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    $SQ conversation
    Here we go baby! Let SQ mine $BTC for you! You know they will hopefully do it and then those who own shares long term effectively own BTC indirectly through SQ
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    Jan 23

    With $BTC stronger than ever at over $61,000, I expect a major jump in share price soon for $ISWH that will show investors just where this headed. When $MARA & $RIOT were $20+ with just a few million in revenue on the sheets, watch what @iswholdings will be with $100M+ revenue!
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    Neptune Digital Assets Corp.
    So here's a little recap on $NDA. On Mar 15th this stock releases financials with $6 million in profits which sent this previous obscure stock which was stuck in the high .20's-mid .30's to .80-$1 mark. In a matter of 4 weeks it hit a high of $2.22. Too high too fast, then management decided it was a good time to break the news about a Base Shelf Prospectus and a 40 mil financing deal the next day. Although, this dilution caused the stock to tank, it was being used to expand and grow the company. Short term pain for long term gain. Since then it's tumbled and settled in the mid to high 50's. See what I'm getting at? We went up, came back down but are still higher than where we started. The next Financials (if good) with an ever increasing $BTC price (projected to hit $100K by end of year) will be the next catalyst to send this up again. And who knows, maybe they have something else up there sleeves with the 40 million they borrowed. Just my opinion but I can't see this staying in the .50s over the next couple of months
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    $MKTY conversation
    Breaking News:

    Jacobi Asset Management has recieved approval to launch the world’s first $BTC ETF.
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    $XLM-USD conversation
    Mass adoption for XLM Stellar incoming... 🌎
    “You can spend $BTC only when someone else wants to receive $BTC.

    You can spend $XLM no matter what the counter party wants to receive.

    For every new anchor on the #Stellar network, $XLM has increased utility. This makes mass adoption of a #Cryptocurrency like XLM much easier.

    Add to that, that the network:

    ✅Operates at very low fees (0.0001 usd per tx)
    ✅Is super fast (<5 second settlement)
    ✅Is easily scalable

    And you have amazing potential to solve the original problem #Bitcoin  meant to solve:

    "The need for a p2p electronic version of cash".
    Pickingunicorns Twitter
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    Progenity, Inc.
    If $PROG can reach $3, no reason why $PALI can't hit $7. Low floats have insane potential
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    $SHIB-USD conversation
    Remember no SEC oversight and no insider trading laws on crypto currencies. Robinhood is launching SHIB soon and your key indicator is the massive amount of whales buying this up and forcing it down to get more. $DOGE-USD $BTC-USD
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    I appreciate $ADA does not follow $BTC as much these days but $BTC trading over $50,000 and $ADA remains at $2.22!?
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    Manipulation is bigger than $btc
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    Why are you guys selling a stock that hasn’t broken previous high when $BTC broke old highs
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    $BTC whale just added 19m to ADA. Look out!
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    The $60K breakout is coming let’s see if $BTC can break ATH’s by the end of the month. Then the ALTS will follow $ETH $ADA $XRP $DOT $SOL
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    $BTC is now almost $55,000 it has gone up almost 10% $ADA $ETH let’s follow the OG LETS GO!!!
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    $ANY conversation
    $ANY will follow along with the price action of $BTC
    Just like $MARA and $RIOT
    (Both red today)
    Once $ANY starts mining in full capacity you’ll see the volume start flowing for long term positions.
    Kick back and relax dudes :) or gtfo
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    $BTC breaking through $55K AGAIN love this! A massive bull run is coming!
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    If $BTC breaks $50,000 in the next day or so along with the Brazil news planning to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender this could start this bull run going in October
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    If people cannot stomach a 10% drop in crypto I suggest you get out… look at the bigger picture and zoom out say a year you’ll see massive gains. I’m adding / DCA EVERY 10% dip I’m doing well! Long term view we will be massively rewarded! $ADA $ETH $BTC crypto is the future as part of a diversified portfolio
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    $BTC continues to pump at $57,000+ at the time of writing Alt coins will follow it’s about patience $BTC is building good support $ADA $DOT $ETH $XRP I’m hoping every Crypto investor does very well on this bull run regardless of what you personally own!
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    $RIOT conversation
    Bitcoin 50K this week, $100K end of year.
    $BTC $mara $btbt $riot $coin
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    Why Institutional Investors are Buying Bitcoin ($BTC) Over Gold?
    Bitcoin’s ($BTC) price has seen a new bullish surge with the start of October. The top cryptocurrency has already recovered its losses from the past month and hit a new 5-month high above $56,000. Amid growing bullish price momentum institutions seem to be coming back to $BTC again and as per a recent JP Morgan note, these institutional investors are ditching gold for Bitcoin.