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Purpose Bitcoin ETF (BTCC-B.TO)

Toronto - Toronto Real Time Price. Currency in CAD
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3.9400+0.0600 (+1.55%)
At close: 03:59PM EDT

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  • M
    3.84$ Oct 2022 yikes
  • D
    Alright, finally in @ 3.95 to start. Just for fun 100 shares
  • j
    What a scam. This went from 6438 shares per bitcoin to 6600
  • B
    buyin time
  • M
    Does this fund have insurance? What happens if a rogue employee steals the coins? What happens if they lose the keys?
  • P
    BTC is cheap, it's time to buy!
  • B
    Do you guys follow ( It seems way better than all the spam on the 9F33.MU board - The alerts have been great!
  • m
    Who bought in?
  • Z
    Is anyone else getting this stuck displaying at 10.55C on Yahoo? I need to refresh multiple times to see the actual price and then jumps right back at 10.55. Looks like the portfolio values are off because of this too. Have noticed this for the past couple of days.
  • S
    Day 1 crew
  • L
    seems like everyone in here has never seen a stock drop 10% lol. long term play here folks
  • @
    Am I the only one that cannot see the chart??
  • K
    just to understand. They are buying Bitcoin with our money and the value of bitcoin affect this stock?
  • B
    Bagholding 5000 shares at $10 in my TFSA… what should i do guys??
  • C
    Musk Bought 1.5 billion in Bitcoin then came out and said the price was high. It is clear he understands his massive impact on the market. He buys and allows for Bitcoin to be used to purchase his vehicles to help legitimize the currency, then claims it is overvalued to cause a correction, so he can buy more and a cheaper value. We see this kind of thing happen all the time with Warren Buffet.

    He knows blockchain and bitcoin are the future and he knows the value will go back up and go back up huge. There is a ZERO % chance a guy like Elon would invest 1.5 billion dollar in an asset if he was just going to lose it all. Therefore, all of us buying in early on this ETF are going to profit nicely in the future.
  • d
    Its weird to see people going off on this, its been a month .. settle down. If you dont invest in ETFs for the long term, then why buy? Everyone seems to think "Wolf of Wall street" where they will place $5000 and be a millionaire over night .. LoL .. this will steadily rise and this is a good buy-in if you want to trade registered stocks. Just buy it and forget it .. stop watching every day is my only advice to these panicky buyers.

    Plus, we dont even know if and what the dividends are for this. This is a buy in my eyes.
  • K
    Why the bitcoin etf is down so much when the bitcoin itself is up. i thought the etf is tracking bitcoin value. anyone wonder why ?.
  • K
    Elon Musk may be the richest man but I really have to question the guys Intelligence... why would you buy something and the next day say the price seems high. I've never bought a new car and a day later said oh yea that was definitely to expensive....
  • B
    I’m interested in Bitcoin ETF. Wondering if someone can explain why Bitcoin ETF would be down 3% while Bitcoin itself is up 400 points today?
  • T
    I’m in with 468 shares through TFSA