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    $CCJ $UUUU $DNN $URG $UECHere is a recent interview (February 20, 2021): "Uranium Sector Update - The Cycle Has Turned | Mike Alkin & Tim Chilleri - Sachem Cove Partners"::// Alkin: The bottom line is this?�If utilities don?t start contracting like yesterday, they?re hosed�!�They?re going to be paying prices significantly higher than they need to be paying and which probably happens? but whether or not it?s in three months, six months, who knows�?�The reality is though that supply is low, demand has improved, no new mines are coming, and there?s a disconnect between supply and demand structurally.�And oh by the way getting back to under-contracting?Since 2013 they?ve on average contracted 35 percent of supply just like last time and they?re sitting there with enormous uncovered needs over the next several years�Long-winded version of saying?You know? I see Twitter, I don?t really talk on it any more,People day to day are wondering? There?s nothing to wonder day by day!Do the math? the math is the math!�The noise you hear, the noise people hear?just go and understand the historical context of where all of this is and put it in context of where today is, and stop trying to guess every day ?oh oh oh spot price moved a nickel, today a quarter? Who gives a #$%$?It doesn?t matter. The horse has left the barn! They (the utilities) played this market beautifully for many years. They stayed out of the market while prices were declining, they overplayed their hand.�If they come back today, tomorrow or six months from now, you�?re going to see it in price discovery. That?s their problem and that?s just kind of where it is right now.?Quote2:Mike Alkin: ?Pretty soon the choice could be taken away from nuclear utilities as to when they enter the market... because it takes 1 fund 1 physical fund to decide they're going to put a few hundred million bucks to work & it's Good Night Irene?==> He is talking about phase3 (Look at my other post "Phase1, Phase2, Phase3")Be prepared. Because when the effect of phase2 hits the market and phase3 is announced by a physical fund, you will be taken by surprise overnight.Just buy and hold, and don't be afraid of intermediary correction of 10 or 30%, because many uranium developers and some of the smaller uranium producers are potential multi-bagger from hereHere an article of January 2005 that talks about phase3 back then. And we all know what happened after that://
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    TradeTech 2/26 reports short term (weekly spot) down another $.50 to $27.75. Ultra, no offense and I read your posts with great interest, but where is the point that we see the turn in price? We who are in or around the business know spot isn't medium or long term, but those aren't moving either.
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    Cameco Pleased as Supreme Court Dismisses CRA Leave to Appeal
    Thursday, February 18, 2021 03:13:37 PM (GMT)

    SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, Feb. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cameco (TSX: CCO; NYSE: CCJ) received notice that the Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) application for leave to appeal the June 26, 2020 decision of the Federal Court of Appeal. The dismissal means that the dispute for the 2003, 2005 and 2006 tax years is fully and finally resolved in Cameco’s favour.

    “We are pleased that the Supreme Court of Canada has rejected CRA’s appeal request. It’s another win for Cameco in this long-running tax dispute,” said Cameco president and CEO Tim Gitzel. “We have consistently followed the rules and complied with both the letter and intent of the law. This was confirmed unequivocally through the court process, and we are happy to have these three tax years concluded in our favour.”
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    uranium may be the best story in the markets right now. Collapsing power grids extreme weather related to climate change. Uranium sector is small with few good companies. Values will soar as more and more investors pile into the sector. It's a story market right now not a value one.
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    For all of the bullishness for U stocks and price of the metal, Trade Tech for 2/19/21 reports that spot has fallen again by $1.10 to $28.25 and long term holds at $36/lb. When are we going to see a meaningful and sustained climb in the fuel price?
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    It may be a long shot, but a special dividend may be in order. Congratulations at winning this 10+ year court dispute. Should result in some cash on hand.
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    I see Cameco has now included GLE in it's website, and even though they are the minor shareholder at the moment they are taking the commercial lead?
    I think Cameco are looking at building a HALEU plant in Canada if all goes well to build on their existing enrichment facilities?

    Enrichment: Global Laser Enrichment

    Cameco has a 49% interest in GLE, the exclusive licensee of the proprietary Separation of Isotopes by Laser Excitation (SILEX) technology. GLE is developing this third-generation uranium enrichment technology.
    Cameco is also the commercial lead for the project.
    Our partner in GLE is Silex Systems Limited of Australia (51% interest), the licensor of the SILEX technology.
    Cameco has been a partner in GLE since 2008, when we acquired our initial 24% interest in the company.


    We continue to explore innovative areas like laser enrichment technology to broaden our fuel cycle participation and help us serve our customers more effectively. Uranium enrichment is the second-largest value component, after uranium, in a typical light-water reactor fuel bundle.

    While there are still a number of development milestones before this technology could be commercialized, we believe it has excellent potential to expand Cameco’s reach in the nuclear fuel cycle in the future, building on the existing world-class assets and capabilities we already possess in uranium production, refining, conversion and fuel fabrication.

    The progression of GLE’s technology development program through to commercialization, at a pace determined by market fundamentals, could lead to GLE offering long-term advantages to the global nuclear energy sector, particularly in the following areas:

    Depleted Tails Re-enrichment

    As per GLE’s agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy, re-enriching depleted uranium tails leftover as a by-product of previous-generation enrichment technologies, repurposing legacy waste into uranium and conversion products to fuel nuclear reactors and aiding in the responsible clean-up of enrichment facilities no longer in operation.

    High-Assay Low-Enriched Uranium (HALEU)

    Producing high-assay low-enriched uranium (HALEU), the primary fuel stock for the majority of small modular reactor (SMR) and advanced reactor designs that are proceeding through the development stage toward commercial readiness.

    Low-Enriched Uranium (LEU)

    Producing low-enriched uranium (LEU) fuel for the world’s existing and future fleet of large-scale light-water reactors with greater efficiency and flexibility than current enrichment technologies. The enrichment market has the same customer base as the uranium market, and most of the world’s commercial nuclear reactors need enriched uranium.

    Canada and the United States are among the nations around the world pursuing ambitious carbon reduction strategies. Governments in both countries have signaled significant interest in cooperating on clean energy solutions, developing and deploying SMR technologies, and collaborating to bolster critical mineral and nuclear fuel cycle security.

    GLE could fit extremely well with these bilateral policy priorities, potentially providing a stable source of North American-based uranium enrichment, adding to the robustness of the continental nuclear energy supply chain, and helping to de-risk any fuel concerns impeding the progress of emerging SMR designs.

    Cameco is committed to responsibly and sustainably managing our business while increasing our contributions to global climate change solutions. Our investment in GLE aligns well with these objectives.
    Cameco is one of the world's largest publicly traded uranium companies.
    Cameco is one of the world's largest publicly traded uranium companies.
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    mary minnekeer
    All. Big uranium miners should set the price for new contracts at 60 dollars. No reason for it to be this low.
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    Well, CCJ and Uranium seemed primed to have a big up day. Instead of course, a significant down day. If CCJ and Uranium is actually in a bull market, tomorrow should be a strong up day.
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    if ccj gets back a 850 million and can after 13 years focus business again,,,than it should be worth at least 20,,,,when spot goes to 60 ,,,,,ccj will hit 40
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    Mike J
    Maybe news on the ongoing tax battle with the Canada IRS?
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    Hi everyone,

    A lot of new people are starting to hear about the "future" (starting at the moment) uranium multi-year bull run.

    But a lot of Due Diligence is needed to first understand why the future for uranium globally is bright and second to find the right uranium investment(s) that fits your investors profile (conservative versus dynamic investor, 35y old versus close to pension, a big portfolio (you can take more risk) or a smaller portfolio (you want to take a bit less risk),...)

    If you want to do it right for a long term investment, that takes time.

    But in the uranium sector it can go very fast due to a couple factors (very tiny uranium sector, a uranium/nuclear sector left for dead while in fact it's a growing sector,...)

    But maybe I have a solution that can help you close the gap between the timing of taking a first position and the time needed to do some due dilligence.

    Today there are 4 uranium related etf's:
    ⁃ URA etf (70% pure uranium play)
    ⁃ URNM etf (100% pure uranium play related to Mike Alkin (a person you need to look up for to get good information about the macro fundamentals))
    ⁃ HURA.TO
    ⁃ NLR (uranium and nuclear play)

    For the uranium investment I prefer URNM etf (North Shore Global Uranium mining etf) and HURA.TO

    The big advantage with $URNM, $HURA.TO and $URA is that:
    ⁃ people with a smaller portfolio can also well diversify their uranium mining exposure over +-20 different uranium producers and promising developers by investing in just 1 position in one of those 3 ETF's
    ⁃ conservative investors willing to invest in an uranium equity with a much bigger potential then an investment in Uranium Participation or Yellow Cake (2 positions in those etf's bye the way) without taking too much risk of investing in individual uranium companies, can do that with those 3 etf's
    ⁃ New people can take a first position in one of those 3 etf's after they did some macro due dilligence, but before starting analysing each uranium company individually.

    For the Western European retail investor unfortunately, it's not possible to invest in those 3 etf's anymore due to MIFID2

    So this is also a message to the fundmanagers of those 3 etf's to make the necessairy steps in their prospectus information so that Western European investors can also invest in this uranium bull run through this 3 etf's


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    Just heard an interview on Palisades radio on Youtube.
    Guest comparing Uranium with Silver, and Supply vs demand.
    Called for $50 uranium.
    I have DNN, but after hearing that, also bought this.
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    Didn’t CAMECO pay hundreds of millions to the CRA in good faith prior to this decision?

    It will be awesome to get this back and then some.

    $30+. Uncle Remus will be running in the buff before we know it :)
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    Worth keeping this for long term... at least for 6 to 9 months
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    Bill Gates supports the nuclear
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    Peter Grandich spoke of Uranium as a best bull market in years.
    This sector will be the ‘best bull market I experienced in 37 years’ – Peter Grandich
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    Court rules in Cameco's favour they will be getting a ton of cash for the hassle.
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    Next Lithium play primed to go on a run is TTX Tantalex Resources!! Huge volume lately and finally today big PR with three important advancements. 1. Drill at their Lithium property. 2. deal for a Tantalum refinery. 3 Purchase of a new Niobium-Tantalum property in Quebec. Breakout tomorrow. See yourself!
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    No panic. Stock market selling off CC stock responding to same.