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Chimera Investment Corporation (CIM-PD)

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17.00-0.15 (-0.87%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT

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  • C
    Zachs downgraded CIM to a strong SELL. What a bunch of geniuses! Wait till a 65% haircut and call a sell! Now this is a service that NOBODY can use.
  • D
    I’m speechless! I have 11,000shares at $8.50 😞
  • y
    I have 59000 shares at 7.51 and I’m not selling. This stock will pay me around 38500 a year in dividends. It’s a company that makes money and they have to distribute 90% of their profit to be an REIT. I wish I had more money to buy more. It’s a hold for me however just because of market conditions. Powell needs to stop being irresponsible. The first 2 hikes were ok but now he is playing politics.
  • S
    Zack says no buy awesome dropped in $10k
  • s
    Wild ride, I had no idea this would go so low and by the looks of the market, it is not over yet. Guess I will wait and see if I want to buy more or stay on the sidelines for another 3-6 months...
  • m
    At this sp and dividend of 13%, seems like a good buy to me. 👍
  • M
    wonder if CIM will buy up its own shares at these low prices?
  • S
    For the life of me are stockholders so hurting for a few bucks that the selling continues ? Current price of $6.11 yields a 15% dividend. No need for a reverse split as some are touting as CIM is repurchasing shares (which is good) at a much lower cost than their average repurchase of close to 9 dollars. Weak hands continue their panic selling. I continue to hold with some additional purchase as cash becomes available. It may take some time (several years) for CIM to right itself but patience will be eventually rewarded. Interest rates will stabilize as average home mortgage rates over a 30 year period averaged 7.75 %. Stay long and don’t panic.
  • J
    Dividend down to 0.23, well I guess it's normal based on current market scenario. I'll invest on another companies for now, but wont sell my shares
  • B
    Big Toe
    20,000 at 4.98
  • t
    WOW when will the drop STOP will we be at 2 $$$$ so many stocks cut in half value i always felt market got way to high shame down like 25 grad now an holding why sell now damage is DONE
  • S
    Do you think the pain will stop only if the interest rate come down? Or will it run with the market?
  • M
    This along with the other REITs are going to DRIP a lot of shares until rates come back down.
  • J
    Adding more because this looks like easy money now that it’s below book value. I wonder if they will buyback shares at this price.,
  • K
    I added to my position in the $6.75 range. We are in the 2020 housing crisis price range. Housing prices have turned, but this stock has crashed. We are at half book value. Historic price to book is around .83. The cut dividend helps stabilize the book value.
  • J
    I added @ $5.86. I was surprised to see it was even lower. I am confident it will go up
  • J
    This crash is brutal. As during the pandemic CIM seems to get hit twice as hard as the broader market. Not sure why the market is demanding a yield north of 15%
  • C
    Management is preserving capital to prepare for a downturn and higher financing costs. I’m good with that, that’s how you know you have real management looking at long term outlook rather than just trying to prop up the share price at the expense of future viability. Today is a great time to add for the future. Imagine buying at $7 today and projected 92c forward yield and two years from now rates have come down and markets heating back up and you’re sitting on a $15 stock paying $1.50+ annual while you reinvested your cut dividends at bargain stock prices the whole. Long term bull might suffer in the near term but I think $7 is near bottom that is still a 13% yield at 92c year
  • J
    Jeff Scott
    Now it will only take me 2 years to break even after the dividends. Assuming share price stays at these levels which may be a pipe dream. Time for the Chimera management team to get huge bonuses! Great job guys! Share price has fallen off a cliff. Time for you to break out the champagne and pat yourselves on the back!
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