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Vanguard Short-Term Bond Index Fund (BSV)

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76.82-0.05 (-0.07%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
76.90 +0.08 (+0.10%)
After hours: 06:31PM EDT

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    I've owned BSV several times in the last 10 years or so. I sold it when it went above $80 and got back in when it went below. Right now seems like an ideal time to load up. The complaint below, comparing the price to the Bond market, may be due to the fact that although Bonds and Bond funds/etfs are listed based on the price of the securities, when finance sites and TV reports mention the Bond market, they more often cite the bond yield as going up or down.
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    Better to have the following to invest your short term assets/cash:
    1. Shovel
    2. Back yard
    3. Mason jars
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    If anyone is currently holding BSV, why?
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    Can someone explain how this can pay a 2% dividend when short term treasuries pay signficantly less than this? I realize they are holding treasuries from some time ago as well but it seems even if you go back and average the rates over a 5 year period that the average is well less than 2%
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    last dividend was .109 vs .155 a year ago.
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    What does it take for this thing to move?
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    NEW YORK (Reuters) -China is unlikely to pare its purchases of U.S. Treasuries significantly anytime soon as its foreign exchange reserves grow, even as trade and geopolitical tensions between Washington and Beijing remain high, analysts and investors said.
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    By the 4th of July 2020 Donald Trump will be in very deep financial, legal and political distress and then America will come together under its Patriotic Core and stop this insane justification of this man of self serving goals. Other countries have had to deal with such leaders but some had no means of suppression but the USA has Congress and checks on power that should stop this progression to a Kingdom with Trump as King and we as serfs and paupers. I do have faith that in the end the republican party will find its way and its patriotism and allow democracy and country to survive. He is a fraud and a danger to the country and our liberty. Boolean
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    So, I can't figure BSV out for the life of me, yeah, I know bonds are not the best place to be right now, but as a balanced portfolio I do believe they have a place. BSV is frustrating as all get out though, when markets up, it goes down, when markets down, it goes down. This dog is down just about as much as my overall portfolio this year which tells me that it really isn't helping out the overall portfolio at all. Getting ready to start setting some limits and unload this dog. What is the consensus? Will this ever come back? is it just inflation and interest rates that are dragging this down and it will come back in the long term, or is there some fundamental flaw in this fund I am missing. I have several other bond funds that are acting as how I would anticipate, but not this sucker, and it's making me feel like a sucker. I know this board is not real active, but if anyone wants to start a discussion, jump on in!!!
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    Bitcoin USD
    #BSV has:

    - Whitepaper adherence,
    - Apps and businesses,
    - Scaling on chain,
    - Fast and cheap transactions,
    - #Metanet,
    - Tokens and smart contracts (soon),
    - Patents,
    - Dedicated miners
    - Satoshi Nakamoto.
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    $BSV-USD conversation
    $BSV Back in the top 20!
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    Watch the Calvin Ayre Interview from 4/13/21 on YouTube.. #BSV
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    You can do better with a CD for a short time place to stash cash.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    BSV reached a new 52 Week Low at $75.74
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    $COIN conversation
    Coinbase colluded with the likes of Kraken and Binance and Blockstream to suppress Bitcoin SV #BSV, the real Bitcoin that adheres to the original Satoshi protocol by delisting from their exchanges, and supported the ponzi segwit coin BTC that is useless - has no utility. I can't believe SEC allowed the IPO.
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    Timo el Toro
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    $SHIB-USD conversation
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    BSV: Year to date -4.43. Heads need to roll at this short-term bond fund.
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    $BSV Seems to be a decent place to park your money with all the current nonsense
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    $SHIB-USD conversation
    Not Financial Advice - Do Your Own Research