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Canadian National Railway Company (CNR.TO)

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154.80-1.49 (-0.95%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT

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  • W
    Anyone miss their dividend payment in a wealthsimple account for CNR?
  • T
    The OG Stone Bear
    Talk about one hell of a resilient stock, many others took a large beating when I bought this at 138... Railways will always be profitable, especially if it's one of only 2 in the country and expands throughout the continent from the north of Canada to Mexico
  • P
    MASSIVE order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again🤑🚀
  • D
    While CP inches further toward s approval of the KSU acquisition, CN is bulking up its board with the appointment of yet another director.
    This one with a resume touting his bona fides as a 'sustainability expert', having been at 2 or 3 unheard of Quebec companies.

    Personally, I'm in this racket to make money, not to save the world.
    This isn't "straightening the deck chairs on the Titanic"......this is hiring a feng shui expert to allign them away from the side with the iceberg.

    Shipping by rail is already the least polluting means of shipping anything long distances. Full stop.
    But intransigent public policy remains wildy supportive of trucking...because goverenmnt is both stupid and evil.
  • C
    Railway upgrades, fuel prices, labour costs, and scheduling changes are going to eat into earnings. The economic slowdown and potential labour disruption won’t help either, no wonder gates is slowly cashing out.
  • D
    Melinda French Gates trims stake in CNR
    09/07/2022 (MT Newswires) -- Melinda French Gates has reduced her ownership interest in Canadian National Railway Company (CNR.TO, CNI) to below 10%, according to a press statement overnight Tuesday.

    French Gates had previously disclosed that she directly owned about 15.33 million common shares and that she may be deemed to share beneficial ownership over 54.83 million shares held by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust, of which she is co-trustee. Together, these holdings aggregated 70.15 million shares, or 10.1% of the issued and outstanding shares at the time of the report.

    Since the prior report, French Gates has gifted about 2.44 million shares to a private charity of which she is the sole director and that charity has disposed of around 1.86 million shares in open market transactions, according to the statement.

    French Gates now directly owns 12.9 million shares, may be deemed to beneficially own 0.58 million shares directly owned by the private charity and the 54.83 million shares held by the Trust. Together, these holdings aggregate about 68.3 million shares, or 9.99% of the issued and outstanding shares.
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    Emperor Grimes
    I CHOO CHOO chose this company today. Hahaha get it?
  • D
    any reason for this morning's move besides trying to catch up
  • D
    Huffingtonm Post just came out with a leftie hit piece against the CP-KSU merger.
    Two years after it was announced.
    Now I get that really creative fiction can and should take a pretty long time to come up with.
    But that piece isn't good fiction. It's lame, weak and laugh-out-loud bad.

    Basically, it warns against "another Lac Megantic"....a disaster whose mythical revisionist narrative is now a touchstone in the world of fear-mogering and business-bashing.

    Lac Megantic was the result of the Quebec and Cdn governments' deliberate, misguided actions to help the MM&A short line..that one company avoid impending insolvency. They quietly, legally relaxed the operating rules to allow for trin crews of ONE person to operate trains.
    And one overwroked locomotive engineer, after a 16 hour shift, failed to adequately engage the air brakes on the idled train for the night.

    But everyone, including Canadians.....has bought into the elaborate, extensive, and hugely successful sham of a government cover-up that followed. It was breathtaking in its guile and complete baselessness.
    The extremely volatile grade of oil being mislabelled by the American shippers on the tank cars was a reported fact that (oddly and quickly) got no Canada could avoid an international trade & diplomatic mess with its trading gorilla.
    Instead, Ottawa spin minions had their orders: get the heat off the government high-ups who tacitly lit this bomb's fuse, and conclude it was the "irresponsible railways" fault, that railways are just programmed to be irresponsible, and cheap, and risk everything for 18 more cents profit.
    (The dogballs stoopid reality --- that the total costs of ANY derailment is so horrendous that any sentient management team does everything it can to avoid such chaos and disruption ---doesn't enter the one-way minds of that crowd.)

    So well done HuffPo. Climate change, Covid, nuclear war....and now trains.
    "Things That Might Kill You While You Sleep".
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    Train wreck today.
  • E
    Emperor Grimes
    No strike boys. We are good to GO!!!
  • B
    Nice rally after earnings. 168?
  • B
    what happened to the people saying CP will go to the moon while CN suffers.....

    people still pretending that language issues, political issues, or management issues matter.

    a railroad is never going anywhere.

    CN for the long term win.
  • R
    Real Mannie
    In the midst of tough economic times and high inflation, CN has done amazing this past quarter.

    Estimate EPS $1.70
    Reported EPS $1.92
  • S
    Sean C
    Melinda Gates was selling again
  • L
    Why anybody sells this stock is beyond me.
  • S
    Sean C
    Looking Good 👍 Boys
  • D
    Question on annual report: why do pages 30 thru 34 reflect 2020 and 2019 but not 2021 numbers?
  • G
    Quarterly highlights:
    Adjusted EPS of $1.49 versus average analyst estimate of $1.50.
    Revenue up 12.1% to $3.598B vs. estimate of $3.628B.
    Management expects high single digit volume growth for the remainder of 2021.

    From Reuters:

    "Canadian National benefited from customers rushing to replenish dwindling inventory, as demand for consumer and industrial goods recovered from a pandemic-induced slump.

    Revenue from intermodal, the biggest contributor, rose 18.6% during the quarter. Rail intermodal involves the transportation of shipping containers and truck trailers by rail.

    Operating ratio, a key profitability metric for Wall Street, improved to 61.6% from 75.5% a year earlier.

    Net income rose to C$1.03 billion for the quarter from C$545 million a year earlier, when the company recorded a charge of C$486 million related to certain asset sales."