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As of 11:48AM UTC. Market open.
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  • B
    I had no clue what I was going before joining the group. The courses and mods are great. Being in the chat room trading is bar none. I have found members with similar trading styles and we work together thought out the day to find trade opportunities.
    Start Racing Stocks in Real-Time! A simple and fun way to approach the Stock Market
    Start Racing Stocks in Real-Time! A simple and fun way to approach the Stock Market
  • T
    Without going on and on in a very long comment, I'm not convinced. The examples are highly selective and not exactly detailed in a way that actually makes a compelling argument because it assumes that we are just quite clueless beyond looking directly at price action on specific timeframes. I have many issues with many of these charts, but this is the biggest one. Even the most basic indication that could be considered in these examples, volume, let alone any systematic form of technical analysis is excluded. Sure, trade with the trend, or don't, whatever makes you the fear
  • J
    Want to make money from Ethereum/BNB ?
    I make $600 a day from staking/mining Ethereum or BNB.. using Bscminers
  • A
    haha Down to 17k
  • M
    26k before sub 8k ;)
  • T
    Doesn’t seem to want to break much below that 20k
  • t
    wait, store of what ?
  • i
    Still at 19K? Come on guys!
  • i
    Guys I am buying another .0000025 bitcoin
  • L
    Mexican senate bill proposes Bitcoin as legal tender 🚀
  • G
    When bitcoin was 100 dollars years ago, nobody thought it would reach 60k. Today, bitcoin is 20k, nobody thinks it will reach 500k in 4 years.
  • D
    Well if you’re not allowed to sell, because there is no money to be given in a sell…the price is still 20k. Can anyone out there actually get 20k for their con coin?
  • M
    Michael Burry
    Stocks are legally enforceable contracts with physical companies. Who are you gonna sue when you can't access your bitcoin?
  • C
    Crypto hedge fund Three Arrows files for US bankruptcy
  • A
    Is $19,000 hard earned US dollars still too much to pay for 1 digital coin backed by nothing or no one?
  • D
    Pump over....15k is next
  • D
    it couldn't hold $20k. no reason it should hold $19k
  • C
    But, buy, buy.... so I can sell, sell, sell 🙏🙏🙏
  • m
    I lost a tooth yesterday and my dentist told me to put it under my pillow before I go to sleep.
    I woke up this morning and the tooth fairy left me a shiny new Bitcoin. I got jipped, I was hoping for a quarter, the Bitcoin is worthless.
  • D
    for 6 months people have been saying that it won't go lower, yet it has gone lower, expect more of the same until something changes.