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Baytex Energy Corp. (BTE.TO)

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    With respect to the buy back the following is what I rec’d directly from BTE. If he follows this chat, he will know who I am. Looks like a steady eddy plan to me.

    For the buyback program, it kicked off on May 10 and we have been active. I think you’ll see the buying spread out pretty evenly over the coming months – our target based on our free cash flow projection for this year is to buy back somewhere in the range of $175 to $200 million of value by year-end. At today’s share price, that would represent between 27 and 31 million shares, or ~ 5% of our shares outstanding.
    The buyback program is limited to 10% of our shares outstanding and is valid for one year. I think there’s a good chance we will have purchased ~ 10% by May 2023 and be in a position to renew the program for another year at that time. It’s exciting to be heading down this path….”
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    I'm hoping 5-8 quarters with oil over $100. buybacks, debt paid, share price around $18 then an american buy out at 8x. if all goes well.
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    The C$ is a disaster as compared to the US$. Result is that any US investors are shunning C oil stocks. Trudeau is not going anywhere soon, unfortunately, so what will help the C$? BTE OTC stock sp is being severely held back because of the additional issue regarding this. BTE needs all the buying power it can muster no matter which side of the border it comes from. Common Canada, support your $.
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    May 25th daily update

    Oil above $100. Every day/weekend above $70 Oil is a great!

    2nd Quarter 2022 WTI Pricing now 100.0% complete! (Avg Settlement $105.39 for the quarter)

    3rd Quarter 2022 WTI Pricing now 4.3% complete! (Avg Settlement $111.26 for the quarter)

    BTE Debt, Buyback, Dividend plan ahead of schedule at these prices

    BTE looking to bank another $4.18M+ AFF & $2.81M+ FCF today ($704K for buybacks today)

    With fully factored hedges Adjusted Funds Flow @ $111.05 & current pricing = $1.524+ billion/year which is above the management plan.

    With fully factored hedges Free Cash Flow @ $111.05 & current pricing = $1.027+ billion/year which is above the management plan.

    Not including improved hedges or Clearwater additional drilling upside see historical trend below;


    BTE Free Cash Flow Q1-2021 = $70M avg WTI $52.09

    BTE Free Cash Flow Q2-2021 = $112M avg WTI $62.71

    BTE Free Cash Flow Q3-2021 = $101M avg WTI $70.57 (capex increase)

    BTE Free Cash Flow Q4-2021 = $137M avg WTI $76.04


    BTE Free Cash Flow Q1-2022 = $121 avg WTI $80.15 (capex increase)

    BTE Free Cash Flow Q2-2022 = $TBD avg WTI $105.39

    BTE Free Cash Flow Q3-2022 = $TBD avg WTI $111.51 (so far)

    YTD 2022 avg $92.84 (PRIOR YEAR $65.34)
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    Candy girl
    Hi Everyone, I hope you are enjoying the long weekend so far! Knowing that trading in Canada is closed on Monday, I’ll opening up the thread for you you post your guesses when you are ready. Close for logging this week will be Tuesday at noon. TY!

    Just an aside, I flew down to Newark this morning. Got talking with the check in assistant. She was saying flights are getting busier and all fully booked. Made me smile 😃- all good news for us!

    Have a super rest of the day and good luck for the week ahead☘️
    Oops, nearly forgot, Candy girl eow$7.05!
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    May 24th - WTI Settlement price - July=12.5% & Q3=4.3%

    Oil above $100....every day above $70 is a great day!

    2022 Information

    May 24th WTI settled at $109.77 (Front month July 2022)

    July 2022 contracts expire June 21st, 2022.

    July 2022 contracts 12.5% complete

    2nd Quarter 2022 WTI Pricing now 100.0% complete! (Avg Settlement $105.39 for the quarter)

    3rd Quarter 2022 WTI Pricing now 4.3% complete! (Avg Settlement $111.26 for the quarter)


    YTD 2022 avg $92.93 (PRIOR YEAR $65.34)

    Q3 2022 BTE Cash Flow AFF Q2 = $TBD avg $111.26 (PRIOR YEAR $70.57)

    Q2 2022 BTE Cash Flow AFF Q2 = $TBD avg $105.39 (PRIOR YEAR $62.71)

    Q1 2022 BTE Cash Flow AFF Q1 = $280M avg $80.15 (PRIOR YEAR $52.09)


    Q4 2021 BTE Cash Flow AFF Q4 = $215M avg WTI $76.04

    Q3 2021 BTE Cash Flow AFF Q3 = $198M avg WTI $70.57

    Q2 2021 BTE Cash Flow AFF Q2 = $176M avg WTI $62.71

    Q1 2021 BTE Cash Flow AFF Q1 = $157M avg WTI $52.09

    Full Year 2021 WTI $65.34 FINAL!
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    I have a feeling that this may remain flat at this level until there is a NR by the board confirming buy backs of 56 million shares complete….this announcement should come around 24th of June….
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    House approval of gas price gauging will have about the same effect as SPR release. Nothing. China is currently loading up the stimulative bazooka by pumping more money into their economy. What do you think an extra 40 trillion RMB in the global currency supply will do to the cost of WTI? Mark my words, WTI will break through $145 and likely stay above that for sustained period. WTI at $100 is the new bottom. Enjoy the ride. Don't sell a single share.
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    Happy Victoria day to all... Today Canadians relax as we watch what the US market will unveil
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    Bte ready to pop folks!!! Been been going sideways for a while and now the pent up demand will shoot this to new highs

    Will pass $7.50 this week

    Let’s gooo
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    I own 0.41% of the company personally. We are going to see double digits roll in here very soon. Anyone see the US preparing at the pumps for 10.00 a gallon? It needed an entire reprogramming.
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    Joe Black
    Looks like BTE set up hedges for 2023 @ $62 , $78 and $96. Quite low. They must think oil has the potential of tanking.
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    Good news. The indicators I use seem to be flashing that BTE may break out of the $6.50 ish range very soon, and could challenge a new 52 week high, maybe this upcoming week. The indicators have shown false reads in the past, but the fact that BTE sp seems to have been in a funk the last month or so, and at below average volume, leads me to believe that an upswing is at hand. JMHO
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    May presentation is out
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    Candy girl
    Hi Everyone!!! Is it Friday again already? Where do the weeks go? Are we sad? Not at all as we all know where this is going, even if destiny is making us wait!

    So what did we get in the bag this week? Closing SP at $6.39 CAD. JimV you have done it again! You were really close at $6.35. As my dad used to say, isn’t it time you let the other kids win? 😜 Well done once again! Coming close second was Sby at $6.47 and third is MIKEKAREN, also once again hitting the leaderboard. We’ll done to you all guys! 😎

    We had 19 players with a guess spread this week from Heroshee at $5.67 to Higher at $7.77, with everyone else in between. Thank you ALL for playing and keeping the fun going in these weeks while we wait for the big fun stuff to kick in.

    So to close, for some of us stock watching has taken on a whole new meaning. Hurry up $10, we have a fun 5a7 waiting for all who would like to join (tho first glass goes to Josee!)

    Take care everyone and have a super weekend! ☀️🥂☀️
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    Peter Hunter
    Insider purchase of 7,700 shares by insider executive Chad Lundberg,nice to see.
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  • F
    Unless some unexpected event occurs should be another sideways week. EOW $6.52