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    BTC hit a 3 year high today, up 9 out of the last 11 sessions and is up 25% this month and up 90% YTD! IMO, this is only the beginning of an epic run that will last years. As I have posted before when we were at $9K, that $12K was brewing, that was breached and now $15K is coming soon, then $20K and then $50K and so on. Investors cannot ignore BTC any longer! GL
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    New topic here and likely a large part of the bitcoin fascination..and that's the 24/7 virtual aspect that plays into our new addiction to cell phones/social medias. With a small investment you can become part of the emotional stimulation of watching your "net worth" (used lightly) Rollercoaster around fueling dreams of success and of course some anxiety of failure all within the same online experience most are having as it is. This is actually a supporting reality to bitcoin success and why the actual functionality of bitcoin is less of a necessity. If you haven't watched "the social dilemma" on Netflix yet.. definitely check it out. To some degree we are all being pulled into this rabbit hole. Bitcoin is likely the financial aspect to this . Thoughts?
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    I always buy Bitcoin with the use of my DR Card, I love the nature and simplicity in the crypto market, as an investor and day trader who learnt major buy and sell strategies and even day trading signals from best traders like @Trademasterlive on telegram and his YouTube. I thank guys like Trademaster for showing me how to profit largely from the market as a holder, buyer or day trader. it has been 2 months using his signals and guidance now, and i have recovered up to 4.5BTC on my portfolio with just day trading and investing in the right assets, i urge traders to follow steps and copy trading of professionals like Trademaster. Cheers to the crypto gurus.
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    you can see it
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    It seems there is a growing belief that Bit Coin is an investment headed for much higher values not just the day trader vehicle, there is much more value in holding for a long term run.
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    BTC fundamentals have improved significantly over the last year or two. The price was due to increase earlier this year, but the coronavirus situation shot it down due to the selloff and liquidity squeeze. Now with corona mostly out of the way and paypal announcing they are adding BTC and other cryptos, it is getting the bump it earned. It may not have much inherent value, but this time around the price increase (thus far) is supported by an improvement in fundamentals after a long consolidation period. My guess is it will overshoot in the months to come... because you know crypto traders love that FOMO.
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    Once enough sheep are corralled through PayPal, the great reversal will begin. Its all about transaction fees and the consumer loses
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    Funny how people will not allow you to enjoy your investment in something.
    Most come here to just throw their poison around and leave, makes them feel good? smh.
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    Maybe, if BTC hits 20k , yahoo will fix the daily gain/loss ticker?
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    People are posting bitcoin will go to zero lol..... Can anyone someone please share their opinion on how it can go to zero..? You realize that's impossible right? Do you guys think bitcoin is only in America? If that were the case Maybe. But it's not so please elaborate beyond saying its a scam or its backed by nothing
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    Joe Little
    Imagine what will happen as more huge firms adopt btc. Amazon btc adoption????
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    So paypal is offering an incentive to buy and sell with no fees before year end and will settle in fiat before it goes to the retail. Wait till this takes a massive dive in 2021 and all those sell fees collected. I guess paypal is the buy not bitcon.
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    If you are a bitcoin believer, why would you ever sell?
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    I've been thinking about this digital dollar news and ultimately believe at this point in time that it is bad for btc. We all understand the difference between centralized and decentralized, but the feds have their own needs, similarly to how the oil business still gets its way even though we could have alternatives. Alternative energy doesn't suit the feds economic plan. The feds could adopt btc, but they won#$%$ not in their plan. They'll have it sit on the little back burner like alternative energy.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    BTC-USD is up 5.00% to 13729.28
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    So I have been invested in this “ponzy” scheme now for 2 years and have doubled my money. Is it still considered a ponzy if you make money.. just curious?
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    Wait until this ponzi/scam breaks 20k. 🤣 Haters are clueless.
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    BOO-YA fellow longs, closing in on 14k, green is good