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1,663,936.12+11,324.50 (+0.69%)
As of 03:27PM UTC. Market open.
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  • R
    Got over 400k BITCOIN. Been holding long term. On seeing the recent movements of the Bitcoin market, I don't think I want to hold anymore. I'm considering selling off my coins or trading them for profits depending on which works better.
  • Z
    Whatever type of investment you decide to get into,I think the key message here or for me rether is to start investing no matter how small. When you invest, you're buying a day that you don't have to work..I pray everyone reading this become successful
  • M
    True! I had a profit return of 47,000Usd trading with her last week.
  • V
    What mony
  • M
    Investing in crypto now is very cool especially with the current rise in the market now
  • c
    Next to no volume. 🤔🤷‍♂️ when was the volume ever this low?
  • J
    Joe Dirt
    22k plus by tomorrow morning....
  • A
    Andy M
    Sell now and buy @ 12.000 next week.
  • J
    when it comes to investment, we want our money with the highest rates of return, and the lowest risk possible.While there are no shortcuts to getting reach,but there are smart ways to go about it.
  • J
    I just dont understand BTC anymore. Who is controlling this mkt
  • s
    Bitcoin is the Future
  • D
    Recession kicking in=BTC down
    Interest rates up=BTC down
    Low volumes=BTC down
    Fear factor.up=BTC down
    No trust=BTC down
    No regulation=BTC down
    dump&pump=BTC up
  • J
    Most exchanges now suspending withdrawals. What this should tell you is all these places are using customer funds (your investment) to run operations and pay their own employees, keep the lights on and the servers runnings. Crypto relies on an always increasing price to keep the operation going. This is a classic Ponzi scheme.
  • K
    As price goes up... need to liquidate goes down... and, need to cover short position goes up! I like our chances for a pop to $25K to $30K range in next few weeks. Market is normalizing!!!
  • b
    b evan
    from 65K to 21K.... great investment!!
  • R
    Bitcoin at $20k is depressing…
    Scary indeed…
    Lots of people have lost their money trying to hold…
    But it’s on the rise again
    The market is green and the best time to trade
    Quick advice… Do not hold crypto.. trade it, try to flip and double it.. chances of gaining and profiting is higher…
  • J
    Easy 18K by Monday !
  • D
    Crypto’s Richest Billionaire Says Bitcoin (BTC) Will Revisit $69,000 Price
  • P
    Those thinking this will ever hit 30,000 again need a serious wake up call. It’s more likely to hit 5,000
  • b
    Lol 10k by end of summer