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Crescent Point Energy Corp. (CPG.TO)

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9.80+0.06 (+0.62%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT

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  • X
    Hedge fund ownership of CPG rose to a 3 year high in Q1, and has risen by 64% over the previous 2 quarters 👍
  • R
    Eric Nuttal on at 9am discussing energy
  • r
    OK, who took the bate and sold when oil was down almost $2 this morning and they were saying there was a rise in inventory
  • D
    David holtzapple
    Oil is going to stay between 90 and 110 for the foreseeable future this is just my opinion at seven dollars this is a steal this is not an oil company It is a printing press for money at the moment I’m adding at the seven dollar figure
  • A
    So at this point I have to ask: At what price of WTI is CPG breaking even? I suspect that different companies are breaking even at different price points.
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    So oil goes down $3 a barrel because the Saudi’s are gonna pump 100,000 barrels more a day . When they said they were gonna pump more did people actually look and see how little they were gonna pump. 100,000 is equivalent to 87 seconds of the world’s usage.
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    If any canadian or American oil company is not just making massive cash flows at 80 dollar oil ,they best get there uplifting costs in order.
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    So for the 20th time in the last two months oil is down because opec may pump more, China is slowing or there’s gonna be an EV boom. The cars that charge their batteries from oil fired power plants.
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    TD Investment Conclusion:
    We see this as a positive quarter from both a financial and operational perspective
    with the company now fully transitioned to provide significant return of capital to
    shareholders going forward. We also believe the improved Duvernay results should
    provide the market with more comfort in Crescent Point's ability to execute in the
    play. We reiterate our ACTION LIST BUY rating and $19.00 target.
  • A
    WTI above $100 again..
  • L
    $ =CAD
    Excess Cashflow estimated for 2022 is $1.4 bil
    Shares outstanding 6/30/2022 564.8 m
    Excess Cash Flow (ECF) per share $1,400/564.8 = $2.48
    Price close 7/26/22 $9.42 /$2.48 =3.80, in other words the market is pricing the stock at 3.8 times ECF
    ECF/sh $2.48 x 3.8 - $9.42 MV / share
    ECF/sh $2.48 x 5.0 =$12.40
    ECF/sh $2.48 x 5.5 = $13.64 In the past this multiple ranged 6-8 times ECF
    Going forward oil prices will trend down, but hedges will roll off and we will be servicing less debt. Dividends will grow. Outlook is Bullish.
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    Dr. Zillman
    Strong day today. Performed better than most of the U.S oil/ng stocks. Even did better than VET for a change. Excellent volume too at 20M.
  • S
    All the creamsicle hands are done running at the first sign of pull back and we are back on track now. Full steam ahead into next week.
  • J
    20% increase of revenue and no one happy.... And other company just 1-2% incrase
  • r
    robby p
    I see done strong momentum building. I expect we will take out the last high of 14 and go past 20 by end of the year.
  • Z
    I strongly feel that management is spending much more on the capital expenditure and not using surplus cash flow on higher dividend payment. Directors and leading shareholders should keep a watch on the management and do not let them use any surplus cash flow on any acquisitions until they have repaid their entire debts in next 6-9 months time. If they use cash flow only for debt repayment and higher dividend this stock may double in next 12 months time if oil price remains around 75-100 during this period.
  • N
    Haha. Too many nervous thumbs nowadays in the market. Soon facts will overcome these market jitters. CPG should be at least 15 CAD.
  • M
    hold on to your shares ,this will pass $10 cdn today
  • r
    robby p
    The prices are going down while Interest rates going down and governments talking bad about oil and gas companies which can only mean much higher prices in the not so distant futures. Hold on faithful.
  • C
    Can we close at $8 today?