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19,948.19+542.05 (+2.79%)
As of 08:59PM UTC. Market open.
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  • D
    Well if you’re not allowed to sell, because there is no money to be given in a sell…the price is still 20k. Can anyone out there actually get 20k for their con coin?
  • J
    AMD's recent disclosures about trying to cancel the capacity at TSMC because the Crypto miners are no longer investing in new rigs, is a major bearish signal for the future of Crypto. Once the profitability of mining ceases to attract the miners, the feasibility of the transaction platform and ultimately the value of BTC and others ceases to exist.
  • S
    Spec Tor
    Oh No....Not again
  • S
    Why so many Bitcoin haters? It's outperforming many tech stocks so far. As a reminder, it continues to be a store of value, medium of exchange and hedge against inflation.
  • D
    Digital Ponzi
    There is no price that Bitcoin will ever be cheap as it is a Ponzi with no earnings or product.. this Ponzi is not even cheap at ZERO..
  • D
    Pump over....15k is next
  • C
    Crypto hedge fund Three Arrows files for US bankruptcy
  • G
  • J
    The greatest minds in crypto met to try and bring the price up. It didn't work.
  • J
    Voyager Halts Trading and Withdrawals, Citing Debt Failure with bankruptcy looming.. The end is near for this imaginary phony tulip money.
  • A
    haha Down to 17k
  • D
    One question guys if miners sell BTC they don’t believe in it and know dollars worth more right?
  • G
    Bag Holders checking their crypto account.
  • H
    There never has been a viable use case
  • B
    Buck Nasty
    I'm down 85% because I bought the bitcoin hype
  • m
    I lost a tooth yesterday and my dentist told me to put it under my pillow before I go to sleep.
    I woke up this morning and the tooth fairy left me a shiny new Bitcoin. I got jipped, I was hoping for a quarter, the Bitcoin is worthless.
  • M
    Michael Burry
    Stocks are legally enforceable contracts with physical companies. Who are you gonna sue when you can't access your bitcoin?
  • y
    Crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital has filed for bankruptcy.
  • c
    Short Street is actually pumping??? 😂😂😂 what is this the first time in a month?? Guess it was too easy for rest of the world to just short from opening bell to closing bell knowing short Street was going to short while it’s open. More than likely they need to pump it cause they need more retail money so they can keep dumping..
  • D
    it couldn't hold $20k. no reason it should hold $19k