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CCY - CCY Delayed Price. Currency in CHF
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0.9408-0.0004 (-0.0393%)
At close: 09:59PM BST

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    target 0.95
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    usdchf jump to 0.99 still bullish prepare interes rate decission US central bank next weeks
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    Investors seek growth in crypto to capitalize on above _average growth in financial that help these securities grab the market's attention and produce exceptional results. For this reason managers are very necessary....
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    Investing right now will be at every wise individual list. In few weeks you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today
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    The half-year target price for USD/CHF is 1.
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    The Swiss franc depreciates by at least 15%. Switzerland's sanctions against Russia have lost its status as a risk-off currency. The Japanese central bank base rate is -0.1% and the Swiss central bank rate is -0.75%. Japan's trade surplus is dozens of times that of Switzerland. The yen has depreciated by 10% in one year, but CHF has not depreciated.
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    Ethan M. Corey
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    "Bitcoin exchange reserves have hit new multi-year lows this week, data from on-chain analytics outlet CryptoQuant showed, meaning there’s less bitcoin supply that can be readily sold on the market. Low bitcoin exchange reserves happen when investors move their holdings off exchanges and into storage."
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    Updated target price USD/CHF from 1 to 1.15.
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    Any chance to be 1 usd /1 chf?Soon😢
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    What goes up fast come down just as fast.
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    what is driving this weakness in usd / strength in chf?
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    Headed to Parity
  • f
    Up she goes...
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    I'm supportive towards Tahieta MeMe Johnson healing from illegal billins relavating spies zone blockage in pride for ones prime at high time...