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    when it will go to 0.01?
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    Did I just time travel to Dec/2020 ?
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    free fall at the moment
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    Like if SCC brought you to this stock
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    Another great play in the crypto "picks and shovels" space - is Bigg Digital Assets. BIGG.CN or BBKCF in US funds.
    Massive upcoming catalysts, do your research into this company and there's a good chance you will be investing next week
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    Some great info and future outlook for this company
    My next big investment: Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies, ticker is CNI on the CSE and ticker CLGUF on the OTC. In this episode, we’re going to break down this c...
    My next big investment: Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies, ticker is CNI on the CSE and ticker CLGUF on the OTC. In this episode, we’re going to break down this c...
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    And here we go.
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    In the victory square discord we have the investor presentation for cloud nine. We also have some other great dd on cloud nine and victory squares other portfolio companies if anyone is interested the link will be posted below
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    Up 30%
    What gives?
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    Proud Calgarian
    Limitless potential for Cloud Nine:
    The Top 3 Investing Memes of 2021 in One Stock

    Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies Inc (CNI-CSE; CLGUF-OTC) is building a decentralized army of retail bitcoin miners—retail investors—soon to be one hundred thousand strong.

    This is what investors love to see: Companies building decentralized platforms with large dedicated user bases are getting HUGE valuations in the marketplace.

    Cloud Nine’s technology--called LIMITLESS--allows retail investors to have the unused parts of their computers mine bitcoin—or any cryptocurrency—as part of a much larger, decentralized “army” of like-minded investors. CNI creates this army with no cash outlay by anybody.

    But then the cash flow starts to roll in—for both the army and for Cloud Nine. Cloud Nine receives 50% of whatever crypto-currency that their large decentralized army is mining on a monthly recurring basis.

    For me, that’s The Big Deal about Cloud Nine—they don’t exist to mine bitcoin. They are creating a platform that their army can charge from whenever and wherever—going after whatever is the most lucrative in crypto at the time.

    It reminds me so much of the retail Reddit crowd—where a large “army” of retail investors started to hold huge sway in the stock markets a few weeks ago.

    The Reddit platform has built an army of 6 million retail investors on its “Wall Street Bets” sub-reddit alone. As a private company, Reddit is estimated to be worth at least US$6 Billion.

    And now a new army is assembling—but to work for each other.

    In just weeks, Cloud Nine will be launching their Limitless desktop and mobile platform, which currently has 10,000—ten thousand—beta users.

    And a wait list of 100,000—ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND—people. The more people on the network, the more crypto—bitcoin or other crypto—they can mine.

    “As a company, we are unlike any other,” says Sefton Fincham, President of Cloud Nine. “We're building a decentralized network of users through their computers--that as an army becomes way more effective and efficient in mining crypto.”

    For the user, Limitless is so simple—download the software and you can open an account in less than five minutes. Most important, you don’t have to put any money in it!

    And within minutes, your computer’s unused bandwidth, can be mining cryptocurrencies and transferring it to your Limitless wallet.

    Users of the Limitless platform will be able to mine crypto-coins RIGHT AWAY, and the coins will be automatically dumped into their wallet RIGHT AWAY.

    Retail investors get SAME DAY GRATIFICATION. And after setting up the software to mine the coins, there is NO work required (except to check the dashboard to see how much money you made).

    No credit card, no bank transfer—just a gateway to earning digital coins by hooking up the Limitless platform to your computer.

    I think that has the potential to grow the Limitless platform very quickly. Recent history is showing that the stock market values these fast-growing platforms a) at high values and b) very quickly.

    Look at one of my big successes—Voyager Digital (VYGR-CSE). Voyager has a verified user base of 605,000 and a market valuation of CAD$4.2 billion!

    That means the market “values” each of its customers at nearly CAD $7,000.

    Should Cloud Nine quickly create this private army of 100,000 miners, the Market has shown that—in this crazy crypto market—that will get valued quickly.

    Voyager is a cryptocurrency exchange that pays its customer interest on the digital coin deposits. It too offers its user base a chance to earn some extra cash, although not by mining.

    But the business model is VERY SIMILAR, and the customer base is ALMOST IDENTICAL.

    The Big Difference is—with VYGR, you’re using your own cash to trade (gamble?) bitcoin. With Cloud Nine, retail investors are getting a risk-free way to make some money while they sleep. When I say risk-free, I mean the army doesn't have to put up any money.

    Who do you think has the “stickier” business model? Cloud Nine does.

    So I think the Market could value Cloud Nine’s model at least on an even par with a company like VYGR…but Cloud Nine has to show the speedy growth as well. With that 100,000-person backlog, it could happen fast.

    Retail investors get to be part of Cloud Nine’s Army as a true Private. What I mean by that is—inside Cloud Nine’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) nobody knows who you are or how much bitcoin (or whatever CNI is mining at the time) you’re mining.

    That anonymity—and the free money—is attracting A LOT of people. This platform is only now being launched. This is ground floor!

    Now there is one part of the Cloud Nine story that I think North Americans will woefully underappreciate: you can mine Bitcoin--from anywhere in the world.

    That’s a big deal for people living in countries with governments that are not “friendly” towards crypto. There are a LOT of countries where electricity rates are cheap (good for mining crypto) but governments are not happy about their
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    Such a quite board.
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    There is some huge potential with this company, and future revenues - with the crypto mining and wallets.
    Are there some bearish theories here, everything I'm researching is pointing to some big numbers coming
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    when it will go to 0.1?
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    Anybody here on the waitlist and/or signed up to mine crypto using the limitless crypto miner (thru Cloud9 VPN Miner).
    I've put my name on the waitlist, and am a shareholder
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    Will the price of CNI ever go up, or will we be in a steady downtrend for the rest of our days 😖
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    Hoping for a big day!
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    My price target is 4.20
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    Is there any news?
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    Honestly, are we being set up for failure. I have been patient for quite some time, but something feels fishy?