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Baytex Energy Corp. (BTE.TO)

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6.25-0.11 (-1.73%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
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    In the report, OPEC said it expected world oil demand to rise by 4.15 million barrels per day (bpd) this year, unchanged from its forecast last month, following a steep rise of 5.7 million bpd in 2021. Airlines are now at 88% to pre pandemic levels. The trend is bullish. Those that buy this minor day pullback and the fake news are going to make a ton of money. Our leaders have 0 competence when it comes to understanding the demand of crude oil. I believe we are headed back up to 120 minimum very shortly. Even 90 oil companies are so undervalued.

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    To all Canadians,

    Energy stocks and oil went up on July 1 as we were not able to witness it due to Canada Day.
    Monday it is guaranteed that we will be going over $6.50 per share.
    This week is the week we have all been patiently waiting for.

    Also this week Crude oil is to go over $115 per barrel.

    Cheers to all investors!
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    Peter Hunter
    Off to the no wi Fi cottage.Have great Can. day long wkd to all,be safe& stay strong ,better days await us.Candy please put me in for$7.00 for next week thx.
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    Not sure if you will see what I just posted. It is from CNBC. An energy discussion. June was just a mild correction to WTI and has shaken off the paper hands. There is a new paradigm emerging in the energy sector and it’s all about FCF and returning that to shareholder value. I am at the table and about to push all my chips ALL IN!!!!!
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    Ah well it was another bum week. Still not worried about the sector and BTE. If oil & gas is not in your portfolios talk to your advisor. Hope we’re all enjoying this great Canadian summer weekend. The play list for the weekend is Gordon Lightfoot with morning coffee, Anne Murray, BTO, Blue Rodeo around the BBQ…yes, Anne Murray…lol, Tragically Hip, Great Big Sea and as the night cap bourbon Neil Young…It’s great to be Canadian 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
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    In case I don't see you pals tomorrow, I just want to say Happy Canada day!!
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    Candy girl
    Hi All, Amid a sea of red, we continue strong and long with our baby. It’s been another one of those weeks I’m afraid. It may continue on for a while with all the recession and Macro noise, but eventually the law of positives will tip the balance in our favour. Until then, we will continue to follow the Yellow brick road (AKA the 5 year plan) to the wonderful land of Oz!
    (No I haven’t been drinking lol) ;)

    So, today we closed with $6.25. MIKEKAREN was spot on with his guess. I think this is the first on-point guess I’ve seen, so although I know we’re not thrilled, well done to you MIKEKAREN for nailing it! Close second is Benoit @6.49 and also not far off was our wonderful Cowboys Fan at $6.58! Well done guys and enjoy your 🍻 tonight!

    In summary, we had 23 players from Joe Black low balling at $5.25 to Daniel holding the torch out at $8.25. Could have gone either way :) Thank you ALl as always for playing and for your great board spirit through these red days/weeks!

    Thankfully, we all get a much needed rest with Canada Day 🇨🇦 Tomorrow and July 4th 🇺🇸for our USA friends on Monday, with the markets closed respectively.

    Take a break, enjoy the sunshine and as always enjoy time with your loved ones - the most valuable commodity of all! 💗

    Take care everyone and see you all again on Sunday!
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    If Baytex announces any addition of debt or increased capital spending the way Whitecap just did, then the proverbial adage of executive 'heads need to roll' will be strongly pursued!!
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    The more they want to crush the spot price with interest rates.. the less the drillers will step up..humm

    They want to crush inflation..but they left it unchecked for the last 12 years? hummm

    they continue to say 2% or 3% is there target hummm.. funny maybe that was the problem over the past 8 years..hummm

    The only things thats gonna get crushed here is the banks and housing..and home depot. Maybe wood prices.

    Nobodies buying and electric car at 60K and financing at 7%

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    Dear BTE fellas: I also own WhiteCap but much less than my BTE holdings. I have to admit that I was extremely disappointed with WhiteCaps notice of acquiring more oil and gas assets for a tune of $2b. What a #$%$ and costly move for WCP shareholders. I really really hope BTE will stick to its stellar disciple and avoid acquisition temptations. BTE focus on debt payments and buybacks
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    New on the board, been watching BTE for a long time. Got in at 2 1/2 bucks. Humble and modest holding. Just do it Baytex.
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    I’m contemplating adding more am I crazy ?
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    Papacorn take the day off Friday. Market will be closed. Will talk more on Monday
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    We are going into a recession that includes energy. I have a massive short position on energy:)
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    This is news for those who are panicking at the moment,

    Historical data shows and proves these types of drops are normal and it has been happening from day one. Those of you who owned this stock for years can definitely confirm this statement to be true.

    The historical data does show that this stock always recovers and tops its chart with higher prices which attracts more investers.

    For those of you who are looking to make a quick buck, you will always end up disappointed because you are not investing for the long term.

    Good stuff is to come with oil in demand. Crude oil has been down for two days now due to recession fears or else we would be over $120 per barrel already.

    Max and relax!
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    remember that song...? "Skipping along the cobble stones and feelin' groovy..." Kinda feels like that today. I know it can all change in a heart beat, but will take the win for the day.
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    Joe how do like having David back driving on the bus Joe....?
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    Another +8% today, "I feel it in the air, I feel it in the water"
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    This sp reflects $90 wti
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    We will never see $200 oil, we will never see $150 oil and I doubt we will see $120 either. We need share buy backs and divs