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162,648.59-1,867.02 (-1.13%)
As of 01:34PM UTC. Market open.

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  • T
    Some analysts are comparing the market to 1982 when the fed finally pivoted to reduce interest rates and caused the market to rally in the following years..however the key differences here were the fed hasn’t raised interest rates even close to the levels Volker did back then to reign in inflation prior to the pivot, up to 20% !! and Reagan decreased taxes, not raised taxes as this Congress is planning to do. There is no valid comparison to 1982
  • b
    b evan
    but... what happened to 25? 30??..
  • l
    today we break 24
  • T
    Global markets are facing a lot on uncertainty. Everyone is taking their eyes off China and Europe economies, but they are the biggest threat to US since Europe is facing a recession and China is trying to save their economy as the focus is on Russia. China again will sink the world just like in 2008 Ghost towns their built. We will see a recession along Europe and China again. Everything from Stocks to Cryptos will succumb to it. Volume is lacking here, no one wants to buy in when markets may free fall .
  • A
    Once bitcoin crosses $25K, $30K will soon follow.
  • H
    When it comes to investing, we want our money to grow with the highest rates of return, and the lowest risk possible. while there are no shortcuts to getting rich, but there are smart ways to go about it
  • c
    Guys, check out ( They have been crushing it lately while BTC-USDbarley does anything at all.
  • B
    BIG Jake
    the problem with whatever argument you have against BTC is its the same one that was wrong 5 years, 10 yrs ago
  • T
    True Anarchy
    Monthly chart looks great...

    One step up after another...
  • O
    Right now. The world seems to lacking things behind Which is affecting most us individually, we aren't getting any results to that anymore soon, but we till need daily budget and strategy to survive. I've learnt to Think BEFORE I DO which has been given the best result I needed in daily bases, and how to spend like the poor and invest like the Rich.
  • n
    Can someone please tell me 1 thing you can buy with this bitcon?
  • B
  • b
    b evan

    What happened boi?? Goin backwards !
  • J
    I heard tulips are the next hedge against inflation.
  • M
    30K is coming soon
  • G
    nice to be back over $25k
  • U
    Shorting this. It will keep going down as interest rates go up.
  • t
    1 year return : -50%
  • 1
    boom.. 25k
  • m
    BTC $30K? See ACRX starting to climb pre market on Volume...