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Costco Wholesale Corporation (COST)

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319.04-4.88 (-1.51%)
At close: 4:00PM EST

316.44 -2.60 (-0.81%)
Pre-Market: 5:27AM EST

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  • r
    COST is not going to go down forever. It is one of the best run companies in the world and the business model is rockstar material. The stock price will eventually reflect this again. Wall Street doesn't always reward the great companies right away, but sooner or later overdue recognition always comes. Therefore, you should be taking advantage of these prices. Several years from now your wallet will thank you.
  • S
    Agree. Cost is not a get rich quick stock. Rather, it is stable, strong and does what needs to be done, and then some, to be competitive and advance. It has done a great job in satisfying its customers and sustaining its good brand image. Anyone I’ve talked to about cost, regardless of their economic status, has had a positive attitude toward cost and no criticism, except for parking!
    Solid, steady and smart is how I would describe The performance of this company. In my view, that equals a good investment.
  • J
    Jan R.
    I only come to this conversation group for entertainment as most of the people that post here have absolutely no idea what they are doing or saying and just come here to cry. Yes, the COST stock has been declining for over three months now, but I have been there with many other good quality stocks and they all have rebounded sooner or later. And so will COST. It’s just a matter of time. IMO, this is a great opportunity to make a 20% upside before the year end here. If you are not patient enough, or want bigger or quicker gains, then this stock is not for you. Cheers to all longs!
  • T
    I love this stock!! The earnings report today was amazing!!! I love this stock so much I'm ok being down by thousands of dollars. Wish I bought at $312 instead of $360.
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    Jan R.
    Hey COST faithfuls, I know it has been tough watching this stock fall down day after day which IMO makes no sense. We have the earnings call today and I would not be surprised if it went even lower after that despite good results. I owned a lot of ETSY stock last year and after a great earnings call in the fall, the stock plummeted 12.5% next day. Made no sense and lot of people sold. A week later it took off and never looked back. I am glad I did not sell and neither will I now on this temporary senseless dip by COST. If you can’t watch it anymore, just stop following it and come back in a month. You might be pleasantly surprised then. Have a great day everyone.
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    Top Bullish Charts | March 2021 💰💵📈
  • A
    Costco beat expectations on revenues. They missed expectations on earnings due to unusual increased pandemic costs, but still had better earnings than the year prior. This is a positive earnings report!
  • C
    How does it make sense that Costco is trading at the same price/Market Cap that it was pre-covid? It was a covid winner and it's reveune is up signficantly, yet it trades at the same price???
  • S
    90.9% membership renewal rate in the US. That's Apple-grade customer loyalty.
  • M
    COST rev +14.7%. Incredible for a company of that size, COST ecommerce sales +75.8%. Beastly! AH's pushing upward
  • K
    If Costco stock does not do well in the long term, America is in a world of hurt. Great business model
    and they have what everyone needs----- food! I truly believe in this company and will stay the course.
    I have to say the stock is acting very strange in the last couple of weeks. See what earnings say. Should
    be an outstanding quarter even with Covid!
  • t
    Any long-term investor who listened to the CC (as opposed to reading the headlines from the talking heads, such as “Costco reports earnings of $2.14, missing estimates of $2.45,” would come away feeling very confident about the company’s future. Pundits have always said the share price is too high, but a look at the 12-year share price chart reveals that even if you had bought at the high every year over that period of time you would have made money in the following year. Right now, the share price is $80 off the 52-week high.
  • B
    I just got in costco a moment ago. It's always been the one that got away and every time I looked it never felt like a right time. I've missed that entire beautiful climb, and my wife shops at costco like twice a month. lol I failed. BUT, I'm now the proud owner of a handful of shares. I'll add further down the road.
  • G
    Pretty surprised to see the price back to where I bought it last year. Not selling any shares probably for at least 7 yrs and plan to accumulate into retirement and then sell out slowly with a low tax rate to pay the bills and enjoy retirement. Just gonna buy more if it goes below 300
  • H
    Not as bad as the recent stock price drop had feared.

    Stock price will bounce back, as usual :).
  • R
    This is a moment of truth in America. I love Costco as a customer. Will never give up my membership. I have liked Costco as a shareholder. But at a point when ESG is all the rage, Costco put its money where its mouth is, took care of employees’ safety during COVID-19 and has paid (and continues to pay) them like Americans, not monkeys. So is EPS important? Or is being a good, growing American company?
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    Super beat
    Rev +14.7%.
    e-Commerce sales +75.8%.
  • T
    For the four-week reporting month of February, ended February 28, 2021, the Company reported net sales of $14.05 billion, an increase of 15.2 percent from $12.20 billion last year. For the twenty-six week period ended February 28, 2021, net sales were $93.16 billion, an increase of 15.4 percent from $80.76 billion last year.
  • V
    Further drop after hours. What a great opportunity to load up. I would buy at $350 and now I am seeing $312 in after hours. Definitely loading up tomorrow for long term. Huge Costco fan.
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    Tom J
    Costco is like a cult. their customers are loyal and knows where to find value and service. Membership renewal is about 90%. (Compare that to Sams where they are giving membership free, Pay $45 and get $45 back). Employee turnover is very low. Employees are happy. Earnings is good. LOOONG.