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The Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)

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40.73-0.25 (-0.61%)
As of 11:55AM EDT. Market open.
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    I’m 100% confident BNS will reach all time highs within the next 3-5 years. Additionally, their dividend makes it a lot easier to hold, compared to my growth companies haha. However, we can expect a slight dividend cut within that time frame, in order to level out their payout ratio, plus a few other factors. Patience has made me money and it can for you as well.
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    In addition to my BNS common stock, I just recently added CIC due to its high dividend and the fact that the ETF owns all six Canadian banks and covered calls. True, its past performance hasn't been great, but I'll chance $30K worth of it just for the dividend alone. I'll continue to hold onto my BNS seeing as my average cost is well below Can.$37.50.
  • k
    When I will get dividend ? DO I have to own the stock for certain time ?
  • a
    I'm still mulling this one over . At first glance this Canadian bank looks like the best value of it's Canadian peers. Pays over 6% before foreign tax. The tax still leaves you with over 4% dividend . Currency fluctuation makes the dividend slightly different yearly as the Canadian dollar is converted to dollars to pay the divy in US currency ( I suspect currently that is to the US investors advantage as the dollar is expected to fall further with another stimulus package). While other Canadian banks are reducing loss loan reserves , it turns out BNS has more global exposure than the rest of the Canadian banks and may indeed have to raise loan loss reserves as a result . But on the other hand , BNS has not really participated in the Canadian bank rally and has the most potential for price appreciation once loan losses plateau. If anyone has anything to add to sway opinion one way or the other lets have it , because I'm stuck in neutral on this one
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    Love BNS, they are one of the most diversified in terms of business compared to other banks. COVID took a hit but this will easily ride it. Not a big investor but I already built up 400 shares with an average of 56$.

    I'll happily take my 360$ every quarter while waiting for my small gains little by little
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    Time is your best friend!
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    I'm in
  • K
    If this hits 55 will add more, this will be a great long term investment and love the dividends...
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    One of the only banks modernising with their trendy Tangerine online banking service. Grab some shares and ride this part out. The dividends and growth potential are extremely underrated
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    It feels like a scam - months back the so-called experts raved about BNS - buy - buy -buy - yet from the very moment its been down - down - down - not much caring to wait 3 months for a $180 dividend - so what - big deal - won't get fooled again by the short-selling scam analysts . . . good one - i was scammed.
    Cole says 3-5 yrs for it to rebound ? ... my goodness man - you could be dead by then .
  • T
    BNs is about to pop and give you great dividends too! Enjoy!
  • p
    Bought in at $57.67 and not even worried. Once the next earnings are in and even slightly positive this will be going over $60 very fast. Till then just enjoy dividends.
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    Insanely undervalued at this price
  • F
    Have owned BNS for several years, it does not participate in any market advances but does participate in all market decreases
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    This is like risk free asset for me. At least it is better than GIC.
  • C
    congrats to those who grabbed some at 55.50... that was a short lived dip
  • M
    Sales came as the actual national average price for homes sold in July hit a record $571,500, up 14.3 per cent from the same month last year. Can't hurt the earnings report
  • D
    I will gladly add more as it dips. Have patience everyone
  • J
    Sold all my TD and bought BNS at the end of July- So far a colossal mistake TD has rebounded but BNS is lagging way behind