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Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK)

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    Great oilprice article stating the mistakes leading to bk in 1-20, can’t even get the date right. Also failed to mention CHK is back to its old ways, bailing out Blackrock and building debt with purchase of Vine, such a shell game.
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    Question to my fellow SH's that got the Shaft when the Bogus BK was approved by the Bogus BK Judge:

    Was there any legal action taken against CHK or the DirtBags that purposely ran the company into BK so they and their co-conspirators would reap massive profits when shares of the "New CHK" were issued?

    It's too bad a the Bogus-BK was assigned to what turned out to be a Shady and Not-So Honorable BK Judge.
    As the trial went on, there was an obvious amount of leading and misleading winking and nodding going on in that courtroom.
    Doug Lawless and his cohorts must have made the Judge a deal he couldn't or didn't want to refuse?
    Their entire pretense that they could no longer operate the company unless they were able to erase the massive amounts of debts was flawed.
    After they had initially paid down Billions of Dollars of Debt, mostly by selling off assets at "Garage Sale Prices", they ran the total debt up even Higher than when Lawless took over as CEO.
    Instead of continuing to pay down the debt, Lawless and Company went on a buying spree, acquiring new assets and drilling properties even though the O&G sector was still in a record low rut that had persisted for years.
    Why Did They Sell Off Original Assets, Then Do an About Face To Rack Up Debt On A Buying Spree that Aubry McClendon would have been criticized for doing?
    ~ IMO, it was the Start of their Plan for an Eventual BK! ~

    Please allow me to rephrase my original question:
    Was there any legal action(s) taken on behalf of the Owners of Common Shares of Chesapeake Energy (CHK), (the Original Company), against CHK or the DirtBags that purposely ran the company into BK?

    Thanks In Advance!
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    They are aware of our problems can they get congress to act?
  • E
    Former CHK General Counsel James Webb is now officially an employee of Continental Resources. Still wondering what particular skill set he to brought to the position that the prior long-serving General Counsel did not possess.
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    New all time high today. Chart looks good, higher highs and higher lows. Decent dividend which should be increased going forward provides good support for increasing stock price.
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    Short interest went from 7.3m to 8.7m second half of August
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    Might check nasdaq for institutional ownership, tried to put numbers out but was deleted by yahoo
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    Anyone here know if Chesapeake was able to aquire Vine?
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    WSJ article on Mr. Souki who was original partner in CHENIERE ng and Lng.-- In current venture of Telluride does not want any shorts. (Wish shorting prohibited as in Europe!) Souki has social media platform to regularly talk to sophisticated young investors in NG who are definitely longs in Telluride.. . BTW--Was astonished to see that one share of CHENIERE in 2008 under $1 and if one waited to sell till 2014 that share was $80..... How did I miss that? Had good investments in NG in that period but somehow missed Cheniere??? WOW! The WSJ (weekend) article "Gas Exporting Goes Viral" is long & detailed history & definitely worth reading. (Makes one wish never heard of CHK-- far less invested in the fraud & corruption of CHK!! Just take me back to 2008 and Cheniere at $1 & sell at $80 in 2014 !!!!)
  • H
    Docket 3993-----What are these criminals doing now?

    Upon the Emergency Motion of the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors to File
    Under Seal: (A) the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors’ Omnibus Reply to Objections to
    the Motion of the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors for (I) Leave, Standing, and Authority
    to Commence and Prosecute Certain Claims and Causes of Action on Behalf of the Debtors’
    Estates and (II) Exclusive Settlement Authority; and (B) Omnibus Reply of the Official Committee
    of Unsecured Creditors in Support of and in Response to Objections to Emergency Motion for (I)
    Leave, Standing, and Authority to Commence and Prosecute Certain Lien Claims and Causes of Action on Behalf of the Debtors’ Estates and (II) Exclusive Settlement Authority (the “Motion to
    and the Court having jurisdiction to consider the Motion to Seal and the relief
    requested therein pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1334; and consideration of the Motion to Seal and
    the relief requested therein being a core proceeding pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 157(b); and venue
    being proper before this Court pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §§ 1408 and 1409; and the Court having
    determined that the legal and factual bases set forth in the Motion to Seal establish just cause
    for the relief granted herein; and after due deliberation and sufficient cause appearing therefor,
    it is hereby ORDERED that
    1. Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §§ 105(a) and 107(b) and Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9018, the
    Committee is authorized to file the Committee Replies under seal.
    2. The sealed Committee Replies shall not be disseminated to anyone other than:
    (a) the Court; (b) the Debtors; (c) the other parties to the Confidentiality Agreement or
    Bylaws; and (d) the Office of the U.S. Trustee, without further order of the Court.
    3. The terms and conditions of this Order shall be immediately effective and
    enforceable upon its entry.
    4. The Committee is authorized to take all actions necessary to effectuate the relief
    granted in this Order in accordance with the Motion to Seal.
    5. The Court shall retain jurisdiction to resolve any dispute regarding the terms of
    this Order.
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    Old chk management white caler
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    Michael Rinstock
    Any old CHK shareholder still here? We were ruined by the old CHK management. The BK was totally avoidable.
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    just really curious. how and why could you invest in this scam company when you saw what they did to shareholders in March or so?
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    Wells Fargo Downgrades Chesapeake Energy to Equal-Weight From Overweight; Price Target is $64
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    eduardo r
    "The workforce reduction is very painful to me personally and to the leadership team of the entire company, but we have to take the necessary steps to remain a competitive, profitable company," Lawler told Oklahoman. "We will take the necessary actions to protect our company, to protect our shareholders and all stakeholders, including the businesses in the community.". D0ug L@wler quote People that still think is an honest clean character want to send him to
    Afghanistan's Taliban headquarters to help them with their new business in gas production and exploration. The rest of the people wants to send him to de electric chair.
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    Random thoughts......1)PEGGY:.On February 27,you noted that there was a postponement of the resolution of the issues around the resolution of the predecessor shares until August 31.Do you have an update on this?You referred to Docket 3121 at the time. 2) Someone(PRESIDENT?) recently posted from Q1 2021 financials that Chesapeake projected that they were able to save $2.5 to $3.5 billion in NOLS.$5 billion were lost to CODI(Cancellation of debt income").3)DUMB PLUMBER posted that Chesapeake in the Q2 financials stated they were able to save half of the NOLS.......which is more than they were projecting.
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    Showing 7.3m shares short, roughly 7%, as of mid August
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    How does a company go through bankruptcy and buy another company for 2.2 billion. Burn the whole system down
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    Thinking about investing in CHK?

    This employee sums up the corporate goals currently.

    "99% of the projects being done here are "delusional dreams". There is no technical work being done. The job of every employee is to find an idea that can sell to leadership and get funding to blow. It doesn't matter if it works, as long as your "trying" you're a great employee."
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    How does a company on the verge of bankruptcy buy Wild Horse Resources for 4 billion dollars and in bankruptcy court claim it is worthless, defraud shareholders and no one goes to prison. The system is burning it self down with corruption.