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ChemoCentryx, Inc. (CCXI)

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53.31-5.49 (-9.33%)
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    J. Najarian recommended on CNBC he bought call options before the show and will dump them for a quick profit after the viewers buy (and get fleeced). This guy is one of the biggest DB's around!
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    Complement Activation and C5aR Elevation in Hidradenitis Suppurativa Patient Lesions

    Chris Li1, Aatman Shah2, Karen Ebsworth1, Carolyn Dunlap1, James Kilgour2, Kathleen Sullivan1, Israel Charo1, Kavita Sarin2, Thomas Schall1

    ChemoCentryx, Inc. Mountain View, CA
    Dermatology, Stanford University Medical Center. Palo Alto, CA

    Well worth a review as we wait for the pending phase 2b (?registrational) HS study
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    Vifor has been selling substantial amounts of CCXI. might be one reason for the recent correction.
    Dr John
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    Wow, PDUFA date is one year after submitting the application. A long time for a critical treatment
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    This company should be bought out given that Avacopan could replace steroids for multiple indications in my opinion
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    Just listened to the quarterly report. Dr Schall was very optimistic and I believe this company will be at $50+/share within the next 2 years with 4 additional trials maturing over the next 12 months all of which I believe will show substantial efficacy.
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    it is somewhat surprising to me that the insiders are not buying at this price. considering the phase 2 results with Avocopan for ANCA i consider the likelihood of positive results for this indication at around 90%. therefor a very good risk/reward profile
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    At this moment up 9.54% yet no news.
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    InFlaRx clinical trial fails. Though this does not directly effect CCXI it does raise the question "is C5a a valid target to fight inflammatory disease". Considering the trial results for Avacopan in ANCA I conclude that C5a blockade has a therapeutic effect for ANCA as I conclude that the findings in the phase 2 clinical trial can not be by chance. Considering there has been no reported trial for Avacopan and Hydranitis I am unsure if it will be as/effective in this indication. This raises the question will Avacopan have as broad application as hoped. If Avacopan is successful in its phase 3 clinical trial for ANCA, which I expect, it will be very lucrative for CCXI and reason to value CCXI as many multiples of its present valuation. The mechanism of action for the InflaRx antibody and CCXI receptor blockade are totally different and therefor though InflaRX failed I expect CCXI to succeed.
    The positive in this is that it appears that the one potential competitor to Avacopan has failed and this leaves Avacopan as the only present treatment for ANCA and possibly Hydranitis as well
    Considering all these issues I consider the failure of InflaRX an overall positive for CCXI
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    I just heard from a company executive that I should sell the stock. Apparently, treatment options were found to have chemicals that were not regulated by the FDA. Hundreds of patients are sick and the stock price is going to plummet when the news is released after market close today.
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    Dr Shall notes in his conference discussion yesterday that the mechanism of action and pharmacodynamics of Avacopan's small molecule is markedly different then InFlaRx antibody and he expects dramatically different trial results in both their ANCA related trial and in the hydrants trial. Though it is hard to know with certainty his determination is not unreasonable. Considering the many trials that could end with drug registration, CCXI is one of the most undervalues companies in biotechnology
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    I picked up more at $11.25....My next support level is around $10.85....major support will be around $10 flat from what I can see...I believe that institutions would gobble up more at this $10 support level if the market brings it down or shorts play it down to that level....short interest as of mid May was around 5.5%...I think more shorts came in the last few days to get in one more bite...I am expecting some good news to come out around the 4th quarter and most of the houses covering this stock have an average target of $ is a bumpy ride....I have seen this before in the last few years...this stock can show strength in a down market and drop in a good market....I am sure the market makers have a hand in this type of activity but good luck to all....
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    Can we call this a double top? Dec 5th high of $32.10, Dec 6th drops to $29.70 (weak support). Weekend hype some people pile on, Monday, Dec 9th second top hit at $32.24 same-day drop breaking the weak support and creating new weaker support of $29.57. Yes / no?
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    when will the street and investors realize the mistake they made on the sell off? Dr Shall is adamant that Avacopan will be successful in the Phase 3 trial.....this is a 20 stock......come on
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    I can't see any news on the feed, but 5 million shares means something's happening. Any guesses?
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    really strong today...over 1m shs already and it just keeps going......some big company or firm must have really liked the JPM presentation.....shorts are running wild, wild being scared with their pants falling down.....
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    I just listened to the investor presentation that Schall did yesterday. He mentioned $1b to more than $1b in sales in US alone.....they will get mid teens to mid 20's royalties on Europe sales, he didnt say what those sales look like but Vifor is ready to ramp up fast. NDA will be submitted, hopefully early 2020, maybe hoping for a Vifor buyout...they know what they own, 22% of stock already.....why not buy the rest of the company, avacopan alone is worth $2b to $3b in sales worldwide just for anka-associated vasculitus
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    "A strong fair wind is now filling our mainsails in our voyage of value creation throughout this year and next key data readout should provide the coordinates to draw a new map for CCXI and it's growing realm of opportunities to markedly improve the lives of patients and provide important returns for investors."

    Is this pounding warranted?
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    I find it interesting that Schall has never mentioned that his Chief Operating Officer resigned in January
    after being on board less than one year.
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    R&D Day October 1 at 12N

    I find the announcement of an R&D day to occur during the same quarter that the Avacopan trial for ANCA is to be released as most interesting. I am unsure the explanation though I consider that bad news to be unlikely. Perhaps the thought leaders in these chemokine linked diseases can emphasize the need for new treatments and CCXI is offering treatment options w/o steroids which is a big improvement. I would be thrilled to see the results for ANCA on 10/1 but this is unlikely.