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    Copper, gold, silver and battery metals prices are expected to hit record highs and should be very positive for BKRRF. The lack of new copper discoveries in the last ten years means that companies like BKRRF could soar. Another impressive copper gold cobalt company Red Metal Resources (RMESF: OTC) (RMES.V) recently reported impressive drill results showing what could become high-grade copper mine. Cobalt was also encountered that could be worth as much as the copper. Red Metal 100%-owned claims of about 3,378 hectares are in the Chilean Carrizal district that is estimated to have yielded more than 3 million tonnes of copper which translates to over $24 billion at todays’ prices. Additional drilling results from the same drill program are due in a few days and could send shares higher. RMESF or RMES is undiscovered and undervalued and trading between 12 to 15 cents with tiny market cap of about $5.5 million.
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    Given today's overall market and the likely possibility that there's modifications/improvements that will be forthcoming on the estimate, I don't see why people are selling....Also, I have to believe that some type of informal agreement has already been made for a BRC & Summa deal to First Majestic as some have suggested. Why else would AP have estimated to the most stringent parameters? It would seem to me that whatever the stick price is today, some premium will be paid to acquire it. It is high grade and in preferable jurisdiction - that has not changed.
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    how can this be down 3% on a day silver is up 2.5%. AP is quite so at least he's not pumping
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    AP e-mail reply to me:
    May 2 at 8:04 PM
    To: 'Christopher Campbell'
    Hi Christopher,

    To what end? I’m one of the largest shareholders in the company and we’ve just delivered one of the most robust, safe-haven resources in the entire industry. Would’ve loved to see firmer market today but we’re not here to day trade; we’re here to fundamentally advance and de-risk the project.

    On this initial pass Victor ended up delivering the highest ounces, clearly surpassing our expectations given the slightly higher grades, and vein thicknesses there. We see significant upside potential at DPB to add tonnes; the rigid stope parametres and economic assumptions saw tonnes fall off as originally targeted, though further drilling, especially to better define the high-grade shoots, and in those areas that that were “on the cusp”, leaves room for substantial upside. With veins, there’s no middle ground; tonnes either make the cut, or they fall off entirely. Unfortunately last 2-3 batches of DPB infill holes came in quite a bit skinnier than initial drilling.

    We had MDA put this through the wringer, taking a skeptics view to every single aspect of the model as we wanted it to be absolutely bullet-proof in terms of establishing initial numbers. We’ve looked at every significant UG resource in the silver space over the past few years and this is amongst the most conservative yet; it’s been constrained six ways from Sunday and at that, it’s wildly robust as the grade is more than 2x the cut-off. These numbers are conservative and they hold up to scrutiny.

    We’ve used significantly higher cut-off grades and cost assumptions than our peers. We used ID-cubed for the blocks, and took it one step further, presenting the resource entirely within a stope (rigid minimum vein widths of 1.5m); whereas most resources for projects of this stage require a fair bit of faith and provide for a lot of wiggle room, there are no “shades of grey” in ours. That also speaks to upside as we focus on drilling out key areas and bringing cost assumptions/cutoff grade down.

    Analysts/corporates will like it and see immediate upside in our numbers. The full technical report spells out everything in greater detail, including sensitivity analysis using lower cut-off (which obviously adds tonnage) and that’ll be filed shortly.

    That said, using our 42.6m ounces in the base case, we closed Friday valued at roughly $3.35/oz. Today we closed at $2.58/ounce. Given peer comps for high-grade silver stories, especially safe-haven ones, I’d say fair value is somewhere in between that.

    Our closing price today is where we were at the end of February and we’re now backstopped by some of the highest grade undeveloped silver ounces in the ground.

    That was his reply to a comment i sent.

    His words, most detailed explanation/reply i think i've seen & did like this part --- " Analysts/corporates will like it and see immediate upside in our numbers. The full technical report spells out everything in greater detail, including sensitivity analysis using lower cut-off (which obviously adds tonnage) and that’ll be filed shortly".

    There was around 110k metres drilled & MRE only used 65k.
    Fill be very interesting.

    Still looking forward to 1.2 miles to the NW & Lithium assays, glta!!
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    more drilling. more pumping. more dilution to fund the forever drilling program
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    Not out-of-the-park numbers, but if I'm reading this correctly, still looking at about $500M net value ($170/ton after costs x 3M tons), which is multiples of the current market cap.
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    Not knowing much about different grades of silver and gold , I guess by the way the stock has responded to the news , it wasn’t a good report.
    Please explain exactly how bad the numbers were for the reported silver and gold find.
    Thanks for giving more detail to the stockholders that were expecting good news!
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    Back on the possible Li addition & with AP said weeks ago in 6ix webinar, right at the end --- Silver/Gold/Lithium..."trifecta".

    We know Sara Palin could see American Lithium from her window, if she lived in Tonopah. AL is proving out their Li extraction process from the clay. That's all we need. To have very similar chemistries for an easier flow-sheet design,

    Then there is also American Battery working on their clay extraction process: Their page 19 & 20 DOE talks about the claims uniqueness.

    Blackrock has said our Li is showing at surface of Siebert.

    We'll be proving the Li if it's economically, & contracting with one these neighbors. Glta!!
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    Andrew Pollard
    May 4 at 6:30 AM
    To: Christopher Campbell

    Thanks Chris.
    I certainly understand the frustration; key thing we can now focus on is we now have a bona-fide world class deposit on our hand (high grade/safe haven commands big premiums) and are seeing exceptional ROI on our drilling. 62c to discover so far and despite the sell-of (both in terms of share price and silver price -, which is off 15% in two weeks) we're commanding valuation of $2.5/ ounce in ground. Great case to keep drilling! Lots more low hang fruit. Cheers, Andrew ---------------------------

    Weeks ago he mentioned once NW assays come in, they will start surface expansion drilling.
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    MRE numbers are really good. Calculations are based on Silver $20usd and Gold $1795usd. When Silver reaches $27 again and Gold $2100 again....well just do the math.....
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    Li potential:
    "To help confirm the margin of the Tonopah caldera, four drillholes are planned along an east-west fence; however, the Siebert Formation is exposed at the surface, and American Lithium Corp’s, TLC, lithium deposit is located approximately 3 kilometres to the northwest of Blackrock’s claim position within the Siebert Formation. The lithium is hosted within the middle and lower members of the Siebert formation. Four drillholes (Sites C, D, E and F) will serve a dual purpose of identifying the margin of the Tonopah caldera as well as testing the Siebert Formation for lithium concentrations" Distance apart: only 1.8 miles. Read page 11, bottom left corner in blue, from AL's corpoate presentation.

    It's clear Blackrock's Li potential, has been very much overlooked. Continue to confirm similarities & either sell claims, or retain them &sign a tolling / processing agreement with AL.
    No fully mining/processing build-out.

    AL claims are 3 km's NW from BRC. Our NW step-out was 2 km's.
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    $170/ton after costs x 3M tons is $2.94 sp.
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    To baseline to AL's claims, for when we get assay(s) "...the following significant advantages to American Lithium's TLC Property: There is no hectorite/smectite and the claystone is 100% digestible, meaning selective mining is not required; No concentrations of deleterious elements including mercury, arsenic or uranium (radioactivity) resulting in no contaminants in potential waste rock; No water issues due to the entire resource being above the water table, no groundwater runoff or watershed issues; Little to no overburden resulting in no to minimal pre-stripping required.."
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    Lol I might buy some soon
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    a typical day for blackrock. silver up and blackrock down. yeah management you can feel the love
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    Price target lowered? Is 1.60, that was 1.84.....
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    I went to Tonopah on a coordinated bus tour with $BRC.V and $SSVR.V at the beginning of April. I'm sure that all of you who participate on this board are already aware, but here are some basics about the project. The veins were discovered and mined in the early 1900s. From 1902 to 1930 about 175m oz of Silver and 2m oz of Gold were extracted from the earth. The miners ground to a halt following 1930 only on account of falling silver prices, which fell from $2/ oz to below $0.50/ oz. It did not stop because it was depleted of Silver. The miners followed the veins as deep as 1500 ft deep. The Town of Tonopah peaked at about 30,000 people in the 1920s, now sitting at about 2,500 people. $BRC.V and $SSVR.V now aggressively drill the ground to quantify the remaining known resource, in as many as 10 known veins today.
    The CEOs have done well in promoting this story. Now its up to them to prove the resource with the MRE coming out any day now.
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    So is $.70 a share a fair market value or does it have more to fall?
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    It's beginning to feel like Groundhog's Day. I keep waking up expecting to see a resource estimate and it's always going to come out tomorrow.
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    Woo hoo!!! Finally!!! The mineral resource estimate report is a lot to wade through, and not being a geologist, I am having a hard time interpreting things. Anybody able to summarize in a coherent way?