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Canadian National Railway Company (CNR.TO)

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144.70+1.78 (+1.25%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
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    Bill Gates sells today at ... euh 144$ or so, when it could sell them at 170$ less than 2 months ago. How did that guy got rich?
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    We need more French lessons and more excuses as to why we can't meet our EPS. What is needed is railroad people familiar with operating a railroad with a plan and knowing how to execute. There has not been a good CEO on the CN since EHH. The stock is down approximately $18.00 since the first of the year.
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    good price to start position now! 2% yield
  • B
    oh no, they didn't meet earnings. let's sell, because you know, trains won't exist in 4 year....oh...wait..
  • R
    This is a nice level to buy more before it goes back up, buy the dips..the new CEO bought over a half million $$ worth at this level..fundamentals are good enough to bet with conviction, just never sell at a loss..and don't bet if you don't have enough time horizon to hold. It's an easy game, just remember to follow the business..not the donkey's in the market :) Revenues going up, so did costs but they'll come down and then were going to wish we bought I did a while back. Good luck to all longs..
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    Thanks Bill for your shares…:)
  • D
    Bill Gates' advisors bought his big stake in CN a while after I had.
    We both did quite regrets there.

    But I saw the wheels coming off the train long before his advisors did, and said so here.
    And I acted on my assesment.

    In fairness to Bill, he does have quite a few more shares to get rid of than I did. And big blocks take time and discounting to sell.

    His wife Melinda dumpd a big chunk of hers last soon as the ink was dry on the divirece settlement. And once she was under 5%, she could keep selling without having to report doing girl.
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    Real Mannie
    Guidance is weak as a result of global economic situation. I expect this down tmrw:
Due to challenging operating conditions in the first quarter as well as worldwide economic uncertainty, CN now expects to deliver approximately 15-20% adjusted diluted EPS growth (compared to its January 25, 2022 target of 20%). CN is now targeting an operating ratio below 60% for 2022 (compared to its January 25, 2022 target of approximately 57%) as well as approximately 15% of Return on Investor Capital. CN is also now targeting free cash flow in the range of C$3.7 billion - C$4.0 billion in 2022 (compared to its January 25, 2022 target of approximately C$4.0 billion).
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    Do we really need this many Directors
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    I remember good old Derek once singing the praises of Bill Ackman and his apparent deep insight. Well, it was just revealed that Ackman dumped his entire position in Netflix, losing almost half of it on a $1 billion+ stake.

    Bad omen for CP now that he’s re-entered the fray there? Glad he’s no longer involved in CN, and that TCI has finally come around to an understanding of the full picture.

    Derek, it’s ok if you’re wrong sometimes, we still love you ❤️
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    The cheaper it is, the more I get , gotta love that 33% on every dollar up to 6%
  • z
    This should be 190s with all the increased crude it Carries wheat fertilizer come on
  • J
    That's why I don't touch anything that relates to Montreal. Historically only fraud and corruption came from Montreal, in business, politics etc. Their normal way of corruption and fraud will destroy even once upon a time solid businesses. I am in CP, not related to Montreal :)
  • D
    "The President of Canadian National Railway Company (TSE:CNR), Tracy Robinson, Just Bought A Few More SharesTracy Robinson, recently paid CA$154 per share to buy CA$507k worth of the stock".

    ".....However, it only increased shareholding by a small percentage, and it wasn't a huge purchase by absolute value, either........"
    -------Simply Wall St., May 3, 2022

    Fun Fact: Hunter Harrison bought $5 million in CP stock ---- BEFORE he knew that Pershing Square would be successfull in installing him as CP's CEO.

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    Ruest made 25% more in 2021...the year he was terminated in disgrace,...than he did the year previous.
    That's another version of "failing up".

    The huge problem with it...disregarding the backroom dealing and unethical incineration of shareholder money to bury a problem and make it go away..... is that this self-preserving Board has successfully pulled off a precedent-setting larceny, and is even more emboldened to continue acting completely unprofessinonally, irresponsibly, and with impunity.
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    Monday May 9, 2022 CN led the transportation stocks in percentage losses again. At least we are number one at something.
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    Remember how TCI wa so angry with CN leadeship that it started a proxy war? And wanted to depose CN directors and senior management for incompetence? And CN got them to back off by "atrranging" for JJ ruest to resign?
    Well, surrprise....his resignation was only secired by negotiating a very high price.

    "......Mr. Ruest received a bonus of $2.32-million in 2021 as part of a total compensation package of $13.55-million. In 2020, Mr. Ruest's bonus was $313,334, and the company paid no bonuses to top executives for 2019 performance. The increase in annual incentive pay was the key driver in a 25-per-cent increase in total compensation for Mr. Ruest, who made $10.81-million in 2020.
    In 2021, CN gave Mr. Ruest share and option awards valued at $9.10-million, up about $250,000 from the prior year. He made a salary of $1.09-million, down slightly from 2020.
    CN announced Mr. Ruest's retirement in October...'
    Not a bad payday for a completely incompetent twit who sleepwalked into a $34 billion debacle..and got the board to tag along.
    And that's how "abusing the shareholders to maintain the empire" works.
    But it only works if you have the right kind of shareholders....obedient, clueless, self-loathing, masochists.
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    Well I guess is they are going to do a share buy back, now is the time to do it
  • W
    ahhh it's about time for the cnsf merger now. Cn stock is dropping ole buffet is gonna start popping. perfect time let's go!
  • A
    Going on sale!