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Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. (CMC.V)

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0.3400-0.0100 (-2.86%)
As of 3:11PM EDT. Market open.
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  • g
    For those CMC investors who live in the GTA, and now that Covid restrictions are lifting, glad to meet up and grab a beverage in next few weeks. I live in Burlington so would prefer some place on west side of Toronto. And I’ll bring my portfolio so those who show can verify my CMC holdings and cost are as I state. We can chat about CMC and other stuff and have a beer or two.. cheers Gary
  • M
    Money $$$
    Solid buy around 0.25 in coming weeks…. Buy the dip and sit back for a year.
  • g
    The more things change, the more they stay the same. I stay off this thread for a week, and the same comments are posted as they were two weeks ago etc etc etc.

    Truth is, not one person on this thread can say with 100% certainty that CMC will be successful at scale volumes, or the process will fail. Me included.

    I have said this is a binary situation,. The stock is going to zero if the process fails entirely at scale, or it will be a large multi bagger if reasonably successful. Only time will tell.

    Right now a bunch of small players are moving the share price up and down. I doubt anyone has a position as large as mine, but you don’t see me on here everyday ranting one way or another.

    Let CMC mgmt do their work and we will all find out in time how successful they are. Full disclosure; 846,500 @77.15 cents

    Have a nice day everyone
  • s
    I got it for 47 of 11k i am first time buyer and it was my savings of 2 years 😭 what should i do ?? Keep it or sell it..! I am depressed now..!
  • B
    Big Money
    How long until big Don steps down as CEO? This company needs a management shake up
  • O
    Oink oink 🐽
    0.335 I’ve done it won the Cielo battle next stop next week 0.29
  • g
    I just stepped in for additional shares this afternoon at 34 and 34.5 cents. Total now 911,500 at 74.11 cents (avg cost)… up to 2.9% of my investable assets in the market, so I’m maxed at upper limit… normally I sit around 2% for diversification purposes, but I do go as high as 3% ( very rare)… so essentially I’m done buying but comfortable and until I read something negative from the company on their progress, I will hold my shares and think about other things in my life than obsessing over CMC share price every day like some of you do. It isn’t healthy..
  • B
    Not that I believe anything 99% of the people posting here. If you cannot make money with the way this stock volatility is. My guess is you do not know how to trade.
  • 🚀Joe  🚀
    At this moment CMC.V is a bashers playground no one else can post anything positive
  • M
    If this drops another 15 cents im exiting my vehicle.
  • L
    40% discount from where insiders bought last week… sure
  • F
    People should invest in company like Suncor; not this con Don scam.

    The company reported a net profit of C$877 million ($709.72 million), or 59 Canadian cents per share, compared with a loss of C$12 million, or 1 Canadian cent per share, a year earlier.
    The Canadian oil sands producer said its Fort Hills mine in northern Alberta was on track to ramp to full rates by the end of 2021. It had discovered in July that a critical slope at the mine was becoming unstable.
    The company produced 698,600 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boepd) in the third quarter, compared with 616,200 boepd a year earlier and 699,700 boepd in the previous three months.
    Refinery crude throughput, or the amount of oil it processed, was 460,300 barrels per day (bpd), 15.2% higher than a year earlier and a jump of 41.5% on the prior quarter.
  • T
    Cielo USA 🇺🇸 going down in red zone 0.2750
    -0.0048 (-1.72%)As of 9:59AM
  • j
    Well will be interesting if it does hit 20s where exactly are all these shares going to appear from for everyone waiting to buy , ???? Will not be enough to go around, somebody is going to miss out ,
  • Y
    Yo(sef) aka Ernie { Pops }🐤 😝
    A pop before it drop lol
  • K
    Kool Kat
    0.3350 here we go 0.32 in the making
  • O
    Oink oink 🐽
    I shorted cmc.v over and over and over and over and won 0.33 achieved ahead of schedule next week 0.29 oink oink 🐽 unless Donny boy releases good news it’s going down
  • M
    In my fathers kingdom there are no MAMMALS.. there are bodies, literal physical suits of clothes. Much more refined body, does not require fangs or teeth, does not grow wastes of hair; can live SOLELY off the energy waves produced from the fuel of Garbage Don(pbuh)
  • K
    warrants are set at .37 cents. Don's purchase was a purchase of confidence. Only up from here.
  • C
    This is impossible... it cannot continue to drop... the fundamentals...