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BioNTech SE (BNTX)

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    Pendal Group LTD 13F BNTX purchases filed today = 1,955,940 shares
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    Mr Od
    In assuming that 50-60% belongs to insiders who arent willing to sell, at a valuation of around 30 blns, the company itself could buy back the remaining part only with the balance sheet cash that has been generated during 2021. I presume at YE they are already sitting on 10+ blns of cash. Thats why I am not afraid
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    I am holding
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    A very tough day but remember every day the register rings - these are two day numbers with holiday

    81 000.000 - Received Boosters – Since – August 13th (first reported date)
    43,998,487 – PFE/BNTX – 836,755–1 Day change
    35,314,593–MRNA – 510,335– 1 Day Change
    1,204,021 - J&J – 16,368- 1 Day Change
    Retention – % Take Same Booster
    PFE/BNTX - 92.8% (37.25M); otherwise MRNA
    MRNA- 92.4% (28.71M) otherwise PFE/BNTX
    J&J- 25.0% (1.06M); otherwise - 41.7% (1.77M) MRNA - 33.3% (1.41M PFE/BNTX
    249,393,487 – Americans - have received 1 dose – 75.1% of US population
    Fully Vaccinated Total PFE (2 doses) - 118,568,784
    MRNA – Fully Vaccinated- 74,083,912
    J&J – Fully Vaccinated - 17,983,383
    Doses Distributed to States (Yesterday) – 446,610
    PFE Delivered – 382,544,305
    MRNA Delivered- 239,547,320
    J&J Delivered- 29,887,900
    First and Second Doses Administered Yesterday – 2,367,685
    PFE/BNTX administered including boosters 2,401,581 vs 1,601,707 doses for MRNA-
    One Day Vaccinations (excludes boosters)
    764,952 MRNA, (of which - 69,858 were second doses)
    1,564,826 PFE/BNTX, (of which- 227,471 were second doses)
    36,403 J&J First Dose - 16,368 (second dose boosters)

    Market Share Administered- Total Administered Excludes Boosters– 528,804,260
    BNTX/PFE –58.54%, MRNA – 38.06%, J&J -3.40%
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    At the end of 2022 bntx will have 23 b. Cash. So the met vale will be 17 b. With 5 mrna in step 2 going in step 3 and 5 new vaccines in ster 1 and 15/20 products in step 1. 500/600 patents.....
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    news - This New Study Suggests Pfizer, BioNTech Are Losing The Omicron

    Is this really true ?
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    I am going away and not looking at the stock price until after the PFE
    Q4 earnings call. See you all later ….
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    When someone sell, someone buys: the question is who is selling and who is buying? And which is better informed. My bet is that small investors are selling and big ones buying.
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    I snowboarded at Crystal Mountain, Washington while people were #$%$ at each other... Have respect for each other... Go do something, and not be so upset! The PROFITS are way too good, BNTX has no debt, and Billions in Cash! BNTX has value! It will rise again... Be patient!
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    Mr Od
    Multiple records broken
    - it is fast approaching 1/3 rd of 1 year high.
    - its down 40% from last month
    It is basically behaving like a bankrupt stock. Though the oxymoron is that its financials are incredible. I am very curious to see where the bottom is. I though at 180 but I was wrong!
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    on 1/10 pfe anounced a 150 million equity investment in bntx, since then the stock is down 25% in 9 days after getting a 35% haircut since November, this movement is to assure pfe buys in at a pe of or under 5..perhaps even a tender offer at 300… if this occurs there will be class action suited for sure… jmho and good luck to all.
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    Look at $PFE now ~300B cap. We at ~40B. BNTX/PFE collab (based on Q3) was 36B of the 86B total revenue for PFE... We are way undervalued in comparison. Correct me if Im wrong :).
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    Buy, sell, do whatever you want. I’ve been in this market long enough to know that this too shall pass and new highs are on the horizon. It’s a matter of time, and for a patient person, time is not a problem.

    I see so many stressed people these days. I have made a choice to be long on my investments a few years ago and the best part of being long is that it’s reduces stress enormously.

    Buy, sell, do whatever.. but try to get some sleep first and relax, it might just save a few years of your life.
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    Glimmer Glass
    Whoever believes in this stock give it a thumbs up. I do, who knows at this point.
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    Glimmer Glass
    If the new omicron vaccine means nothing , then how come they are manufacturing it. I’m sure theses companies know what they are doing.
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    Can this continue, if it does we will be at -$20 in two weeks. Ask yourself is this possible ?
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    AT THE END OF 2022: 5 cancer mrna in step 2 READY TO GO IN STEP 3, 5 new vaccines in human trials, a dozen of cancer products in step 1.....22 billions in cash...THIS IS BNTX.
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    There a biotech companies with more than one medicine on the market but it takes 5-10 years to have a revenue of 20B… Biontech revenue 20B in one year. What does it matter they make alle that money with only one product???
    With Omicron become endemic but to prevent outbreak Covid billions of people have to be vaccinated one of two times a year. You’ll regret you sold with big losses when the price is 350$ in March this year,
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    I'm holding.