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Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. (CMC.V)

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    Small Caps = Early Retirement
    Waiting for 2 or 3 cents to enter
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    I’d say the removal of Don Allan is a positive for CMC. His “ continued” presence on the Board, is just an ongoing sorry reminder to all retail investors of his misstatements and poor judgement back in summer of 2021, when he allowed the share price to get out of control and far exceeding operational reality at the time.

    It also ( most importantly) allows CMC to avoid having to have shareholders vote on Dons reappointment.. he is gone so he will not be on the ballot. Imagine the optics if upset shareholders voted overwhelmingly against Don? Another PR problem to handle. This makes it easy on Ryan to focus on the job at hand, rather than always cleaning up “ yesterdays mistakes”

    For me a slight net positive, but not enough to get me to buy more shares ( nor am I selling either)

    Happy 1st Day of Fall!
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    Is there any news except changes in employment lmfak
  • Z
    It was expected
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    News release seems hopeful MacKay nominated to stay on board.
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    Seems like CMC remodeling! Feeling like big news coming soon! Mine stock @0.2 are waiting for this ! Release soon!
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    Will this stock ever go to above $1?
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    No luck to buy at 0.065 since two weeks. Am I the only one?
    Added some at 0.07 though!
    My average is below 0.2 now! This seems to be my long term investment!
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    Positivity on the ground finally!
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    CMC price is very low now, when it rises it will not just rise but bounce back as seen previously! Keep patience and buy if you can!
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    This is a positive call. Best wishes to those who bought at the cheaper price!
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    Wellll Gary, what says YOU?
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    Well Cielo released a little news release, sounds like Don Allen stepping down from board of directors, looking forward to more Q&A , Hopefully some good news
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    Can someone from Calgary stop by their Head Office and see if they are still working there or they rented the space to some daycare? Their social media is gone.
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    Just a friendly finance reminder.

    Averaging down is not the way to look at investing. The proper way is to examine each trade at the current share price and determine if the current price is a Buy Or Sell on INCREMENTAL money you are investing. Full stop.

    Think of it like a car.. if you buy a new car for $50,000 ( exclude any depreciation effect as cars do depreciate) and next week the dealer is selling it for $48,000, do you go out and buy a second car to average down ? Not likely unless you thought the $48,000 is a very great price which will soon go back to $50K, and you can sell it for $50K and make $2K profit. But what if week after it is $46K, you have just blown another $2K.

    Your average cost is a sunk cost.. irrelevant. The only thing that matters when putting new CMC capital at risk is whether the “ trade” to buy or sell at 7 cents is the fair price or not. What you or I originally paid for CMC is a red herring.


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    If the stock price stays at the same level for a long period after the downfall, it has high potential and probability to grow and bounce back . Based on my experience!
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    Holy couldn’t find on LinkedIn, is that possible that CMC is bought by another rich company?
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    The Stink Bug
    completely cooked!
  • g
    Well.. interesting Q&A session


    1. The new team is trying to instill a business sense coupled with financial discipline into CMC. They acknowledged that without FCF support, CMC would be bankrupt.
    They also acknowledged that there is a long road ahead and mistakes or misunderstandings in communication with shareholders was done.

    I asked a question about confidence going forward. I knew there was no way they could really answer it, but Ryan did a good job saying they aren’t deviating too much from the Gregg strategy.. except only running R&D instead of also an operating facility.. it sure would seem Gregg left due to disagreement on raising $20M in capital to fill both at same time.

    2. The process works.. still a bit vague as to whether it will work economically and within low carbon requirements, but generally seems positive.. well behind schedule ( witness delays on CP contract), but they keep saying the process with the catalyst does work


    1. I have to look on SEDI, but I doubt they have put much “ skin” into the game. That’s troubling for me that mgmt and Board aren’t stepping up with big equity purchases.

    2. Ryan dodged my question on FCF.. he is technically correct they do not have a control position (50.1% of equity), but they don’t need to. They control the debt and they have securitized against Fort Saskatchewan and Aldersyde. All the debt is fairly short duration ( ie <2 years)..this is akin to buying a house and you only know the bank will give you a 2 year mortgage with no guarantee they will extend in 2 years time. In effect, FCF can hold cMC hostage and squeeze out better terms and financing ( ie debt for r equity conversion ratios)… so in a nutshell, equity holders are at the mercy of the FCF syndicate continuing to support CMC.. if they don’t, it’s lights out for shareholders.

    3. Plastics: this is where Don misled investors badly.. and why the share price jumped so much in summer 2021. IMO, plastics commercialization is a 2025 story ( at best).. I would reset expectations that nothing will happen on plastics until late 2023 thru the R&D facility.

    Investment Decision

    For me, my downside is another $225K, which is still a lot of money. To sell now is probably way too late.

    I’m not buying another share until I hear some positive news coming out of CMC ( could be AEP approvals, R&D facility ready, new financing arrangements etc etc). I’ll give Ryan and team another few months to get things sorted out.. they are in a deep hole if shareholder distrust ( not their fault, but they have to rebuild trust and FAST)

    Hope this helps.