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Ballard Power Systems Inc. (BLDP.TO)

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At close: 04:00PM EDT

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    SARTA gets $2.39M federal zero-emissions grant to buy 2 new buses .
    Brown's office also announced that the U.S. Department of Transportation had approved two federal grants totaling $1.83 million for the transit collaborative NEOride, of which SARTA is a member.
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    PLUG crushing numbers! Hope BLDP does the same...
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    Fossil fueled transportation will be Stone Age technology in twenty years if not sooner, have faith.
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    Regarding their negative gross margins - Ballard built a factory (mostly paid off) and has increased R+D - Ballard's ability to absorb overhead intensifies with lower manufacturing volumes. I have commented on FCEL's negative margins relentlessly - Ballard is different. Normally negative gross margin is a huge negative - Volume fixes negative margins (not in FCEL's case) - anyone in manufacturing understands this. Ballard's customers executing proof of concept projects will start their volume manufacturing in second half of 2023 and ramping - especially through 2024. No one can tell the future - however - given the ramp in the world's acceptance of hydrogen and the MASSIVE migration to it, and Ballard's R+D regarding interoperability and integation of their fuel cells - Ballard is positioned extremely well. Their pricing strategy is not good news but necessary - this translates into lowering their price - 1) it reduces their losses and cash burn rate - if one understands fixed and variable manufacturing costs 2) builds a customer base and 3) supports future growth. By this time next year the pyschopath russians will be out of UKraine, China and the West will be on a better path, the bottleneck supply chain will be over and the pork barrel Inflation legislation will be in full effect - all helping Ballard and hydrogen. If ever there was a time of hope for Ballard this is it. Buy and hold - the second half of 2023 should be when Ballard powered ships come in. Any other analysis is just wrong. I am glad Randy has chosen not to do electrolysing and concentrate on fuel cells. It is good that Ballard has started chosing customers who do not do engines - these engine customers steal their tec. One last point - I love the fact Ballard supplies Plug with fuel cell technology... Keep the faith - $1 billion war chest allows Ballard the staying power to build an empire.
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    They just featured BLDP on this sites morning watchlist. (
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    Listening to web cast. So much happening! Hold on it is coming! Still $1 billion in cash!
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    Looks like 2023 - second half - will be a big year for Ballard. We all have been hoping for volume orders - in the question and answer section of their webcast - Randy states this is when they should start. Given Ballard is building a USA based manufacturing factory in Oregon - capacity 2500 - maybe things have started to turn upward. The Arcola purchase appears to be paying off...
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    The US Climate Bill will make history

    Thanks to the tax credits of up to $3/kg for 10 years,the green H2 produced in the US the cheapest in the world and encourage other countries.
    Production cost is around $1.71/kg for grey hydrogen.For green hydrogen,it’s around $3.73/kg. With the tax credit of $3/kg via the tax credit, the production cost will fall to $0.73/kg .

    Subsidies of up to $7,500 for fuel-cell cars and up to $40,000 for fuel-cell trucks (although battery electric vehicles are also eligible for the same funding).

    A sea change for Zero Emission companies like Ballard Power and a few others,it will make a lot of things happen .
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    Oh by the way, I have never seen so many career opportunities listed on the Ballard site!
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    Ballard has proven technology, has global recognition, mostly good partnerships, however they lack momentum. They need revenue generated by product sales. Plug is a fork lift provider. They have a good client base. Ballard needs to build a viable client base of repeat customers.
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    Electric vehicles, fine, but hydrogen fuel cell cars are even better
    “These are wonderful cars,” Sen. Josh Newman said.
    Given the vehicles’ extensive range, drivers in Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento or the Bay Area are within easy reach of a refill.
    No single technology is going to meet everybody’s needs,
    Andrew Martinez.
    In its initial stage, support for hydrogen technology was limited to trucks and heavy-duty vehicles, the market segment that poses the biggest weight-to-distance challenges for plug-in technology.

    A battery powerful enough to haul cargo from the Port of Los Angeles to an inland distribution center would take up a lot of space, which is essentially what trucking companies sell.

    Our investment pales in comparison to investments being made in Europe and Asia,Teresa Cook,California Hydrogen Coalition.
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    The folks at BLDP have a great gig going on....

    PLUG up 3%
    BE up 3%
    FCEL up 2%

    BLDP DOWN 1%...and still they pull their salaries and have job security?
    What are the shareholders thinking about the decades and decades of failure?
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    California to receive more than $236M to support transit agencies’ transition to zero-emission buses
    12 August 2022 ,US Senators Dianne Feinstein and Alex Padilla (both D-Calif.)

    DOT’s Buses and Bus Facilities Program and Low or No Emission Vehicle
    - transit agencies help to purchase and lease new, cleaner vehicles
    - renovation and construction the infrastructure needed for zero-emission transit vehicles.

    Infrastructure Law passed last year provides :
    - $5.6 billion in new Low-No Program emission funding
    - $5.1 billion in new funding for Buses and Bus Facilities formula and competitive grants over five years.

    Inflation Reduction Act provides :
    $1 billion for clean heavy-duty vehicles, including transit and school buses, and a new tax credit of up to $40,000 for commercial vehicles, for which transit agencies and school districts are eligible.
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    US oil refiner and retailer Phillips 66 says it will build about 250 new hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany, Denmark and Austria by 2026 — and supply them with green H2 — after closing on a 50-50 joint venture with Switzerland’s H2 Energy Europe (H2EE).
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    My average cost on this is $37 ps. Does anyone seeing it going that high again any time soon…. Or EVER?!
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    Uh, no nick name pal
    China was not even mentioned as a market on the last call.
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    30% of city buses registered in Europe is now zero emissions.
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    On December 16, 2019, we announced the receipt of a purchase order
    from Weichai Ballard JV for the delivery of MEAs valued at approximately $19 million under
    a long-term MEA supply agreement. Revenue earned from this agreement ($0.1 million in
    the second quarter of 2022; $0.6 million in the first half of 2022; $1.0 million in the second
    quarter and first half of 2021; $2.1 million in fiscal 2021; $8.8 million in fiscal 2020) is
    recorded as Heavy-Duty Motive revenues. As of June 30, 2022, an additional $7.7 million
    of revenue associated with shipments on this order to Weichai Ballard JV remain
    unrecognized until these products are ultimately sold by Weichai Ballard JV.
    Ballard bet big on China and lost.
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    Earnings are out. Good or bad? Any comment?