20.345/M)
    $ 4.509/M ($ .658/M)
    Note the end of year $2.066/M dollar quarter is interesting……
  • E
    Two Canadian pot companies I like are Cron and Hexo...I hold both and of the two Hexo is not yet profitable but they are making huge moves positioning themselves to compete in the global market.
  • L
    $SNDL conversation
    $SNDL $TLRY $CRON $CGC $ACB All have the same chart today.
    They All went up together and all went down together at the same time. Lets see if they can all go back up together.