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    Lee T
    New poster here. Been following the board for a while. Long and Strong. Excited to see how fast debt repayment accelerates with 80+ WTI. Last presentation I thought said debt would be down to $1.2B @ $65 (or was it 75) WTI by 2Q
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    Will be a heavy volume day. It will be quite remarkable if Baytex stock can make a complete comeback and finish in the green today after such a long week of a down trend and today's swoon. If this happens today, to some investors it may signal that today was climax selling. That would set up a nice stock run into the e/r. Today should be interesting to watch. JMHO
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    Well not the exact kind of ending to the week we all expected.Market jitters on interest rates ,war unrest& still high cases of omnicron persist.However Joe Black,was closest@4.65, Cowboy Fans 2nd@4.68& 3rd is CandyGirl@ 4.75
    We had a great participation of 14 players a bit of fun on dead times
    Bids in on noon, I'll repost Sun.Have a safe ,fun wkd.,stay long& strong.
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    Cowboys Fan
    2022 will be an important year of transition for Baytex. Management team did already a good job in 2021, YER will confirm it on feb. 22.
    For Baytex in 2022 :
    1) It could be the last year with production below 85,000 boe/d.
    2) Long-term debt should be below $1B.
    3) Renegotiation of long-term debt before end of Q2. Better interest rate and term.
    4) Impact of hedging price already decline for 31% for 2022, now at 68$ compare to 52$ in 2021. Hedging should be reduce significantly in 2023.
    5) Dividend and share buyback coming in after Q2. I think it's the beginning of a 5% shares buyback yearly and a climbing dividend, starting at 0,05 a share quarterly in 2022. In 2023, dividend
    6) Several other opportunities could arise...lots of interesting claims to develop, or sell to clear the long term debt, or done a partnership to increase supply to respond the demand.
    7) Positive Earnings will continue to increase... better netback, impairment ajusted again positively for 2022.
    8) The value of the company's assets will increase with the new drilling activities of the claims located in the Clearwater county, Duvernay. So the Enterprise Value may raise over 4,5B$ already in 2022.

    Geez I am glad to be here !

    GL LONGS !
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    I’m starting to wonder if we had $200 oil we would still be at $4:50. If this is not a clear signal to BTE board to get working for shareholders
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    Last time oil was at these prices was 2014 BTE was $23+ a share. Oil price hot nothing to go with our SP.
    Everyone has their thoughts, you know my thoughts.
    Special thanks to Joe and others who respectfully and politely disagree with me. I wish everyone the best but loosing faith on our dear leader and CFO ….
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    Joe Black
    For those who were bashing the Hedges, this is what is in action for BTE:
    If WTI = $40 (Baytex gets $50 (WTI + $10))
    If WTI = $45 (Baytex gets $55 (WTI + $10))
    If WTI = $49 (Baytex gets $59 (WTI + $10))
    If WTI = $50 (Baytex gets $60)
    If WTI = $52 (Baytex gets $60)
    If WTI =$55 (Baytex gets $60)
    If WTI =$58 (Baytex gets $60)
    If WTI is between $60 and $70 Baytex gets that price
    If WTI is above $70 Baytex gets $70
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    What is a good buy in
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    Couple updates;

    1. Scotiabank changes Baytex to sector perform Jan 19.
    2. Thompson Reuters changes from neutral to positive
    3. CFRA changes their stance from hold to buy
    4. Raymond James maintains sector outperform
    5. CIBC raises target to 5.00 from 4.25
    Earnings in a month!!
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    Watch for institutional/mutual fund as a % of holders in Baytex. Right now we are at very very low double digit levels. If that % rises quickly, and hopefully above 50%, that will greatly reduce day trader volatility and computer algo's, which should allow the stock to fly. Right now those two forces are holding Baytex stock pricing back. Institutional/mutual fund buying is much more stable and they want to see a doubling at least before they consider portfolio adjustments. Watch that % number as it is a key indicator. And yes, I am an analyst just trying to help here.
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    Will be over 7 soon. Look at their January presentation ;) market cap part;) 4 plus billion.
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    Most of stocks clawed back losses - to gains in after hours trading. Tomorrow will be big big !!! Good luck..
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    Long and strong!!
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    Huge buying oppurtunity. See you at 8$ by summer
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    The hedged production volume and prices should be enough to cover all fixed and variable operational costs (including debt repayments) if this is not the case - the CEO should resign or be fired as they would have hedged - locked in production at a loss. There should be scraps left for the shareholders . An easy argument is that this stock should be $8.50 + stock - now.. today…possibly in its teens. But we are stuck at $4.50 ‘s …clearly the price of oil is not holding this back. Then what is. ? Suggestion look at VET- l mention this as the CFO of BTE and VET did a joint interview in 2021.. look at VET today…passed $20 this week…VET reintroduced a small dividend … has this anything to do with the run VET has had - l would argue it has and that this could be what is holding BTE down now. (It’s not oil price). Also if Nuttal sells his shares in six weeks we are all in trouble… he will do it in a heart beat without hesitation if there is not something - some scraps a little few cent a quarter…and so will l - and l am not a flipper or day trader. I bought BTE a long time ago as l saw it was undervalued - l am in t he e green but this company is not even close to a fair valuation yet . If BTE doubled tomorrow - it would still have plenty road to run as l said to the mid teens. But it’s management that seem to hold this back. Worth to consider is all lm saying. And the daily increases of 10 15 cent of increase is ridiculous- when it should be $1+++ increase we need from here not a few cent. Unless one can say that the reintroduction of dividend by VET has got nothing to do with their run (and they will keep going) .. l rest my case.
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    Next Friday. Nuttall on Market call at 12:00est. FYI
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    Wow!! WTI touch & go with $85. If this holds we are closer to $5
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    Black Gold
    If anyone here thinking bte keeping the price low to get more buyers so they pay their debt faster I'd like to tell your absolutely WRONG look at vet their debt is 1.82B and they're trading at $19+
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    The thing PapaMoron does to buy 5 shares of btegf