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Charlie's Holdings, Inc. (CHUC)

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0.2846-0.0204 (-6.69%)
At close: 2:12PM EDT
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    Let’s go baby!!! $EEGI OTCIQ access granted, $HCMC upcoming catalyst $LCLP loaded up yesterday. Holding $TAWNF
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    Apparently Yahoo missed the memo that CHUCD is no longer and CHUC has returned.
  • M
    wow what an increase, too bad i was not in this stock.
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    This was expected. Down trend because of the split however, expected to see some major improvement from next week. Not financial advice at all. Keep the faith folks.
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    The daily volume is underwhelming. Strange.
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    Wise Old Elf
    anyone holding this stock atm - code brown i repeat code brown.
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    Does anyone have a clue when we may (if ever) see this FDA approval? Other than "covid delays" there seems to be no other valid reason. We are months behind schedule, and the worry is that people are selling out as they are sick of waiting! Really need the board to do something and start thinking about their investors!
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    Just hold till 2023. It will be 15 usd. Just note it.
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    Its Parker
    Says a dividend is being issued June 30th 2021 from the company in my brokerage account. Not sure how true that is, but we shall see next Wednesday.
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    Brandon and Brian Stump have an interest in Don Polly. And they Are holding top seats in CHUCD. 3 words... Conflict of Interest. 2 words... shareholder dillution. 5 words... Stay away from the stock
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    The New CFO and CEO company XXII has 162 m OS, Revenues $27 m and a cap of $750 m, they are in last round for approval from FDA and operate in the nicotine and cbd arena. Just added to Russel 2000
    The CFO and CEO new company CHUC 200 m OS, $16
    m in Revs and a cap of $61 m. They too are awaiting determination from the FDA and operate in the nicotine and cbd arena.
    We are highly undervalued and I think the insiders know this. They didn’t put 3 mill of their own money in this a few months ago if they weren’t going to make a killing. They could of accepted options by themselves and not risked their capital.
    Obviously we will be going for a big ride once they get the company in order .
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    LOL...well guys glad to see me?
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    So I have 7,600, with this split how many would I have?

    I'm a very green investor so I'm totally lost at the moment.
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    Good news and bad news. Good news is the SP will increase when it splits. The bad news is that the SP will decease Before the split and After the split. So, beware. The value of your shares will be under pressure for quite a while. Good luck.
  • H
    Wait for it, this will be 5$ end of this year
  • t
    RS was inevitable. However, it is worth keeping an eye on huge upward movement when the fda approval is complete. It would really help if t212 lifted the restriction...totally unjustified!
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    I hate to say it but I would not be surprised if CHUC doesn't trade down in the 20 cent range for a while before it starts to find a decent floor/footing. A 1 for a 100 reverse split is enough of a shock to most investors that makes them very leary of sticking more money into CHUC for a fair amount of time. I could be wrong but that is my take on things.
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    Wow 30% down on open. No but orders from T212. Down over 100%
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    This is a good move from the company, I believe from here we gonna see only good results