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Belgravia Hartford Capital Inc. (BLGV.CN)

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  • k
    looking to buy in tmrw morning! good idea? thanks guys
  • G
    Company Description
    Belgravia Capital International Inc: Plans to develop, market and distribute organic fertilizers for use in the cultivation of cannabis and invest capital in cannabis and resource sectors.
    They are also implementing a blockchain system to their business plan.
    At .15 cents with money on hand to start executing, Invest and let them time to execute what they are set to do.
  • a
    The article for Belgravia in TVA Nouvelles speaks very well of the highly placed connections with and within the company. It is most interesting to note that it was stated that their business plan was not focused upon grow operations. With everyone and their son jumping on the bandwagon and rushing into ramping up grow operations you can see the handwriting on the wall. The market eventually gets flooded and some cannabis stocks will not get past the wall of having their earnings covering expansion debt. As more production comes online it will be dog-eat-dog to undercut the competition. So, I think I'll let my position that was started in IC Potash ride to the end and see what happens. I've made the same mistake over and over in the past of selling way too soon.

    Something else to share. There is possible parallel here to observe related to the mid 1800's California gold rush. Many miners never made a dime, but a very high percentage of the merchants that serviced the gold miners with picks, shovels, lumber, provisions, and other services got rich. That is what I'm seeing here that is so great about BLGV's business plan...not focused on grow operations, but making smart investments in the industry and offering services. I only have to believe they have the right connections to do exactly that. I easily see this having good potential of going past $1.00 USD in 2018. I'm curious if others perhaps see what I'm seeing. Comments? GLTA
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    The Company is pleased to announce that Dr. Sam Hanna, a recognized Canadian dermatologist has been appointed as Special Advisor to Belgravia’s wholly owned subsidiary, ICP Organics Corp. (“ICP Organics”). As announced on March 28, 2017, ICP Organics will focus on increasing the health impact and effects for consumers of medicinal cannabis in its various formats. Dr. Hanna, is a practicing dermatologist. Cannabidiol (“CBD”) is a cannabinoid found throughout the seeds, stalk and flowers of cannabis plants including hemp. Hemp and hemp derived CBD products are among the fastest growing segments in the cannabis industry
  • A
    Entering now at .20 with 100K shares- leave it for now-
  • D
    in for another 32k shares. gonna be a good week next week
  • a
    BELGRAVIA CAPITAL signs Binding Letter of Intent with R&D Pharma Corp., a developer of a vertically integrated medicinal cannabis business in Jamaica, to invest Canadian $1,000,000
  • B
    This company is set to run.
    It is a BUY and HOLD for at least a years time for big gains.
  • F
    Most people don’t understand Blockchain. They associate it too closely to Bitcoin and/or crypto currency. The Blockchain technology has a much wider application spectrum than this. Once people start to realize this, and the potential value of the early adaptation companies, we will see these values soar. The caveat will be whether to hold once the Market Cap:Valuation ratio stops making sense.
  • T
    To The Moon
    Alright i'm back in. Let's play
  • K
    Greetings from Toronto! I'm in. Bought a chunk yesterday morning, company sounds amazing. Will hold long. Let's get rich.
  • L
    someone bought 500k at the bell.
  • T
    To The Moon
    Hope they drop the funding news today or tomorrow!
  • I
    Just found out about this company and doing my DD. Happy to see familiar names from other boards (Namaste, etc.)
  • D
    Blgv insiders bought shares this week. Namaste announces blockchain interests. Namaste insiders bought shares yesterday. Who knows it’s awfully coincidental, until speculation settles it’s exciting to think it could be blgv and n teaming up.
  • C
    With today’s news I feel like this.
  • B
    in at .23 and still holding
  • F
    Some things to ponder if you are a serious investor in Cannabis related stocks:
    1. Until it is officially legal, which I believe is inevitable on a global scale; there will be a continuing instability in this sector.
    2. Cannabis is going global, just like beer, so in the long term, all of the major players will have valuations that are consistent with their market cap, and they will be huge. Stick with the big players and you will profit in the long run with stock price gains and eventually dividends.
    3. The actual global market potential is unknown, because it’s difficult to quantify the black market, and legalization will increase consumption, both in new users as well as existing users. Ignore the pundits who cite anything that relies on market potential.
    4. Eventually, the Black Market will virtually disappear. The quality and price of legal product will eventually flush those players out. How many people buy beer from “a guy I know”.
    5. There will always be vocal factions that will fight the proliferation of vices, but what these people are omitting is the huge potential in the medical/health benefits of Cannabis, which are only now beginning to get recognition from mainstream pharma.
    6. Once big Pharma recognizes this on a grand scale, and adapts, they will begin to invest in more research. The potential of Cannabis as an alternative to opiates for pain management alone represents huge profits. Smaller companies that are already advancing this research will be targeted for acquisition.
    7. Governments are realizing (and will continue to realize) that the benefits (revenues) of regulation and taxation far outweigh the liabilities (expenses) of criminalization and incarceration, and this will ultimately drive legalization on a global scale.
    8. Eventually, the US Federal government will legalize it. The States are not going to shy away and they know full well that the DEA is not going to waste their time and resources chasing down cannabis businesses and users in states where it’s legal…and that number will continue to grow.
    9. Read everything (including this) with a grain of salt. Everyone has an agenda and that will always be their priority. Stock gurus who did not recommend pot stocks will detract out of ego. The far right will detract based on the “evil of drug abuse”. Opposing factions such as Big Pharma, Big Beer, and other “Big Factions” that are not vested will use their political might to sway policy.
    10. So fight the temptation to “panic sell”, and fight your inner greed. Be patient.
    In fact, I recommend buying on the downswings if you can, because everything is at a discount in the short term.
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    5th Director is Pierre Stewart Pettigrew 1.29M shares( Politician - You can google him and tons of info available)
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    Updated world stock indexes. Get an overview of major world indexes, current values and stock market data.
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    Check this link, it will give you more broader understanding what BLGV is aiming for