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Bitcoin JPY (BTC-JPY)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in JPY
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2,764,378.25+50,979.50 (+1.88%)
As of 05:42AM UTC. Market open.
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    16k is coming
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    Crypto currency trading and investment have really helped a lot of people to achieve their main aim and quest for FINANCIAL FREEDOM. But many also lost due to investing with the wrong people. I invested 3000USD recommend Doris H Davis is my assistant she's really for those to invest and make huge profits returns. She is 💯%trust worthy and reliable....
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    How many crypto currencies can there be? 100's? millions? billions???

    Think about that for a while....
  • f
    Up to $10 billion lost in Voyager !
  • a
    Ha ha 20k for something maid up?!!
    Think about it. In a 3rd world country a welder makes 20k over the course of one year.
    Does Bitcoin hold more value than a welder??
    In America, what is the worth of a 3G welder, working 60 hours a week?
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    I bought a bag-a-donuts this morning with KING DOLLAR
  • J
    If your exchange has frozen your assets and you can't withdraw, you are down 100%.
  • M
    Investing in Bitcoin should be on every individual's list. In 2_3years time, you will be so glad with the decision you made.
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    AMD's recent disclosures about trying to cancel the capacity at TSMC because the Crypto miners are no longer investing in new rigs, is a major bearish signal for the future of Crypto. Once the profitability of mining ceases to attract the miners, the feasibility of the transaction platform and ultimately the value of BTC and others ceases to exist.
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    One question guys if miners sell BTC they don’t believe in it and know dollars worth more right?
  • R
    Trying to purchase gas today , was told no Btc only cash.
  • S
    Spec Tor
    Oh No....Not again
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    I heard tulips are the next hedge against inflation.
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    it's a trap , 15k Soon
  • D
    Well if you’re not allowed to sell, because there is no money to be given in a sell…the price is still 20k. Can anyone out there actually get 20k for their con coin?
  • D
    Digital Ponzi
    There is no price that Bitcoin will ever be cheap as it is a Ponzi with no earnings or product.. this Ponzi is not even cheap at ZERO..
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    Pump over....15k is next
  • T
    One answer is of course pattern/break out trading. Another answer is momentum/trend trading with a basic Heiken Ashi strategy. Both require more patience and stronger hands than new traders have and it takes years to develop the patience and the strong hands and the confidence in believing large patterns will perform to target which is a new system ! I perfectly has guides on new systems
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    Crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital has filed for bankruptcy.
  • J
    The greatest minds in crypto met to try and bring the price up. It didn't work.