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Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG)

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    89.10x PE ratio for selling burrito bowls??? lmao
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    If you’re looking for a short and sweet guide to the day’s biggest news, I recommend ( They breakdown the most important pre-market news and it only takes a few minutes to read.
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    $TACO conversation
    My reasons for holding 30,000 shares of $TACO:

    1. Valuation is clearly cheap, both in absolute terms as well as compared to peers. Market values $TACO at $500k/location while $WING is valued at $6m/location and $CMG is valued at an even loftier $18m/location.

    2. TACO has been growing every quarter for a long time, albeit slowly but pay attention to the flurry of new locations announced just in the last 4-6 weeks: watch for these to add to the top and bottom line next year. It's noteworthy that while TACO has been expanding into new states, it still has no presence in many, which represents strong potential and will provide economies of scale for TACO advertizing.

    3. You get paid to wait, TACO pays a dividend of 1.71% while WING pays a measly 0.39% dividend and CMG pays none.

    I am totally unconcerned by the market reaction to this week's earnings, not selling below $18.
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    Only in last quarter, did CMG recover the same per store financial metrics as 2019 wrt Sales/profitability and No growth. In 2019, there were 2500 stores, today CMG has 2860 stores , with most stores understaffed, higher attrition rate/inability to hire workers compared to 2019.
    Higher menu prices, wages and additional 360 stores pumped the stock from $830 in 2019 to $1830 today,
    with no improvement to per-store metric.
    Is this a SCAM or what?
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    CMG needs to do whatever it can to get more workers. Every chipotle near me is closed at least 1 day a week due to staffing shortages. I’m sure CMG are losing more in revenue than it costs to pay a little higher for workers can’t imagine how execs don’t understand this.
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    I predict that the market will not love earnings next week but that the stock will split, which will send the stock into orbit for no reason. Like the TSLA and APPL splits last year, the effect of the split will soon wear off.
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    Not Overvalued.
    If your overvalueing Cmg it means your looking at it based on Fundamentals. Lol. Cmg is not valued on Fundamentals and hasn't been for a long time . So so long bashers who are totally out of the loop.
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    Coinbase is making 14x the net profit of Chipotle with same market valuation.
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    What 28 year-old company has a PE as high as CMG?
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    Last Friday I heard an analyst on CNBC singing praises of CMG and said it has TREMENDOUS PRICING POWER?
    Did any of you catch this,what is her name?
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    Huge gains coming for cmg. Stock split in 2022
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    For the last few months, I in 5 customers in the restaurant has to asked to leave because they weren’t 😷 masked. Even worse, the restaurant wouldn’t provide one to those without. A slap in the face to loyal customers, I felt. I hope this severely impacts sales in this upcoming quarter.

    How do turn away customers because of a mask? Every other restaurant on the block doesn’t have this policy. It’s my opinion that if the stated policy that customers must be masked when ordering at the counter, Chipotle must provide one. Meanwhile, a dozen people are eating just steps away without a mask. Is this crazy? No mom and pop restaurant would ask customers to leave because they weren’t masked. You know this! Martha’s Bakery (just next door) has masks if you don’t have one. So do many other restaurants.

    If fact, it may be legally required that restaurants provide a mask if it’s the policy of the restaurant.

    Do other Chipotles have this same policy? Must be masked to be served?
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    The Most toxic workplace with the most abused employees amid mass exodus, that's the sweatshop operator
    CMG for you.
    They wanna get to 6000 stores in 40 years, and unable to retain/hire staff for 2800 stores for the past year.
    New ticker symbol for CMG coming, $CAM
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    2000 after earnings
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    For all of you folks who get soaked when CMG tanks, I've drafted the basis for your shareholder suit against the company so that you might be able to recover some of your massive losses:

    “Plaintiffs seek treble damages against Defendants Niccol, Hartung, et al. for executing a corporate stock repurchase scheme pursuant to section 10b-18 and 10b-5 of the securities code of the USA, whereby Defendants, as fiduciaries to and for the Company, repurchased shares of the Company’s common stock in open market transactions at prices in excess of 400% of the FMV of comparable securities while, at the same time, executing sale transactions of their personal shares of the Company’s common stock obtained through the Company Executive Incentive Plan dated __________. Plaintiffs violated their fiduciary duty to the shareholders of the Company and enriched themselves ……………….……………………………………………………….……………………………………………………………………………….”
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    Nicole Miller Regan, 6000 Chipotle stores in 40 years, but pay the price target now. No impact from labor strife, labor costs, ingredients and rice/beans burrito will be the national dish forever.

    Did she even finish high school?
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    Earning are going to much is the question. Inflation is going to eat up all the profits plus.
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    Chipotle workers walkout in Queens after company refuses to pay during Hurricane Ida closure
    Google the breaking news story.
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    Check Reddit on the imploding CMG.
    Managers threatening employees down w. Covid to report for work or face termination.
    Online orders routinely late by an hour or more, and cold food at that.
    Inadequately trained workers running stores into the ground.
    Many, many catalysts for CMG to go belly up.
    Cauliflower rice?
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    Amazed this hasn’t corrected down to $1600 yet