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    Sen. Elizabeth Warren told CNBC that buybacks are market manipulation made to inflate executive pay.

    I should have known this was Buffet's motives, he's trying to get that $100,000 a year salary up to $110,000. Sneaky.
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    Everyone should go to the website of “Semper Augustus Investments “and read their most current client letter. They always write a section on BRK every year because BRK consists of 30% or so of their portfolio. It’s a very good read.It gives charts of what they think intrinsic value is.They explained Brk very well.
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    Stock trading 245 at 21 times Free Cash Flow 11.65 per share. Given the growth rate, it is no bargain.

    CVS trading 70 at 6.87 times free cash flow 10.19 per share.
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    berkshire just pass tesla in marketcap !
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    From last year (2019) annual letter...

    "In past reports, we have discussed both the sense and nonsense of stock repurchases. Our thinking, boiled down: Berkshire will buy back its stock only if a) Charlie and I believe it is selling for less than it is worth and b) the company, upon completing the purchase, is left with ample cash.

    Calculations of intrinsic value are far from precise. Consequently, neither of us feels any urgency to buy an estimated $1 of value for a very real 95 cents. In 2019, the Berkshire price/value equation was modestly
  • D
    January 1 , 2015 , BRK.B at $143 , 6 years later $251
    that is up 70% over 6 years , and had to buy back stock to do that

    S&P 500 on Jan 1 , $1988 , 6 years later , $3893
    that is 96% ,over 6 years , plus Divy's
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    Funny thing is Warren Buffet says we should focus on operating earnings yet his greatest gains have been from investments he has made. Buffet first purchased Apple stock in late 2016 at a cost of $36 billion. By July 2018, Berkshire held over a billion split-adjusted shares of the iPhone maker, or 5.2%, at a cost of $36 billion. “Since then, we have both enjoyed regular dividends, averaging about $775 million annually, and have also — in 2020 — pocketed an additional $11 billion by selling a small portion of our position,” he wrote.
    “Despite that sale — voila! — Berkshire now owns 5.4% of Apple,” Buffett declared. And because Apple continually bought back its own stock.....
    Bank of America purchase during the last crisis........... BYD 10 plus years ago.......

    No Warren, investment gains do matter and we pay attention to both......
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    Captain Hairpiece
    I said Sat after reading the report that it would be up 3-5 % today. I hope we have some follow through.
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    Can you solve the mystery?

    Let's assume that BRK's intrinsic value in 2019 is X.

    In 2019, Buffett paid as much as $222.20 per B share.

    I say that BRK's intrinsic value fell slightly in 2020. I say that BRK's intrinsic value was 0.97 times X in 2020.

    In 2020, Buffett paid as much as $228.38 per B share.

    Now, solve for X.
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    2020 buy backs at $24.7b. Another $9b in Q4. During the fourth quarter the company bought back around $9 billion of Berkshire shares, bringing the total 2020 repurchase to a record $24.7 billion.

    “Berkshire has repurchased more shares since year-end and is likely to further reduce its share count in the future,” his annual letter stated.
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    anyone here remember when I mentioned Josh Brown mentioning on CNBC that Berkshire had a lot of cash and the BRK-B stock traded higher on sizable volume? NO could have been a practice run of the algorithms/AI trading the new BUZZ etf is running.

    BUZZ begins trading today off of social media mentions. Unreal.
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    I’m baffled as to why the trading volume on A shares is so high and the price is out of whack so much over the B’s. About $4000. per A share.
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    I am not selling a share until I am at least as old as Munger is now. Love the share buyback and increasing my stake in businesses that I was proud to have as a part of my portfolio to begin with. We will make up some ground this year with financial industry set to rebound.
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    Book value went up 9.79% to $191.35 per B share, $287,031 per A share for a one year period.That would make the P/B 1.256
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    bought 100 at $188 back in the fall. Up 30%. Wish I had bought more. But I'll take it.
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    Berkshire Hathaway Intrinsic Value Update ~ $344

    Semper Agustus 2020 Letter to Clients

    Starting on page 83:
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    I've seen this movie before in 2000 & 2009. Stock market bubble, Berkshire selling below IV and with tons of cash. Happy Days are ahead for the long term holder.
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    If Brk could go up to $265 about it would beat the S&P over a 1 year period and if it could get to about $285 it would currently beat the 2 year S&P.
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    John # 2
    I knew it! Berkshire bought back a huge amount of its own stock
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    Just buy the stock, delete your investment app and come back when your ready to retire. If you’ve got a decent runway ahead of you then your guaranteed at least 8-10% per annum