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    $AAL conversation
    It's been 2 years since the pandemic, when will the government and so called medical expert start to look at actual data in hospitalization and death rate that really cause by Omicron, and start to realize it's a different situation than 2 years ago. The on-going 'pre-cautious' speech and policy is so harmful to people mentality, it paint a dire future and makes people went crazy about a world is dangerous place to live with due to this invisible enemy, provide more excuse for people to refuse to go back to work, refuse to go back to school, further divide the already divided country. The whole Omicron situation is so politicize in United States, a lot of company is making boatload of money and wish the pandemic is never over. As investor, please open your eyes to really look at what surround you and think, what is a bigger problem now - a virus that cause mild symtom which some of your friend caught it and recovered from it at home, or all the endless disruption and mental suffer caused by government policy?

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    So based on information I have this is what will happen with covid - cases will be going down and by spring very low cases, summer, fall practically nothing and then again picking up in winter. Thus, covid will become endemic, such as common cold, flu are also endemic and they appear in winter months so covid will be added to that list.
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    January 20, 2022
    Covid-19 Claims Worlds Largest Cruise Line -Victim, Moby Luxury Cruise Lines

    CEO Captain Ahab, who became captain in 1851 and took over as CEO in 1857 and is the longest running CEO in American History said, Moby Luxury Cruise Lines has run out of money.

    Ahab, went on to say we will publicly use COVID -19 as an excuse to erase our debt with our vendors but Ahab said in good conscience he cannot lie.

    Ahab went on to explain the real reason the fleet of (1) medium sized wooden rowboat that holds 8 passengers and 4 crew members was forced to file bankruptcy is because they allowed on specific passenger onboard named @Harpoon. Ahab added, Allowing a passenger named Harpoon should have never been allowed on board. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

    Ahab said, our galley cannot support a passenger of that size. We cannot produce that much food. This passenger ate everything on board and our crew of 4 starved to death and then @Harpoon ate the passengers too.

    Ahab, the longest running CEO in American history, a career CEO of 165 years says he is devastated by the current state of the company he helped build. Ahab went on to say he will considerer retirement in the very near future.
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    One of the worlds 'large cruise' companies has filed for restructuring. Genting, has three brands; Crystal, Dream, and Star. They have a total of 8 ships. A step in the right direction moving forward. Question here is....who's next?
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    This will uptick to $21.75 today at the close. Then tomorrow it will open at $21.50 and cruise down to $20.50 and then cruise back up to 21.50 at 10am and slowly sell off all day close tomorrow at $20.50. It’s so clear to see on level two. Rinse and repeat
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    5 Cruise ships waiting to come into Port of Miami . Haven't seen that in years .
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    It's not too late to cover those short positions and buy the stock or even calls to make up for short losses. Should be back at $30 before May/June.
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    We " bag holders" dont daytrade. We keep dry powder available to average down if stock pulls back( which it has) and wait for the ride to $30 by june.
  • K
    Even in a correction markets down go straight down. There will be an upside move that will knock you off guard - is that day today or next week
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    This stock and sector has zero ability to stay consistent. Same pattern for months. Really only good for day traders. I’m long (until summer) but it’s definitely been a frustrating road.
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    Barnacle Barney
    $32 Billion in debt exceeds your market cap by a wide margin. That's never a healthy sign.
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    15 more cents to green. Told y’all. Time for markets to move up before it goes down again.
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    another off carnival legend today 14 day cruise cut down to 10..they cut out the panama canal. they were supposed to go to Jamaica, grand turk and halfmoon cay..they couldn't get in halfmoon because of wind and went to st maarten and Antigua instead of Jamaica and grand turk so 10 day with 8 at sea..some things I saw that might be saving carnival money..heard that it saved them 1 million by not going in canal
    no show dancers which is usually at least 8 which is 8 less mouths too feed 8 less salaries and probably 4 less cabins paying for possible royalties for music they gallery tours or bridge tours.crafts were very cheap and casino was very tight..ship was at 50% capacity and it seemed every other cabin was used..everybody wore mask and stayed distant..never actually ever heard why they cut the 4 days..all the show talent was individuals singers,juggler etc. am still glad I went been thru canal before .some were not happy.sorry for the length
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    January 21, 2022

    Covid - 19 claims another large cruise line. - Victim, Columbus Cruise Lines

    In an unprecedented move Christopher Columbus Cruise Lines with three (3) of the most famous cruise ships in the world based out of Spain, the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria will be closing their terminals and dry docking all their ships. However, they will not be filing under reorganization of bankruptcy.

    CEO and Captain Christopher Columbus said, we are not going to let our customers down. We are financially strong and bought Bitcoin at $8.00 a long time ago and we are now in the position to "wait this pandemic out" until we can prosper again.

    Christopher Columbus Cruise Line began sailing the high seas in 1492 and is considered to be one of the most prestigious of the luxury cruise lines.

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    Here’s some math:
    1) There are 330 Million people in the US
    2) 62 Million Americans have already
    gotten and recovered from Covid.
    3) in the US omicron is producing 1 Million new reported cases per day. But we all know with unreported cases and massive asymptomatic spread the true number could be 5-10 times higher. Mostly mild symptoms.
    4) 207 Million Americans are fully vaccinated
    5) Even at a conservative estimate Covid is over in 54 days from now. Likely much sooner.

    Buy this stock now because by Feb everything will be back to normal!
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    I know we are planning two cruises this year ourselves. Now that the CDC special conditions is expiring Saturday, Cruise lines everywhere are celebrating.
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    Mike hunt
    Attention board/Buy low/ sell high. When the stock drops/simply add to your position. 30 years of investing the best way to feel better is to add to your position on the drops. Lower your average and then party./Like a date with Britney Spears. Ha ha when the thing hits $40 in a couple of years. In the meantime for all of those unvaccinated or unwilling based on the science. I hope you’re also not eating any processed foods/McDonald’s. Taco Bell. I hope you’re not having any sugar forward
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    grandpa doug
    moving up nicely. I guess future bookings are good👍
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    Dan F
    Just built my short on this at 23. It will take over a decade to recover from the massive losses in the past 3 years...
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    Kalahari resorts , ( operator of indoor waterparks)
    Sold-out this weekend , parking lots filled .
    I'm not a big fan of indoor waterparks, I think they are very artificial and noisy .

    Never the less people are going out , vacationing , spending money .
    Average room rents for $300 - $500. Per night .

    Cruise vacations far better .