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CNH Industrial N.V. (CNHI)

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    Robert C
    CNH on CNBC Mad Money tonight with Cramer.
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    Robert C
    Is anyone else viewing this message board?
  • g
    Along with climate change and all it's increasing cycles of destruction, looks like big changes are in-store for agriculture. Most of it involving increased prices for most all products. And if things continue, large numbers of people will starve along with higher numbers of flora & fauna extinction.
  • B
    Camden. Enough!
  • G
    Never heard of this company. Looks legit. I will short though because they were on Cramer. Sorry
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    Camden, Seth etc. this is CNHI, go somewhere else to promote your Jackson……
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    $VTIQ conversation
    This is important. I suggest you consider the ownership stakes in Nikola Motors. Below is from their website. The key fact is $NKLA will own 6.4% of the company. But, from other press releases $WOR will own 5.5% and $CNHI 5%. So, while there is valid excitement for NKLA shares, possibly the better trade (or certainly one with less volatility is WOR and/or CNHI.
    Assuming no redemptions, current public VectoIQ shareholders will own approximately 6.4%, and VectoIQ sponsor shareholders will own approximately 1.9% of Nikola.

    Post-merger, existing Nikola shareholders will own approximately 77.1%, and PIPE investors will own approximately 14.6% of Nikola.

    "Shareholder Group
    Number of Shares* % Ownership*
    Current public VectoIQ shareholders 23.0 million ~6.4%
    VectoIQ sponsor shareholders 6.6 million ~1.9%
    Existing Nikola shareholders 277.0 million ~77.1% (private)
    PIPE investors 52.5 million ~14.6% (private)
    Shares Outstanding** 359.1 million ~100%
    *Shares and percentages are approximate.
    **Shares outstanding do not include warrants or employee stock options.
  • j
    Hopefully some of the NKLA investors will come over here soon and realize its less risky and it will be the one making all the money making the trucks. Solid company with real revenue and world wide brands. Who made all the money during the gold rush?? The shovel manufacturers.
  • S
    Recent Statement from Zacks:
    "There are several stocks that currently pass through the screen and CNH Industrial (CNHI) is one of them. Here are the key reasons why this stock is a great candidate.
    Investors' growing interest in a stock is reflected in its recent price increase. A price change of 1.2% over the past four weeks positions the stock of this truck, tractor and bus maker well in this regard.
    While any stock can see a spike in price for a short period, it takes a real momentum player to deliver positive returns for a longer time frame. CNHI meets this criterion too, as the stock gained 14.2% over the past 12 weeks. Moreover, the momentum for CNHI is fast paced, as the stock currently has a beta of 1.76. This indicates that the stock moves 76% higher than the market in either direction. Given this price performance, it is no surprise that CNHI has a Momentum Score of A, which indicates that this is the right time to enter the stock to take advantage of the momentum with the highest probability of success."
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    When will $nkla investors come to realize that $cnhi and $wor have essentially the same amount of Nikola Motors as the publicly traded NKLA. NKLA owns 6.4%, WOR owns 5.5% and CNHI owns 7%. BUT, the increase in valuation has yet to rip through WOR and CNHI. Strange, but true.
  • S
    The fact that CNHI did not sell their Inveco vehicle division to Chinese interests
    is great news to all investors-no reason for this stock to go down. The Inveco division of CNHI
    will be building autonomous vehicles for both the French & Italian governments-who opposed
    the sale of Inveco. Why oppose the sale if you didn't intend on buying big orders from Inveco? They wouldn't.
    So you will see this stock jump as those orders come in. This division will eventually be spun off creating an even larger profit margin for the controlling parent co. CNHI.
  • R
    A Mario Gabelli pick from a Barron's roundtable article. Definitely seems undervalued but I don't like the debt load. Iveco division is expected to be spun off. With that said I may take a small bite of this.
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    $WPRT conversation
    Switzerland: Parliament gives impetus to biogas propulsion in freight transport $CNHI $GTLS $HYLN

    Currently, only trucks with an electric drive have benefited from an HVF exemption. With the motion that was also adopted by the National Council today after the Council of States, the Federal Council now has to regularly adapt laws and regulations in the field of commercial vehicles to the new technological developments. As a result, other commercial vehicles with alternative drives should benefit from a reduction in the HVF.

    This also brings great advantages for trucks that are on the move with #biogas #biomethane or #LBG #BioLNG. This is shown by a small calculation example: A 40-ton truck with an old diesel (Euro 0, 1, 2) has to calculate HVF charges of over CHF 99,000 with an annual mileage of 80,000 kilometers. And even a diesel truck with a modern Euro 6 diesel and thus significantly lower emissions still costs almost 73,000 francs per year. #carbonemissions #decarbonization
    Parlament gibt Schub für Biogas-Antrieb im Güterverkehr
    Parlament gibt Schub für Biogas-Antrieb im Güterverkehr
  • W
    Wall St.
    I spoke with TD Ameritrade corporate. They told me it will take 2 weeks to credit shares to my account. They will have to do it manually. Moreover, they told me shares will not be tradable at TD Ameritrade. Either they're misinformed or it's a biggest rip off, by Foreign company. Shareholders should have been informed. I would have sold it on 12.31.21

    Anyhow, that's what I have found.
  • S
    $26 million worth of stock purchased yesterday by institutions at 15.73-15.83.
    Institutional ownership up nearly 8% yesterday alone. Buy quick at this price-will be
    over $ 16.00 early next week..
  • L
    nikola investors should diversify their investment with this company to even out future risk and the upcoming dilution on nikola. CNHI is already on the profit margin so why not have a failsafe stock? it's their money however.
  • S
    This has a PE of of under 10. You can use your own PE metric to place a value.
    Whats not priced in is its NKLA equity and that it will start manufacturing next year maybe even this year. What you are getting is a leverage play on NKLA without the volatility and at the ground floor price. This can take off anytime.
  • m
    Cnhi stands to benefit more than just the Nicola Trucks... The technology knowledge CNHI gains will end up in other product lines...

    Personally I am disappointed with the Nicola CEO... he should have answered the question to the H2 Station Situation —at least have a plan. Obvious question and he seemed very unprepared for it! Only hoping that Elon musk does not purchase all H2 fueling stations manufacturers! (If I had his resources I would)

    Batteries in Trucks are a hype and economically not feasible. Simple fact: total weight limit of the vehicle including load -40 Tons. As the unloaded battery truck is heavier than the unloaded diesel truck, that would mean two trips of the Elektro vehicle to carry all the load of the diesel... the driver needs to get paid as well... okay Empty H2 Truck will be lighter than empty Diesel..

    Electro Truck for short haul? Please define what short haul for you is? Switzerland a country the seize of New Hamsphere and Vermont combined is doing H2 Trucking. So I guess that would be considered long haul?!? Germany the seize of the state Montana is doing H2 is that long haul? The German government will have 100 H2 stations built by the end of this year! There will be 25 more built per year for the following years...

    Trucking companies sometimes stage drivers or have two drivers in the truck. The only truck that makes money is one that has maximum payload rolling on the road. The charging time of the ETruck also nixes this on the long haul through its long charging times

    So Nicola feels to me now like a restaurant with an identity problem serving Italien, Mexican, and Chinese food in one store...

    Should stay focused: Build the H2 Tanking Network, build H2 Semi, H2 Badger, but stay away from batteries, than and only then do I see the stock fly... otherwise Nicola is just a motor vehicle company...

    Oh why the H2 fueling station equipment? Simple H2 has to be loaded with 700 bars into H2 Tank of the fuel cell vehicle. The coupling between the tanking station and vehicle is the key to this. So whoever controls this one part wins the game...
    There will be one coupling for all H2 vehicle manufacturers Hyundai,Mercedes, Kennworth, MAN, Tyota, Nicola, BMW,Audi...

    Take a look at airplane builders..Airbus, Boeing Tupolov,Bombardier all have the same fuel tank coupling....
  • j
    I expected to see a cash payment or shares of some other company or a change somewhere and all we get is a hit to our position? Someone tell me I'm wrong please.