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BP p.l.c. (BP)

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26.10-1.08 (-3.97%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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    Three months of share price appreciation wiped out in two days. BP is now trading below its level in March when oil was at $60. Brent crude is trading today at $73.50
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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    $100 Oil Predictions Soar As Analysts Warn Of Supply Crisis. “Incredible demand,” inflation, and shareholder pressure on oil supermajors to drastically cut emissions could lead to an oil crisis within three years, with very high oil and gasoline prices, David Tawil, president of Maglan Capital, told Fox Business on Wednesday.

    Tawil has been very bullish on oil for some time, and thinks that the prices could hit $100 per barrel soon.

    In the near term, oil prices have more room to rise, both from inflationary standpoint but also from demand standpoint, he told Fox Business.

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    $OXY conversation
    Some days in the past; today's action( by greedy hedge funds and institutions) was called: PURE ILLEGAL MANIPULATION
    WHERE IS SEC??!!!!!!
    Short data: June17 ,2021

    Explanation about below data:
    Vol: The total volume numbers of first hand shares which is coming into market for trading.It is different than total volume that you see in yahoo or elsewhere.Because in total volume one share can change many hands between traders.But original amount of coming shares and shorted shares are constant for day.

    For Canadian Stocks the volume is just for US market.
    SU :(Vol 2.45M shares),(Short 0.81M shares ), (33% of first hand shares)(Price change:-4.57%)
    XOM (Vol 8.8M ), (Short 3.5M ), (40% )———(Price change:-3.29%)
    CLR (Vol 0.75M ), (Short 0.39M ), (52% )———(Price change:-6.29%)
    CVX (Vol 3.5M ), (Short 1.9M ), (54% )———(Price change:-2.37%)
    OXY (Vol 15.78M ), (Short 8.7M ), (55% )———(Price change:-7.6%)
    CPG (Vol 1.65M ), (Short 0.98M ), (60% )———(Price change:-6.74%)
    CNQ (Vol 0.73M ), (Short 0.23M ), (32% )———(Price change:-4.3%)
    ENB (Vol 1.13M ), (Short 0.62M ), (55% )———(Price change:-0.69%)
    BP (Vol 4.26M ), (Short 1.42M ), (34% )———(Price change:-2.69%)
    CVE (Vol 3M ), (Short 0.87M ), (30% )———(Price change:-4.25%)
    CDEV (Vol 4.61M ), (Short 1.6M ), (35%)———(Price change:-8.26%)
    FANG (Vol 1 M ), (Short 0.46M ), (46% )———(Price change:-3.85%)
    CPE (Vol 0.69M ), (Short 0.39M ), (57% )———(Price change:-6.25%)
    MRO (Vol 13.9M ), (Short 8M ), (58% )———(Price change:-5.64%)
    SLB (Vol 4.5M ), (Short 2.1M ), (46% )———(Price change:-4.61%)
    HAL (Vol 2.9M ), (Short 1.7M ), (60% )———(Price change:-5.73%)
    RIG (Vol 15.5M ), (Short 9.1M ), (59% )———(Price change:-7.64%)
    TOT (Vol 2.7M ), (Short 0.87M ), (35% )———(Price change:0%)
    PXD (Vol 1.1M ), (Short 0.33M ), (32% )———(Price change:-2.42%)
    COP (Vol 3.1M ), (Short 1.6M ), (52% )———(Price change:-3.47%)
    BKR (Vol 2.1M ), (Short 1.43M ), (67% )———(Price change:-2.91%)
    LPI (Vol 0.2M ), (Short 0.05M ), (25% )———(Price change:-7.08%)
    PDS (Vol 0.02M ), (Short 0.001M ), (50% )———(Price change:-6.35%)

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    BP rolling to $40+ They have underperformed the oil market, but that will change after next earnings report..... stay long, and this will way outperform XOM and CVX going forward.....
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    Today is option expiry day. also FED remarks on inflation and rate hikes are not helpful. Add to that market manipulation. All of these factors may have pulled the price down.
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    I follow Brent oil price not the stock price.
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    At this point I think we need news on dividend increase or them having bought back a ton of shares as advertised for this thing to bounce.
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    Makes sense...BP getting trounced again while oil up big today and near 52-week highs..Worst investment of my life. Should have invested it all in XOM that pays a higher dividend to boot. Where's the stock buyback Mr. Looney??? Another lie...
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    What happens when they report massive Q2 profits ?
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    BP said it will buy back $500 million of shares in the second quarter
    There's only 2 weeks left for BP to start buying back 500 million of shares
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    Cenovus Energy Inc.
    Demand is coming back faster than supply and we're going to need more supply to meet that demand," said Phil Flynn, senior analyst at Price Futures Group in Chicago.

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) said in its monthly report that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and allies, known as OPEC+, would need to boost output to meet demand set to recover to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022.

    "OPEC+ needs to open the taps to keep the world oil markets adequately supplied," the Paris-based energy watchdog said.

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    People people stop complaining. You need to know that almost all the oil stocks came down today. And BP increased by $2.4 from last month. There is tremendous growth opportunity with BP once UK opens up next month I hope and pray it happens. The opening of the UK and EU and the financial results for Q2 will be the catalyst I am looking forward for an increase in share price.
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    After positive remarks from the ceo today and bank of america calling for 100 oil this should move to 35-40 over the next few months ...if oil did move that high BP would have about 8-10 billion on free cash flow every 3 months and billions in dividend from rosneft ..they could knock out more than half their debt in one year if oil tracked that high
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    so for all of you who have BP for the dividend need to learn!!! we lost 2 years worth of dividend in last 4 days if we sold it at $28.45 and bought it back today we would have been up 8% . Think about it.
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    Buy. Look at the charts. Pattern is real. For the last six months. Dips after a new high they breaks through. 31 by jul 10
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    I hope OPEX+ squeeze the price up to the pips squeak. It's time to cancel the 'oil is dead' narrative.
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    bp makes too much money especially this quarter.
    If Brent oil price trends sideways to 6/30, average Brent price
    would be around $68 this quarter.
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    Natural gas markets have gone back and forth Tuesday 6/15/2021 as we get close to the $3.40 level.
    The $3.40 level is major resistance, and if we break above it it's likely we could climb another $1.00.
    BP's profits more than tripled on stronger Henry Hub natural gas and global oil prices (April 27, 2021)
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    BP needs to take off this week. Shares should be hitting $35 by now with Oil likely surpass $72 this coming week. BP needs to close the gap on XOM valuation.