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  • R
    Bot at 50. Down ever since. Any hopes of an upswing anytime in the near future?
  • D
    Please have a look at ticker ILUS as well my fellow investors, they are rapidly expanding & uplisting in 2022. ILUS International is a rather new company, they have increased profits and revenue every quarter since inception. ILUS Q1, 2022 revenue is up 482% over Q1, 2021. This does not even include the revenue from a couple of their most recent acquisitions. ILUS just announced a 100-million dollar plus in revenue acquisition on 7/8/2022. In addition to this large acquisition, ILUS has just announced that they will merge Wikisoft (a recently acquired ILUS company) into their new 100 - million dollar in revenue acquisition - Quality International. The merger of WSFT with Quality International will become an ILUS company called Quality Industrial, and will list on Nasdaq under ticker ERT. ERT is part of the ILUS conglomerate. ILUS is indeed a conglomerate, with several different companies and divisions under the ILUS umbrella. ILUS manufactures EV's, UAV's, and Drones to name a few of their many business endeavors. They are also involved in Urban Mining, the Metaverse, and the very lucrative firefighting and fire safety technology sector. ILUS holds patented firefighting / safety technology. They are developing technology to assist with the containment of both EV battery, and wildfires. The wildfires out west are a major concern and solutions are being developed. ILUS is looking to save lives. They have had several meaningful discussions with the state of California, among other states as well. ILUS is an M & A company and growing fast. ILUS is about to begin manufacturing the E-Raptor, the worlds first and only six-wheel, all electric utility vehicle. This will take place at the new 600,000 plus square foot facility in Serbia. It is a part of the significant deal that ILUS has recently signed with the European Union. ILUS will incorporate in the manufacturing process their own urban mining / battery recycling into their EV lines. ILUS has completed "7" acquisitions in the last 18 months. Vira Drones is one of the more significant. The estimated valuation is over 1- billion dollars. ILUS has also reduced their number of outstanding shares by 180 million shares. Please see OTC Markets for their most recent share reduction that has been posted. ILUS International is in a very substantial, long-term agreement with the European Union, and will begin manufacturing a variety of vehicles including those used by the military and defense sectors in Europe, as well as the private sector. ILUS is at least worth a look, certainly undervalued. ILUS has several new acquisitions and revenue sources yet to be officially announced. They are all very significant acquisitions as far as the revenue in which they will add to the already strong balance sheet. (Please see Yahoo Finance for recent news & updates)
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    See the Autoline interview with BorgWarner CEO/Pres. Fred Lissalde. Interesting stuff. they are going about vehicle electrification the right way. I have long thought that the real money to be made in the
    EV sector was through the Tier One component and system suppliers rather than through start-ups that are only making their first attempt at manufacturing.

    The electrification revolution is happening. For a long time that was far from certain. If we are in fact going to build tens of millions ov EVs per year the world will need real industries with the scale and engineering to do that reliably and profitably. BorgWarner has the resources in engineering, facilities, cash, connections, and experience to make that happen.

    This is a long term play. Expect lots of ups and downs along the way (See the latest chip shortage news) but I bet you wish now that you had bought Ford back when it was in the midst of reorganizing and sold in the $8 range.
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    Bought a little more today and will buy a little more in next month or so, this business is very inexpensive and is turning into a peripheral EV play that Mr Market hasn’t seemed to realize….…….yet.
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    Broke dikmf
    I would suggest buying any BWA dips. Wall Street views Borg as a dying dinosaur of a company. They are once again revamping under the slogan “CHARGING FORWARD”. Ford and Hyundai ( by 2023) will be using BWA’s IDM’s. Borg is at an inflection point right now as it won’t be long until Wall Street recognizes this company as a major player in the EV market. Expect major growth in this adapting company once again over the next decade.
  • S
    BWA is a solid value stock. Very interested in what the company has to say during tomorrow’s earnings discussion.

    Particularly interested in forward looking comments in light of the recent successes with their products and the agreements regarding potential future sales with various OEMs.
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    too good
    BWA has the right stuff...a great way to play autos , near and long term Great Q report
  • E
    Why cant this stock gain traction?? I have no position. Market looks 6 months ahead I guess a recession is coming.
    💰 LETS LIST ( some ) of Romeo Power’s Partners:
    • Borg Warner : ( $BWA )
    • Dana Inc. Commercial Vehicle Drive and Motions Systems. (Photo: Dana Inc.)In China, where Dana has 23 operations and 6,750 employees, it saw the bus market seeking green solutions as cities sought to reduce smog.
    • "Since 2018, we've invested $300 million in strategic acquisitions and partnerships
    • Heritage Environmental Services, Inc. ("HES"), a leader in environmental and recycling services,
    • US Ecology Inc. (NASDAQ-GS: $ECOL), a leading provider of environmental services,
    • Republic Services, Inc. (“Republic Services”) (NYSE: RSG), a leader in recycling and solid waste solutions, with a fleet of 16,000 vehicles, now Romeo Power ( $RMO ).
  • G
    good balance sheet, improving metrics, good cash flow for buybacks and dividend increases, and should be able to squeeze out add'l cost savings from the delphi merger reaction not the smartest ...i am a buyer here .
  • C
    What a spam board . BWA definitely a good company to invest in for the long haul . Price is ready to climb into auto earnings . While not that excited about the FUSO short distance delivery truck its a great start and I imagine those who need to deliver in big cities to commercial accounts will love it . 100 km on a charge needs to be tripled though in order to complete routes for 99% of local businesses . I imagine in very large cities over a million these might work now . BWA is into the best parts and growth in the auto business in combustion , hybrid and pure electric . Would not hesitate to average in a little here and there under $60 well spread out .
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    47 Percenter
    The 3.5% drop is a head scratcher for sure. They had a top and bottom line beat. Time to add on the dip.
  • D
    BoA had a nice automotive report upping the PO for $BWA to $66. Said that auto sales will begin to rise again starting in 2022
  • V
    Value stocks will always outperform popular stocks in a long run. Wait till every electric car company out there start buying parts in the next 2-5 years. Easy 10 X on your investment. Go BWA could be another AMZN if they do just one thing…
  • B
    BWA is one of the best EV plays there is. Long term hold. They will be supplying numerous EV makers with components. No Brainer.
  • I
    I'm Bullish on BWA and INTC to be a big benefactor in fur EV chip business (i.e building plants in AZ which will reap rewards), but (currently) bearish on the overall market going into the summer. Without a strong market this will take a while to realize decent returns. Luck to all and diversify!
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    BWA just bought a German battery manufacturer. BWA is in an incredible position to leverage the burgeoning EV industry with very little risk, as they will be a supplier to all EV manufacturing companies; their diversity in EV is the key take away for sustained growth for the next 8-10 years.
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    too good
    great activity...this will maintain upward track this is tested and very good